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They Wore Blue and Gray: Act 1 - Scene 1

Gerry Glenn Jones is a "Born Again Christian" who believes in Jesus Christ and realizes we must open our souls up to him.

They Wore Blue And Gray: An Introduction

I have never placed a screenplay script into any of my articles, but I feel now is the right time.

"They Wore Blue And Gray" is a movie script I wrote in 2012, and although I had it copywritten with the Screenwriters Guild, I have not pushed production on it. However, I've decided to place the entire script here in a series on Hubpages.

I was unable to place it in the proper screenplay style here because of how Hubpages is set up, but everything else is the way it was initially written. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


They Wore Blue And Gray: Act 1 - Scene 1 - The Return Home

The year is 1865; the Civil War has ended, and soldiers from both sides are returning home. Union Captain, Chris Aycock, rides his horse along a country road in North Mississippi, headed for home. The ride has been uneventful; at least until now.

As he reaches a curve on the dusty road, he is confronted by a burly, unkempt man and a slender, dirty man; both on horseback.

Burly Man - "Look what we got here; a bonafide, blue belly captain."

Slender Man - "Yeah, look at him; he's a riding all proud, cause he thinks he won the war all single-handed."

Burly Man - "Well, now, I do believe you're right, and I think we would be doin' the South a favor if we relieved him of his Yankee money, and sent him straight to the devil, who is probably a Yankee too."

Slender Man - "Ya know, I think you're right; him being a Yankee and all, he probably knows the devil well."

Burly Man - "Yeah, Slim, they're probably on a first name basis."

Chris Aycock crosses his wrists, just behind the saddle horn.

Slender Man - "Hold it there Yank! Ya' move again like that, and we'll speed things up."

Chris eyes both men before he speaks.


Bad Situation

Chris Aycock - "Gentlemen, you may have me at a slight disadvantage, so I guess the best thing for me to do is hear you out."

Burly Man - (Sarcastically) - "Well now, we got ourselves a smart blue belly here; I didn't know that any of em' had any sense; did you Slim?"

Slender Man - "Nope, but I reckon we was wrong."

Burly Man - "How much Yankee money ya got anyway?"

Chris Aycock - "I've got about thirty dollars in my saddlebag, but I reckon I'll keep it."

Slender Man - (Laughing) - "Did you hear that; he reckons he'll keep it!

Gerry Glenn Jones, originally set to be cast in "They Wore Blue And Gray" as Captain Chris Aycock

Gerry Glenn Jones, originally set to be cast in "They Wore Blue And Gray" as Captain Chris Aycock

Confederate Captain Arrives on Horseback

Burly Man - "Well, ya know what Slim, I reckon he won't!"

The burly man prepares to shoot Chris, but a one-armed Confederate Captain rides up; his right jacket sleeve is dangling where his arm used to be.

Confederate Captain - "Hello gentlemen."

The burly man stops his actions and speaks.

Burly Man - "Where'd you come from Reb; that's a good way of gettin' shot; sneaking up on people."

Confederate Captain - "I didn't mean to be sneaking; I believe you and your partner had your full attention on your friend there."

Slender Man - "Ain't he something, Reb; all decked out in his pretty blue outfit?"

Confederate Captain - "Yeah, it looks like you boys have bagged yourselves quite a prize; a Yankee Captain."

The burly man looks at Chris, and then at the Rebel. He then points his gun toward the Confederate.

Burly Man - "You know we ain't particular who we rob!"

Confederate Captain - "I figured you old boys to be true patriotic confederates; loyal to our cause."

Slender man - "Heck no; we didn't join up with the South in the war. There weren't no money to be made fightin' Yankees."

Burly Man - "That's right, we decided that when the war broke out, we would just continue our profession, like we been doing for years."

Slender Man - "Yeah, and we've done alright too."

Burly Man - Your Confederate money ain't no good anymore, but I'll bet you got a gun, and I can see that pig sticker on your side. Them and your horse and saddle oughta be worth a little cash."

Slender Man - "Now why don't you ride on over here by the blue belly?"

He motions with his revolver for him to move.

Chris Aycock - "Well Reb, it looks like we've gotten ourselves into a pickle!"

Confederate Captain - "Yeah, Yank, I do reckon we have."

John Lockeiv,  originally set to be cast in "They Wore Blue And Gray" as Captain, Reuben Aycock.

John Lockeiv, originally set to be cast in "They Wore Blue And Gray" as Captain, Reuben Aycock.

Stay Tuned

Now, the plot is set, and the odds for the Confederate Captain and Union Captain seems to be sealed, and definitely not in a positive manner. Music videos will be added to each article in this series, so please enjoy by clicking the video capsule below. Join us next time for "They Wore Blue And Gray," Act 1 - Scene 2.

© 2018 Gerry Glenn Jones

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