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Updated on December 13, 2018


EXT: It is August 30, 1983. It is a cold winter night in Brooklyn, New York .A woman just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. After she gives birth to her first child her phone rings while the nurse is in her hospital room.

ANGEL JOHNSON: A personal secretary in a lawyers office.

ANGEL: Hey baby
MAN: Hey boo. Sorry, I wasnt there.
ANGEL: Its ok baby. I know you had to work.
MAN: Yeah babe. I just called to check on you from the show. I will call you later.
ANGEL: Going on stage?
MAN: Yeah
NURSE: The hubby?
ANGEL: No. Not yet but the love is there.
NURSE: I heard you say stage. Is he an entertainer?
ANGEL: Yes, he is in the music industry.
NURSE: What is his name?
ANGEL: His stage name is the deceiver. His real name is Darryl Jones
NURSE: Darryl Jones? Does he stay here in Brooklyn?

ANGEL: Yeah. He was born and raised here. So when will they let me take my baby home?

NURSE: Should be today. Waiting on the doctor now.

ANGEL: I sure am ready to leave.

NURSE: It’s too early for you to leave baby. You may be hear for a few days.

EXT: Miami, Florida

JUSTIN McGee: A 19-year-old who is studying to be a doctor. He is also from Brroklyn, New York. He walks with his friend after his college class is over.

FRIEND: Justin, I see why you left Brooklyn.

JUSTIN: The 10:00 news last night revealed that unto you huh?

FRIEND: Yeah man. It’s sad enough they shoot at each other but a child?

JUSTIN: That is exactly why I chose to come here for school

FRIEND: Luckily, the child will survive.

JUSTIN: It is not that to me.

FRIEND: Well, what is it?

JUSTIN: It is the fact that that child I know.

FRIEND: How do you know the child? They did not give a name yet.

JUSTIN: I have my ear to the streets. That child is my classmate.

FRIEND: Girl or boy?

JUSTIN: Girl, her name is Ashley.

FRIEND: Ashley, wasn’t that the girl you had a crush on in high school?

JUSTIN: Yeah, that is her.

FRIEND: Well, who did she have the child from?

JUSTIN: I think it was a guy named Daryl Jones.

FRIEND: The Deceiver?

JUSTIN: I do not know all that.

FRIEND: If it is who I think, she and her child are in trouble.

JUSTIN: In trouble, why do you say that?

FRIEND: Don't worry about it. I am glad that she and the child are safe.

EXT: After staying up late that night before doing research on the computer, Justin called Ashley in Brooklyn before he left his apt in Miami, fl.


JUSTIN: Hey Ashley, how are you?

ASHLEY: I am good. Sitting here at home nursing my child.

JUSTIN: I heard what happened. Glad to know you all are OK.

ASHLEY: Thank you.

JUSTIN: Did they find out who did it?

ASHLEY: No, all they know is that my boy was on the park playing ball with his friends before it happened.

JUSTIN: Well, where is Daryl?

ASHLEY: He is on the road.

JUSTIN: So he did not check on his son?

ASHLEY: He said he was busy but I am not buying it.

JUSTIN: So what are you going to do about him?

ASHLEY: I am going to have to leave him. I was raised better than this.

JUSTIN: So you are going to raise the child alone?

ASHLEY: I am going to have to.

(INT: Justin's friend is out blowing the horn)

JUSTIN: What's up man?

FRIEND: What's up. How are you this morning?

JUSTIN: I am fine. I did some research on that guy you were talking about yesterday.

FRIEND: Yeah, I don't want you to find out the hard way. I know he is not a good guy for your friend.

JUSTIN: How do you know?

FRIEND: Because that guy is my step brother. My mom threw him out long time ago.

JUSTIN: Oh Wow, what happened?

FRIEND: She embraced him because she had him from a thug but since he wanted to walk into his father's footsteps, she had to put him out. She did not want that attention coming to her household.

JUSTIN: I see.

FRIEND: He knows better but just likes doing it. That is Ashley's baby father.

JUSTIN: They are not together anymore.

FRIEND: How do you know?

JUSTIN: Ashley told me.

FRIEND: So it is just her and the kid? She's raising that kid with no father?

JUSTIN: Unfortunately, yes.

EXT: On a rainy day, Justin lands in brooklyn. His mom picked him up.

JUSTIN: Even in the rain these guys are still out.

MOM: Yeah son, unfortunately, not much has changed.

JUSTIN: Well, I am just here for two weeks anyway.

MOM: It's always good to spend time with your family?

JUSTIN: Especially around the holidays.

MOM: Thanksgiving was not enough for me.

JUSTIN: What do you mean mom?

MOM: I wanted you to stay but knew you had to go back to school.

(INT: They pull up to the house. As justin unpacks he begins to think about Ashley)

MOM: Justin, why did your mood change?

JUSTIN: You noticed?

MOM: I raised you. I know when something is troubling you.

JUSTIN: Ok, A classmate from school is in a very tight spot. .

MOM: Are you talking about that girl you had a crush on in school?

JUSTIN: Yeah, her.

MOM: Ashley…. How is she doing?

JUSTIN: Not to good from what I heard.

MOM: What Happened?

JUSTIN: To start things off, she is a parent, A mother of 1.

MOM: 1 child. It’s good to have kids son. What’s wrong with that?

JUSTIN: It’s not the child. It’s the father of it that bothers me.

MOM: Why does that bother you?

JUSTIN: Because his step brother is a friend of mines.

MOM: You still have not explained it to me.

JUSTIN: They are not together anymore. She is raising that child alone.

MOM: What is wrong with that? I raised you alone.

JUSTIN: Exactly, I saw you fight trying to teach a boy to be a man and you're a woman. She will not be in that position as long as I am her friend.


EXT: Justin Calls Ashley

ASHLEY: Hey Justin.

JUSTIN: Hey Ashley. I am just calling in checking on you.

ASHLEY: Thanks Justin. That's very thoughtful.

JUSTIN: How is the boy?

ASHLEY: He is ok. I was in a bad position tonight.

JUSTIN: What happened?

ASHLEY: I had to make up a lie to my son.

JUSTIN: A lie????

ASHLEY: I told him his father was working.

JUSTIN: How long have you been telling him that?

ASHLEY: I have been since he was born. When he was born his father told me that excuse. I believed it at first but after he kept using his career as an excuse I began my own investigation.

JUSTIN: Well, what did you find out?

ASHLEY: By the time my son turned two, I found out he was cheating on me. That is why I told you what I did about it being over.

JUSTIN: You were too ashamed to tell me?

ASHLEY: Yes I was. I was a good girl in school. Having a child without the father being around is not a good look so I continued using his music career like he was.

JUSTIN: Did you only tell me this?

ASHLEY: No. I told my family as well. They were upset about me lying to them.

JUSTIN: Well, I am a little shocked as well but I am not going to judge you or anything. Mistakes happen in our lives. The same thing happened to me.

ASHLEY: Oh really?

JUSTIN: Yeah, my dad was never really there for me and he used his music career as an excuse. My mom used to tell me that but once I became of age I found out the truth.

ASHLEY: I see. You have become a good man. Your mom did a good job with you. You are the type of man my son needs to look up to.

JUSTIN: I wish to be more.

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      • MusicManSpeaks profile image

        Thomas D 

        7 months ago from Nashville, Tennessee

        So far I like it. I'd go see it


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