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Pathetic Couple. Act one.

I am a writer and a poet. Certified in; English in career development. A digital marketer and a Business Developer I love books!



The play is about a young man and a woman; Frank and Kate respectively, who fell in love at first sight but their friends made them begin to feel that it isn't real love.

To prove to their friends and also confirm what's in their heart, they decided unknown to each other, to use strategies to draw out their hidden emotions. And that didn't turned out well because their strategies where all wrong, but love just couldn't give up on them.

Find out as you read, why they are pathetic as the title suggests.


It is the second month after Kate Okoye lost her older brother to the hands of death, and Godwin her friend invited her to attend the tenth year anniversary of his mum’s motherless babies home which she set up with some friends.

Kate decided to go because she saw it as a way to clear her head from the pounding headache she had as a result of her grief. She thought to herself; she could probably teach the kids some songs and singing usually clears her head.

The scene is a beautiful space with flowers. Chorus and laughter of kids can be heard afar as Kate and Godwin approaches the kids.

Kate- Wow! What a beautiful place and a whole lot of children, I never knew it is such a big place.

Godwin- Yes Kate. You were here the year we just started, you should expect it to have grown now. You see why I have been inviting you just to come see for yourself what’s happening here. Ah, come meet my parents ( takes Kate along to meet them.) Hi mum, dad you remember Kate? He greeted and asked as they got to his parents.

Godwin’s parents- Ofcourse.

Godwin’s mum- Kate it is a pleasure meeting you again, so sorry about the death of your brother. Do not worry, God will make up for your loss. Maybe by giving you a wonderful husband that will also serve as an older brother to you.

Kate- Thanks so much ma.

Godwin- Alright then, Kate lets go mingle! Let me show you my friend Patrick, I met him last month at the hospital when I went for checkup. (Leads Kate by the hand)

Patrick- Hey Godwin, what’s up? This is really big! thank God you invited me, I haven’t seen such amount of food in a long while. (laughing with a plate of food in one hand)

Godwin- The pleasure is all mine Pat, thanks so much for coming. Please meet my beautiful friend Kate I told you about.

Pat- Oh yes. Hello Kate.

Kate- Hi Godwin.

Godwin- You mentioned a friend will be coming with you and he has some knowledge on this stuff.

Pat- Yeah, but that friend couldn’t make it, so I came with my cousin although he doesn’t do this stuff but he loves kids and he spared out his time to be here with lots of gifts for the kids. He’s somewhere around.

{The M.C interrupts}

Frank Adebanjo the charmer.


M.C- Its time for the presentations.

Kate- oh I gat to go get ready for mine. (runs off)

M.C- Attention on the stage please, first on the list is the welcome song from the kids, please put your hands together!

(kids come on stage, sing and leaves)

M.C- Thanks a lot kids, well done! Next on stage is Miss Pamela the financial secretary she has a poem to read. Please enjoy.

(She climbs the stage, reads and leaves)

M.C- Next is miss Kate Okoye.

Pat- Wow your friend! oh here comes my cousin. (Smiling as Frank approaches)

Frank- Wow nice job! My cousin talks a lot about you, Gody, hope you don’t mind me calling you that?

Godwin- it’s ok (grumbles)

Frank- (pointing at Kate) she’s got nice voice.

Patrick- Yeah she is a friend to Gody.

M.c- Thanks so much miss Kate, I’m sure we all enjoyed that. Next is our lovely charitable mother of motherless babies! Please welcome her on stage to give us the history of this foundation. Mrs Akpan!!!!!


Kate- Hey guys hope I sang well? She asked as she met up again with the guys.

Godwin- You are so beautiful girl!

Kate- Gody I was referring to my voice?

Frank- That was a lovely voice and song. Hi I’m Frank Adebanjor, Patrick’s cousin.

Kate- I’m ....

Frank- Kate Okoye. (Cuts in) Got the name when the mc called it.

Godwin- OKay Kate you look famished, lets go eat I’m sure Pat and Frank can make themselves comfortable. (walks off with Kate)

Frank- I’ve got this feeling that your friend doesn’t like me.

Pat- Yeah just stay away from his beautiful friend.

Frank- I think it’s more than that, I feel he is suffering from inferiority complex.

Pat- You’ve started with your mind reading again! Please go drop your gifts while I say goodbye to my friend.

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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