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Pathetic Couple. Act sixteen

I am a writer and a poet. Certified in; English in career development. A digital marketer and a Business Developer I love books!


At the airport exactly 12:15pm.

Kate waits for her flight to Ghana with her family and friend, Peace.

Frank- Kate! (He screams her name as he rushes like a boy still in his bloom of youth in want of love)

Kate- Frank what are you doing here? (Shocked to see him)

Frank- Goes on his kneels. You are the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.

Peace- For Pete’s sake Frank. That’s Adam’s line. Use your lines!

Frank- I am not a man of soo many words Kate. But I am a man of action. Marry me baby. Let’s get married right here and now. Hope is here with the marriage certificate and he will do the joining. What do you say?

Kate- I say my flight leaves in a couple of minutes and am travelling with daddy to Ghana.

Frank- Then we have few seconds to wed. What do you say? And we go on that flight to Ghana.

Kate- Mum what do you say?

Mum- I say if your dad was as half as handsome and romantic as this young man, then I wouldn’t have waited for four years before we got married.

Dad- What do you say Kate?

Kate- I say yes! I better get a white top to match with this white trouser because I’m getting married!

Stella- Yes! (Jumping up and down) let’s go change you into a bride. Where’s the ladies room.


In the ladies room.

(Kate, Peace and Stella in the ladies room)

Kate- Oh my God! I never knew I will be using the ladies room as my dressing room on my wedding day. (Putting on the white top she unpacked from her luggage)

Peace- And a top and trouser for a wedding gown.

Kate- I love you Peace. I know it’s you that called my Frank and told him I was relocating.

Peace- I could not let you go dear. Who will I tease if you leave? (Crying and hugging her)

Stella- Girls we gat to move now. Remember your honeymoon flight is in a few minutes.

Kate- You right big sis. Let’s run, let’s run. OMG! (Pauses half way out)

Peace- What is it!

Kate- Look at that beautiful bouquet!

Stella- Where?

Kate- With that old man giving it to his wife I presume. I’m going over to get it.

Stella- What! (Tries to stop her)

Kate- Good pm ma, please can I have your bouquet?

Old man- Why? (Looking surprised)

Kate- Well because I am getting married in five minutes. Look at me all dressed in white.

Old woman- So?

Kate- Well I know it’s a trouser and top but am getting married and I need the bouquet.

Old woman- No way!

Kate- For the love of my beautiful soul! He bought you flowers. You’ve seen it, you’ve touched it, you’ve kissed it, you’ve smelt it. What else do you want to do with it?

Old woman- Let us attend the wedding.

Kate- Is that all? Fine! Now we have guests (smiling) now give me those.

Old woman- Wow Ben we are attending a wedding! Let’s go! (Running along with them)

Three minutes later.

Hope- Oh yes right on time! Here comes the bride with her crew. Can't believe you brought guests. Hope they know there is no food.

Kate- Goes over to hold Frank. I love you baby.

Hope- That is the spirit! So as we all know, marriage is a very special union between a man and a ...

Mrs Okoye- (cuts in) Oh please Hope their flight is in 15 minuets, so ride on to the vows baby!

Hope- Wow! Am loving today. (Blows Kate's mom a kiss) ( They exchange vows and signs marriage certificate) Now with the power vested upon me by the federal court, I pronounce you husband and wife! Mr and Mrs Adebanjo!

Joys, claps and pictures taken with phones are just what is seen at the scene of this lovely young couple who once upon a time were pathetic.

Frank- (Over the phone) Mum am calling to let you know that I just married Kate and we are on our way to Ghana for our honeymoon.

Mrs Adebanjo- How adorable!

Frank- Please you and dad should go over and pay the bride price okay.

Mrs Adebanjo- Okay baby! Please let me quickly speak with my daughter in-law.

Frank- Okay ma. (Handling the phone over to Kate)

Mr Okoye- Frank don’t forget I gave you my flight seat. So take care of my daughter okay, and don’t do what I won’t do.

Mrs Okoye- He will sleep with her.

Mr Okoye- Yea, apart from that one. (LAUGHS)



© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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