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Pathetic Couple. Act Fifteen.

I am a writer and a poet. Certified in; English in career development. A digital marketer and a Business Developer I love books!


Three weeks later. At Kate's Residence.

Mr Okoye- Honey Kate you’ve been crying for weeks now, it’s time to get up and be a star not a weakling.

Kate- I’m far from a star dad. I left Frank when he needed me the most.

Peace- Kate you made a mistake, we all do. Even Frank made his when he hid the whole thing from you in the first place.

Kate- Dad can I travel with you to Ghana this Saturday? I need some fresh air. I have really hurt myself more than I have hurt Frank, I need to get up like Kate Henshaw.

Mum- And you can even stay there and manage your father’s eatery instead of selling this your stupid beads.

Kate- I will sell my beads there too.(getting excited)

Peace- Oh lord! My heart bleeds for Ghana. Don’t tell me you are going to mock their fashion house with this your daughter of the river beads?

Kate- Today is already Thursday, I need to buy some few things. Help me pack Peace, we need to get some few items for me. (Getting to her feet)

Peace- Okay dear. But hold on let me go pee first. (hides in the toilet to make a call) Hello Frank this is Peace.

Frank- Oh peace.

Peace- Yeah I know, I dislike you too. I am only calling you because I love my friend more than you love her. And Of course I love Ghana’s fashion house too, so I don’t want Kate to travel down there to begin selling those crap. I advise you to bring yourself down here because she is planning to relocate this Saturday to Ghana. If you let my friend go, I will fry you Frankie. Ends call.


Saturday. Exactly 7:46am.

Frank- (dialing Hope’s number) Hey Hope where are you?

Hope- In court. Where are you calling from?

Frank- I am on my way to meet you. Please get a marriage certificate, today is my wedding and you are doing the joining.

Hope- Huh? What Wedding? And how am I suppose to get a marriage certificate now?

Frank- You are a lawyer Hope. I’ve gat hopes in you.

Hope- You know anytime you use my name like that, I love to give you hope.

Frank- Okay man. See ya soon. Ends call.

Hope- Hey Ufoma, what’s that in your hand? (Talking to his secretary)

Ufoma- It’s a marriage certificate, I want to give it to that couple over there. They said they would like to sign in church and here is the medical report from General hospital (handling it to Hope) they are both sound.

Hope- God bless you Ufoma, I will give it to them myself.

Ufoma- Alright barrister. (Goes back to her office)

Hope- (walking over to the couple) I see you two are waiting for your certificate right?

Couple- Yes sir.

Hope- Okay I will make this brief. Your wife to be has a serious STD. You need to go treat her first before embarking on this journey called marriage.

Woman- What! (Looking terrified)

Man- Baby how come! You said you are a virgin. I have never even touched you.

Woman- My love (crying) it’s your brother. He raped me some days ago. And he said if I tell you he would throw us out of his house and he will sack you from his company.

Man- My God! I can’t believe this! So this happened and you never saw it fit to tell me?

Woman- What am I going to do now? He has infected me with a serious STD. I don’t even want to look at the result.

Man- Chai! See what poverty has caused me.

Hope- Calm down man. All hope can’t be lost here. I advise you go to another hospital for another test okay. Am sure there is a mix up somewhere.

Couple- I hope so Sir. Thank you sir.

Hope- (hurries off out) Chai! Nigerians. They don’t like reading. They didn’t even want to verify what I told them. Is it too difficult for them to read for themselves? Anyway thank God they didn’t. There’s no way I would have legally gotten a marriage certificate for Frank without booking in advance and getting the medical report first. All I have to do now is switch names.

Frank drives in 20 minutes later.

Frank- (drives in and catches sight of Hope coming out of the magistrate) Hope! Hope over here!

Hope- (goes to meet him) Hey man!

Frank- Hop in! We using my car.

Hope- The things you make me do damn! But I love you man when you make me do things like this. (Pecks him)

Frank- Hey is that why you are still single?

Hope- Hey am totally into women (laughing).


© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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