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I enjoy writing of all forms so I decided to share them with you. Nothing fancy, nothing glamorous. Let's share the good the bad and the ugl

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
One may see a rotting corpse and
too distorted eyes that could be the beauty.


I find the oddest thing to be beautiful.
No smile, no figure could turn my head.
Not like the sight of burning eyes full of hunger.

2. And all maidens shall hide their secrets under their skin

Until one day, someone dressed in white.
Comes to peel their skin back
and their once pure waters.
Will become tainted in red ink.

3. I love him.

Even when he cut his tongue out for his boss.
I love her.

Even when she tried to remove my eyes.

I can’t imagine a better person on my side

4. There is something that grows in the dark.

It makes no sound, has no face.
And it waits, and waits, and waits.
Waiting for the unjudging eyes to see it.
But it knows that day will never come.

5. I made the mistake of disappearing.

I could no longer call you my friend.
The things I saw, the things I’ve done.

Yet when I knock on your door beaten and bruised
you always answer.

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