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07 Number Night

Keen Writer!!! BE YOU!!! Is the only message. Believes in the power of words than the power of actions.

07 Number Night

It was a dull Jan day,

Or a deep 07 number night.

People thought to go the snowy way,

And kids believed would play with the snow-white.

Door to enjoy begun,

People started having joy.

Kids played games and had fun,

No one knew soon all will destroy.

Cars stopped in the snow of Murree,

Sellers were all very hungry.

People were all filled with worry,

Still, greed spread in the country.

They sold rooms for 50 thousand,

But didn't make any concession.

People heard this and stunned,

And had another expression.

People felt no matter for it is a night,

Let's spend it in the cars.

This one night made their flight,

Too far and among the stars.

They forgot the sense in the car,

Did not open the window or the door.

Carbon monoxide spread as a cigar,

Situation became worse than the war.

Kids had once said of not going back,

Did not go back after and all.

Elders had once enjoyed the way's crack,

Did not come even after a thousand calls.


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