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5 Cool Acrostic Poems

A acrostic poem is a poem that spells out a word vertically or in the middle to last lines of a poem.

Writing a good acrostic can be challenging since you must use your cognitive brain power to come up with something powerful and meaningful.

You never want to sound like you're in grade school. Use descriptive language to help your poem stand out from the rest.

Here are five of my own acrostic poems. I hope you find them cool and awesome. Please, feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below.

A Writer

All the books have tallied

Writing is my calling. I find it the most

Relaxing like a breath of fresh air.

I'm never tired of creating magic with

The touch of a pen to paper.

Every word has become second nature.

Rallying the kindred of souls.


Interlectuals fight their way to the top

Never succumbing to the pitfalls of ignorance

Their egos are mountains reigning in the sun.

Evolving curiosity is more profound in their characters

Like the heavens for depth

Little lights shining brighter each day.

Interesting things abound like laughter.

Gold charm and powerful minds reaching for

Eternal happiness. Who can challenge them

Nothing but the wise. They are always

Courageous warriors fickled by

Everything under the clouds


The day almost seem like Friday. A

Hurrying of the weekend. Where

Urgency and freedom is most important. A

Rightful time to relax.

Summing up the

Days like a brand new stiletto.

All for the longing of the work load to end but the moment still seem like



My evening


Orbiting earth in the middle of the



Chi town is the city like no other.

Highly interesting with the streets lurking

Into the night

Cold winters

And great food

Generating all that can be desired

Overlooking a beautiful skyline

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