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Pathetic Couple. Act Twelve.

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In The Court Room.

Hope- Your honor, there are certain information I wrote down and will like to present to you to go through.

Judge- Bring it over.

Deceased Lawyer- Your honor here is the medical report of the deceased Jack Robert.

Judge- Read it out.

Deceased lawyer- This clearly shows that the deceased Jack Robert was medically fit with no sign of defect in him either physically or mentally until Frank Adebanjo killed him while driving drunk. (He read out)

Judge- Barrister Hope can you please give sound fact of this information you just handed over to me?

Hope- Yes ma. At this point I call to the stand, Miss Rose Robert.

(Rose goes to the stand)

Hope- Miss Rose please can you tell the court where you were on the night your brother was killed?

Rose- I have answered you before. I was at work when I heard that my brother was killed.

Hope- And where was your brother?

Rose- At home.

Hope- How do you know that? You where at work.

Deceased Lawyer- What’s the meaning of this? Objection my lord!

Judge- Objection over ruled! Please proceed barrister Hope.

Hope- So why are you hundred percent sure he was at home?

Rose- Well because he isn’t supposed to go out at night.

Hope- Thought you mentioned earlier that he is a grown teenager and can go out anytime he pleases? And I totally agree with that miss Rose because Jack Robert was the strongest of all teenagers, especially at night. Oh of course you do know that.

Rose- Please just stop this!

Hope- Why Rose? You want to tell us why suddenly you want all of this to stop? You were so strong about this case some minutes ago. Oh let me guess, you thought the truth of your brother’s state will never be exposed since you have got fake medical report all covered with pink writings of a medically fit child.

Deceased lawyer- Objection your honor!

Judge- Objection over ruled!

Hope- The deceased died 8:15pm and you arrived at your office for the second time 8pm and you had to phone the security man to come open the gate. So when you went home at first was your brother home?

Rose- No.

Hope- Who was home?

Rose- (remains silent)

Hope- Okay, I shall help you out. Jack’s nanny! So what was her complain when you got home?

Rose- She said my brother raped her. (She answered coldly)

(voices increases in court)

ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! The judge shouts.


Judge- ORDER! ORDER! Everyone keep quiet or I send you all out. Proceed Miss Rose.

Rose- She was lying, Jack was a sweet loving boy. (Giving way to tears)

Hope- But he had sexsomnia problem. Sexsomnia or sex sleep is a condition in which a person engages in sexual acts while still asleep. Of course you know all that. Infact Jake’s case is an extreme case of sexsominia. So after your brother raped her, he couldn’t remember what happened when he came out of his sex sleep. In tears Mrs Olu related this to you, what did you do?

Rose- If you mention one more word about that night, I will turn you into a sexsomnia!!! You bastared!!! You murderer!! (screaming violently)

Judge- Securities! Please take Miss Rose into detention till she calms down. We are on 30mins recess. (Court!)


Kate's Residence.

Mrs Okoye- Hon I am so glad you are here for Kate, you know she really needs you now. That Frank was bad news from day one, I knew it! Thank God my daughter is not yet married to him. Eh! We would have been the in-laws to a murderer.

Mr Okoye- I killed him.

Mrs Okoye- You killed who? What are you talking about honey?

Mr Okoye- Our son Chidi.

Mrs Okoye- Common hon that was an accident, we are over that naa. Or do you want the kids to find out? (Looking sad)

Mr okoye- Frank’s case too is also an accident, mylove why can’t you see that?

Mrs Okoye- We are not sure of that.

Mr Okoye- Do you know how I feel everyday knowing that our son is no more alive because of me? And I hid it too from the girls? I am a bad father.

Mrs Okoye- So this leave you took isn’t all for Kate. You are also sobbing inside and feeling guilty over Chidi’s death. Well let me tell you this. If Stella and Kate ever get to find out about this ’’I will divorce you’’. She threatened.

Mr Okoye- Why didn’t you divorce me when I killed Chidi?

Mrs Okoye- Will you stop saying that loud! Even walls now can talk.

Mr Okoye- Honey I feel so sorry for Frank, I was once in his shoes you know. If only I had called an electrician to fix that socket instead of me doing it myself, my boy would have still been alive. I was the one who still sent him there to charge my laptop immediately power was restored and it electrocuted him, and he died on the spot.

Mrs Okoye- Do you want me to start crying now dear? If I start do you think you will be able to console me? What about Kate and Stella. If they hear now that it was their hero dad that caused the death of their beloved brother how do you expect them to feel? After we already made them believe that he died in his sleep when Kate was at Stella’s. It took us a great deal to keep the truth from the girls, so please hon lets not reopen a can of worms.

Mr Okoye- Hon please for my sake lets advice Kate to go support Frank in court. I heard today is his final hearing. I really feel for the young man. I am only here with you today because we agreed to hide the truth so please let’s be compassionate to someone who couldn’t hide his.

Mrs Okoye- Okay dear, do as your conscience pleases. I just want to have some few minutes alone to think about Chidi.

Mr Okoye- Okay hon, thanks for supporting me, I am really proud to have a strong woman like you. (walks out)

Kate's bedroom.

Mr Okoye- (walks into kate’s room) Kate dear you should go to the court house now and support Frank as a friend if not a fiancée.

Stella- What! dad you of all people saying this? He killed someone and she should rub herself in it because of a month relationship?

Mr Okoye- Quality and not quantity I tell you again Stella. When will you learn that? The days she has known that man doesn’t matter because within those days he knew he was going to marry my daughter. It took me four years to decide to marry your mother.

Kate- What do you say Stella? (Turning to Stella for approval)

Stella- Yes (takes a deep breath) he is a decent man that won’t allow a woman commit fornication and then abortion before he agrees to marry her. Kate you should go to Frank, go dear.

Mr Okoye- You’ve got something to share Stella? ( Wondering what just came out of her mouth)

Stella- Yes dad, lets talk. Its about time I tell.

Kate- Oh I love you all, thanks so much dad (hugs them) ok let me run off, bye!! (runs out)

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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