The Tyrant King

Updated on October 27, 2017
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I am no poet, just a thrower of words. Still wandering what's life and why and how did I end up here?

The Clash Of Values Chapter#1

Background What kings, emperors, rulers couldn't do with sword
A Mammoth power in words of love and peace cured
We are born, taste youth enough to get really old
Life's golden key resides in purity of love to withhold

[From my poem]

Fade in


Two soldiers, one bulky and the other really thin, march pass the mammoth gate. They have no weapon. They chat cheerfully in a debonair tone. The weather is misty and a distant view of some soldiers on the wall, marching, and no weapons again. They walk so carelessly as if walking in a garden. The soldiers approach the garden.


Why are you looking so healthy like a pig, mate?

Soldier # 1 scans the other soldier, who appears to be shying and then getting angry.



Who me? Who me? Do you mean me?


Yeah you dumbster! Who the heck is the third one here? Tell me, why you look so fat. Are you onto something?


The fat soldier stops and gives his partner a hard look.


I get you, my straw partner.

I can crush him like a fly.

[To thin soldier]

My friend, he who lives nearby death, such health which is feeble and not noble. The peace is the biggest reason of my shining belly. No activity and army at peace, I eat and sleep and sleep and eat. Oh yeah, had sex with your sister too.

Thin soldier grins on this but says nothing. As they reach outside King's hall, he suddenly stops. The fat soldier carefully glances.


She is not my sister; we share no bond of blood. A step sister is nothing but liability, man has. But, why are you in shape of a circle of flesh, inside and outside. The army is at peace forever, but you are the bulldog of meat among us.


Wohoo! This meat teases your sister a lot. Ask her

Thin soldier curses himself for asking the question, stretches his lips tightly as if a swear of not speaking.The fat soldier gives a cunning smile.

[Taunting tone]

Any other query, my lord?

[Speaks as if burnt from inside]

Nothing else. Pig!

Suddenly, a bugle is heard indicating King's arrival.

O.S His Excellency King has arrived. Attention all.

They both run inside. We see everyone falling in. A queue of soldiers is made. They all look towards the adjacent palace.


We see the king, in his late fifties, sitting on the royal chair, wearing a throne of several pearls carved in it. There are seven beautiful young girls, wearing almost nothing, two on his right, two on his left and the remaining clinging to his knees. He has wine in his hands, and a waiter stands by with fruit tray. King seems to be "high." The courtiers are dressed like jokers and having fun at the ball.


[Sleepy tone]


He points to the girl at his knees.


She smiles and moves toward the center of the court. The courtiers express excitement by applauding. The vacant spot at the knee is filled by the seventh girl who was in-between places.
Girl dances wildly. "Ole", "Ole" the courtiers scream. The king swings in a low frequency from left to right and then again from left to right. She moves to each courtier and they have something to offer. Some squeeze her breasts, some slap her buttocks, some try to kiss and some just watch her as if they think of eating her. Enter fat and the thin soldiers. They, too watch the ongoing dance, which comes to an end with the girl removing the rest of her covering clothes. She is completely nude. A huge clapping. A beat.


What a beauty?


Such a cool sight to the eyes, this is

[In chorus]

Long live the peace
Love live the fun
Long live us, you and the kingdom
Hail the king of romance. Make love tonight, all of you!
Live in, love in, hail in, seal in long live the king


Our wives are long gone; this beauty shall be dealt with what she deserves.


[Almost fainted and shaking tone]

Come my darling. My little king waits. Cool cool the heat.

The nude girl bows down, and we see everyone bowing as to find the best angle.
She sits on the lap of the king and they both kiss repeatedly before everyone. As she starts to undress the king, a spy enters the court and screams.


Pardon me the greatest king for barging in. This is news of great value and importance.



I will behead you, if it is not. You spoiled my kiss.


I take responsibility of my words, Sir. There is a rebellion in the kingdom and a group of people, ordinary common men, are heading here. Their demand is "bread", their wishes are "respect" and they protest against poverty.


[Speaks on King's questioning look]

My King! The army is at prolonged rest, there are no weapons as we enjoy days of peace and fun. We have no enemies and shall have none. The soldiers in the castle are enough to punish these "poor bastards". We have seven swords and two knives.
I wait for your order sir; on your command, we will take action.

King smiles and orders the spy to bring the leader of the rebels. Leaves the spy and the king is busy in kissing the girl again. The courtiers are however quite disturbed. The music starts again, we see the nude girl kissing the royal chest of the king. The spare girls choose their partners now, high ranked nobles and military officials. The sex game reaches the maximum heights in few moments. The camera shows partially different poses of people having sex, some watching with pleasure, some are jealous; some low rank soldiers have aspirations of being part of it. The music stops again, enters the leader of the rebels, Perry. A young man, in torn clothes, dust in hair, miserable health and thirsty eyes.


[Amazed to see the scene- Swallows hard and speaks humbly]

My King! Help us; we are ruined by hunger and cruelty of nature. I come...

King raises his hand and cuts his talk. Perry looks scared now. King points at the chair just beneath the small stairs adjacent to the floor. Perry advances in unreliable gait. He takes the chair but is so uncomfortable that he needs one signal and off he will scamper.


Sit down, young man. Enjoy our fruit and hospitality. There is much time for the bitter talks.



Thanks my generous king. I am your servant.

Perry has never entered this court, never saw such riches and beautiful girls, food and wine and the respect he was given. Within few moments, hunger and problems vanish from his mind. All he can see is a "heaven" with open doors for him. A beat


Some poor men are waiting for Perry. They have no strength left, in miserable plight and agile and disturbing looks. Their eyes are focused on the castle's gate.


Perry is dressed with a high fiber cloak, a gift from the king. He has eaten well, and drinks wine. A girl stands near his chair, exchanging meaningful glances.


[Ironic tone]

[To Perry]

Yes, what were you saying?


My Kind king! That was a bad dream. Bless me with your hospitality more, as I am your slave for eternity.



[To servants]

Knight this brave man.

[To girl standing near Perry]

Show him what you got. Satisfy him and assure him of our kindness.

[To commander of army]

Go! Kill them all!

[To courtiers]
Join in. I give you exotic girls of sandy land, wine of pure grapes as a token of loyalty. Our gift for today. Tomorrow will bring more. Call it the day!

King retires by virtue of girls giving him shoulders and helping him walk to his royal palace. The court adjourns. They all go to their respective palaces. Silence prevails. We hear few cries in the silence, coming from outside the castle. A beat


Warrient, King of Faith land, in his forties, takes vow of loyalty from his soldiers on the bridge. They are in huge number, armed and very vigilant. Warrient raises his sword in the air, screams loud.


Till the end of tyrant King, we shall fight



Hail Warrient. Hail Warrient

The collective voices shatter the quietness of the dark night.

[To be continued...]

© 2017 Kashif Ali Abbas


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