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The many faces I wake up to,

Always someone different, always someone new,

I’ve lost count of all their names,

Year after year, it’s always been the same.

Wondering who will I wake up to next

A loveless life that’s so complexed.

I worked hard to get to know them all

Even the ones that were under influence of alcohol.

I’ve tried to talk with them, but none would listen

Even the one that tried to be a God fearing Christen.

Wrote letters and supported them through many trials

Forced laughter and maybe even a smile.

But they all wanted the same kind of lifestyle.

I’ve gotten sick over the years,

And seem to have lost myself when switching gears.

They all fought for themselves and not once for me

Not even in the amount of a tiny pea.

They pointed fingers and shifted the blame on others

Even joined the rank of the marathon runners

Fast away they would flee

Specially In the face of responsibity.

Their verbal abuse is my battle scars

Locked up with my tear in tons of jars.

Not one open out of concern,

They all Left unopen to die and burn

Love spills out their mouth with a meaningless thought

Like a fisherman looking at what he caught

Addiction is what they can’t fight

Not even with the strength with God in sight

How much I love you my dearest love

For you are all I think of

To love and to cherish, to death do us part

I really meant that from the bottom of my heart

Waiting around for love to show

Change is not in you, I’ve come know,

You win this war, and now I must go

I should’ve gave up a long time ago,

You hate me because I know all your faces,

I can’t be fooled like all the other places

The love that burns in me doesn’t burn within you

Not even after all you had put me through..

I want to free you of all your regret

All the way up to the day we met

So hate can leave your heart and you don’t have to pretend

That you love me and I’m your best friend

I want to see you see smile even if I’m not cause

That’s what love is, I want to just because

I love you, even with all your faces,

I will no longer be in your life or so invasive

Won’t stalk you as you claim

Return what you gave me, which was your name

Goodbye my love, see you later

Or maybe not, in fear you'll hate will become greater..

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