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At a loss for words, trying to fathom all that I feel,

Missing you Dad 'cause it still doesn't seem real.

Over the years, we struggled a bit, father-daughter stubborness, not me, "you're it."

So different, yet at the same time, so much alike;

Muisc lovers, car lovers, appreciation of the small things in life.

Not even close to perfect but to be a good person we try (tried).

I miss you Dad. I miss your laughter and the way you used to hold my hand.

I miss the imperfect loving father you were, that man.

The man who nevee tries to be anything other than himself,

Kind and loving of all people no matter where they were from,no matter what walk of life.

Happy Birthday Dad. Save me a seat next to you and Lil Gma

So we will talk and laugh forever when the day comes that I get to see yall.

© 2022 Angel

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