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Pathetic Couple. Act Three.

I am a writer and a poet. Certified in; English in career development. A digital marketer and a Business Developer I love books!


Godwin Meets Patrick At The Hospital Some Days Later.

Godwin- Hey pat, today is your check up too?

Pat- Yes man, what’s up?

Godwin- My friend I don tire for this hospital and ulcer problem.

Pat- Wetin we go do now, it is our thorn in the flesh.

Godwin- It that not your cousin coming? Confused as he see’s Frank from behind Pat.

Pat- Yeah he decided to accompany me, he’s really a nice guy.

Godwin- Really? Sounding sarcastic.

Frank- Hey Godwin, how you doing? (Extending his hand for a handshake as he got to him)

Godwin- Not bad. ( He ignores his hand)

Frank- So how’s your friend Kate? (Overlooking his arrogance).

Godwin- She’s fine, she even asked me to send her greetings to Patrick.

Pat and Frank- PATRICK??? (Both surprised)

Godwin- Yeah, (laughs) women you can never read them. Okay let’s go see the doctor. Talking to Pat.

Pat- Come with us Frank.

Frank- No. I would rather wait in the waiting room. Will be here when you return.
He finds himself a chair to ponder on what might actually be going on with Kate.


Godwin’s Home. 6:30pm the same day.

Kate- Hey Godwin, I decided to come check on you, how you doing? (Giving him a hug at the entrance of his door)

Godwin- Thanks Kate I’m doing great. And that reminds me, I saw Pat today at the hospital and I sent your greetings. (He was happy to relay the confusing identities and pleasantries)

Kate- Really at the hospital, is he sick? What did he say. (Her words hurried out)

Godwin- What do you want him to say?

Kate- Can I have his number so I can call?

Godwin- Okay Kate please don’t make yourself cheap, if he is interested in you, he would have asked for your number. (Now sounding irritated)

Kate- Okay. (Looking sad)

Godwin- Common don’t feel bad. Has it come to that? You have a great guy standing in front of you, you know?

Kate- (laughs and pointing a finger at him) you are not serious, you and your jokes (walks out shaking her head) See you later Gody.

Pathetic Couple!


Frank's Residence Later On.

Frank- I can’t believe she sent her greetings to you and not me! I thought we had something?

Patrick- I can’t believe she sent her greetings to me, I never knew we had something.

Charles- Wetin dey worry this short Pat self? Maybe na mistake you know?

Pat- Oh please! Godwin can’t make that mistake he knows us well.

Charles- I feel she is just trying to make Frank jealous because I can’t believe a girl that pretty as you guys described her, could be interested in Pat.

Patrick- You dey craze? Anyway she only sent her greetings, she did not say she’s interested in me.

Frank- Well it’s time to move on and as Charles said; stop dreaming.


Hope- Hey guys, hope in God is here!

Charles- My dear you came at the wrong time, hope just died here.

Hope- Hey talk to me, I’m the lawyer, any case for me? What’s going on Frank you don’t look well, ya look dull.

Charles- Dull is an understatement! The guy don die.

Patrick- Frank has a crush on a girl called Kate and the girl seems to be interested in me.

Hope- Now I know you are not just short, but short sighted to notice that a girl can never see you and Frank, and then choose you.

All- Laughing.

Frank- Hope my friend, I’ve lost hope. For the first time in my life I’m after a girl and not a girl after me, and then the girl seems to have her mind somewhere else.

Patrick- Hey common, I think there’s a mix up here, I met the Girl remember? She didnt seem at all interested in me. Be cool guy and let time pass before you judge.

Charles- Or maybe the crush might be over then.

Frank- It’s not a crush!

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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