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" Manifestation Of a Dream"

S K Nzuza is a dreamer , to be an author on hub pages was once his dream. With his poem he inspires and fuels the fire of dreams enjoy.


"Manifestation Of A Dream"

One day , they applaud and bowed .

Before me, like i was some kind of a god .

With no one to ask but my puzzled self, is this real?.

I wondered alone, but could not tell

The numerous , venomous species of weeds .

Who once surrounded and poisoned my seeds.

I fertilized and cultivated , i chose to invest.

Allowed these hyenas to laugh first.

They believe you now , only because you are physical.

I had a vivid picture of you, when you were only thoughts.

These men, are shallow they respect material.

I offer my respect, to intangible life changing efforts.

I long realized that you are personal.

I had a burning desire, i was obsessed.

It kept me going , burning internal.

I gave you my all , and made sure you manifest.

By:Nzuza ✌



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