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My Dad's a Legend and an inspiration to many. To my two brothers and sister, he's been a great man to learn from.



Absorbed by a world that was fresh but was mean,

Full of people, places and emotions unseen.

Was a challenge of mind to keep myself clean,

But just like my Dad, I became a Machine...

He's a Legend, my Dad, he taught me to be,

More than the average, a Legend you see...

He showed me the way to be truly Free,

In a world that was Hell bent on depressing me.

When the world was mean, Dad was happy and kind,

Full of Virtues and Morals that are quite hard to find.

Dad showed me the beauty in wanting to shine,

To inspire the people whom I would call mine.

Dad always treats Mum with love and respect,

That's something, I'm glad that I'll never forget.

An honorable standard of living he's set,

The greatest achievement one could achieve yet.

So when life is hard, I think back of You.

To the words that you'd say, and the things that you'd do.

Often that's all that I need to push through,

Inspired to be The Best Dad, just like You...

Happy Fathers Day Dad. Love you mate

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