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2020 - WHAT A YEAR

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I do not like you COVID-19. I do not like you here or there and I wouldn't like you anywhere!

Complete holiday card fail ;) This was our first attempt. See the winner at the end!

Complete holiday card fail ;) This was our first attempt. See the winner at the end!

When the pandemic began, I had written a sign,
All summed up in this one little line
“When the world stayed apart, there’s no place I’d rather be than here”
But now these words are beginning to take their wear

9 months working remote with a wee one home as well,
Is she developing properly with no schooling? It’s sometimes hard to tell.
We question ourselves and if we’ve done the right thing
But now you aren’t even allowed to sing

Pre-covid-19, I often considered the choices I made
The ones I struggled with too and if I should have stayed
For hubby and I both found new jobs
To better our lives and for me, have fewer sobs
To be home more with my daughter who grows like a weed
From when she was just a teeny little seed

I had struggled with decisions included finding good care
This was the biggest thought I could not bear
For where should she go upon my return to work after leave
“Is my baby being taken good care?” - this obviously my biggest pet peeve

So we worked things out and had grandparents aid
Found a great school and cherished the things that she had made
Like the snow globe ornament from her teachers last Christmas
These small little memories are what I really miss
I cherish this most as the care they provided was heartfelt
Looking at these items makes my heart melt

Charlotte only went to 6 months at school
Thinking about all the worry I felt leading up to that point, makes me feel like a fool
Who was to know what was to come in the year 2020
So many things to make a momma worry plenty

I’m tired of this pandemic, tired of it all
Tired of talking to you all on a Zoom call
Your face in a box, it’s like a painting you could create
Oh crap, gotta run or I’m going to be late

So now we go out and mommas hold their babies close to their heart
People get too close and it gives us a start
Some are wearing masks and some are not
Do other mommas give a death stare and try not to get caught?

When will life return back to the way it was?
Miss Charlotte is two and hasn’t met many family and her cuz
I’m tryin to make the most of our time home together
Going for long walks, despite the weather

More shopping trips than before
Because what else to do but go into a store?
And get little miss yet another book
Or something fun for me like yarn to look

It’s the little things that really mean most
The other night the whole family did a toast
We put up our tree way too soon
I try to point out the stars and the moon

Up in the sky seen from our house
Before we moved in we had a little mouse

Cheers to 2020, the year that was hard
Makes you question why you’re given this card
Why things are so hard when you had established a routine!
You did what you needed to! You got her to wean!
You’re doing your best and don’t worry about the rest.


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