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Dismembering Innocence

Author/illustrator of Whispers of the Goddess & The Quit Smoking Express. Graduate of the Long Ridge Writing Group & Institute for Writers


Desensitized and compromised, to a fault

Pain and suffering fade out and fade in

Back in spirals of barbed wire and spindles of glass

Spires sky high hanging corrosive thoughts that melt

Turn metal to rust

Tiny dancing demons ring around the rosy up here

And down there where they can no longer see

Where are they living now

Do they have enough to eat?

Can they breathe with me

Without me

Within me

A story, tiny clip of news

Portrays a party of three

Who killed the littlest one

In the hot water

In the cold water

In the slap of hands that held him

When he was first born

Didn’t they want to love him

Didn’t they want to love themselves

In the balled fist in the back of his head

Only about 1,500 days old

What demons were in there with them

When they decided to beat him to death

Not just his body

But his innocent terrified soul

His compromised dark eyes rolled back

Into white

Into a better place

What was the dance they did when they realized

He was dead

By their own hands

By their black hard hearts

By the demons that spoke up loud and clear

Both gluttonous and deprived

Both rich in agony

Poor in compassion

Visions of this little boys eyes

Will never leave me

I knew it the moment I saw the set of three

The set of six eyes

Engaged in this way, in the brutal story

I read on the Internet

The portal to the world in which no one is sure

If what they are reading

Is real or false

But this one.

This one was truth

I saw it in his petrified eyes

My mother and father are monsters

Who created and destroyed him

And now

He is at peace

He is now free


Away, and safe

Removed from the hatred of the circle

Where the next child is only weeks away

From being born

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