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'Let me go out for a smoke ' he said. That was his way of saying, am sorry I just don't want to break you little heart son, I don't want that smile to wash off your face.
' let me go out for some air 'he said. That was when he knew he'd messed up really bad and a quarrel with mum was unavoidable. He knew there was no need for he would lose.
'Hand me the newspaper'' he said. That was a daily one, eyes scheming on the job section almost immediately. His fingers somehow knew what page, he rarely had to turn over.
' have a good day ' he said. This he meant, for he always smiled while saying it.
'I'll be home late tonight' he said. That was his last phrase. Wasn't common, have never heard it personally.. And the man was never to been seen or heard off again. Like ghost, he went away...
I still see him though, coughing after that puff off the cigarette, and whenever I see someone turn over the pages.

© 2021 Amani Utembu