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10 Acrostic Poems about Love and Life

Teodora is a bilingual writer. She is the author of two books, a poetry volume and a collection of short stories.

I absolutely love playing with words! Sometimes the letters dance so beautifully in my mind, that I have no choice but to turn them into poems. A few years ago I came across Brian P. Cleary’s awesome book Bow-Tie Pasta: Acrostic Poems (Poetry Adventures). I was hooked right from the start. Despite not being a kid anymore, I found myself immersed in the cleverness and originality of the poems, which later inspired me to write my own acrostics.

For those who do not know, an acrostic is s a poem or other composition in which the first letter of each line spells out a word, a message or even the alphabet.


L onging, the baby hears someone calling

I n the soggy room there’s no one but him

F rightened, he sees a hand crawling –

E jected, he greets the world with a scream.



L itlle did the egg know

O f the white-feathered chicken

V enturing towards an

E xcellent choice of life.


K nowing that your lips crack at dawn

I ‘ll be waiting for a chance to

S wallow the sun

S o as to seal your smile.



F ire blazing in a corner of my mind

U ngraciously turning thoughts into ashes

R uthless words slowly gathering in my fist

Y earning to slice open someone’s point of view.


K nowing that my expectations were heavy

I went on a diet and lost some vanity.

T ell me, how much does true happiness weigh?

E asy now! You wouldn’t want to defy gravity.



M ysterious, she kisses the night

O nly after the sun has fallen asleep.

O h, how wickedly she winks at me wearing

N othing but a veil of clouds.


W hispering wind caressing the corridors of my ear

H ollow hearts drawn on the sidewalk in pink chalk

A crumpled love letter hiding under an old shoe

T iny specks of dust gathering between my memories.

I fall asleep with my eyes open and a smile fluttering on my lips

F ar away a man’s shadow is cleaving the curtains of my reality



T ired, I’ve decided to take

R oot in the memory of your laugh

E nchanted by the echoes of

E verything that we were.


E very shadow you cast is

Y ours to keep but not

E verything that you see is a

S hadow possessed.


W uthering winds gusting through my thoughts

I neffable twirl of ideas down my spine

C ascading like a stream of hungry wolves

K nives slashing my crumbling certainties

E lusive yet ever so present

D evilishly divine invitation.


© 2021 Teodora Gheorghe