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Carpe Diem: Seize the Day

Stella writes poems and short stories and has published a selection of these on HubPages.

Tempus Fugit...

Time flies

Hum a dirge for what might have been,
A Raquel lookalike you spoke to in a bus queue,
The girl on your flight who smiled at you
And the slinky siren of the silver screen.
We all knew she was a bitch
And you were not that rich.

Mutatis Mutandis...

Everything changes

You preferred to wait in vain
For crushes who missed the school reunion
Little hope of romantic union.
Your life of celibacy was a pain
When the blonde who joined that crazy church
Left you in the lurch.

Memento Mori...

Remember you will die

Too long you've tarried
Those nubile playgirls you still desire
Real women never kindled any fire
'Poor Gerald, he should have married'
Your sister often said,
And now you're dead.

Hic Jacet...

Here lies

You and your loves that died
And other loves that never stood a chance;
Those new-age ladies too elusive for romance.
Who you always tried
To woo and subdue.

Carpe diem

Sinking in the Sands of Time

'Time' by Pink Floyd

© 2015 Stella Kaye

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