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Pathetic Couple. Act Thirteen.

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Court Room.

Hope- Your honor I will like to call on stand at this point, Mrs Olu the nanny.

Mrs olu- (walks up to the stand) Goop pm everyone.

Hope- Mrs Olu with that bible in your hand, do you promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Mrs Olu- Yes I do. (She swears)

Hope- Okay then, please tell the court everything you know about Jack the deceased and what happened on that faithful night he was accidentally killed in a car accident.

Mrs Olu- I never knew he had such a problem. I Was only employed two weeks ago before the accident. I was told he is not allowed to go out but I was never told he shouldn’t drink any form of alcohol. Most times during the day I heard him making loud noises in his room as if he was having sex. There was this particular night I heard some voices coming from Miss Rose’s room and I went there to hear more, but then I was shocked to see jack with a bleeding arm and Miss Rose with a knife.

Court- Oh my God!!! That miss Rose self! Haa what a story!

Judge- Order!! Please go on with your story Mrs Olu.

Mrs Olu- Thank you your honor. I always saw that knife under her pillow anytime I made her bed but I never knew she would use it on Jack. You see Miss Rose is a very lonely woman, being without a man at that age is devastating. So sometimes she comes home drunk and only on one of those nights she forgets to lock her room door, and on that particular night Jack entered into her room to rape her...

Court- Haa! Haa!!

Mrs Olu- And she defended herself with a knife.

Court- Na wa o eh, hmm.

Hope- So what explanation did Mis Rose give you.

Mrs Olu- She told me a lame story that didn’t have anything to do with what happened. But now I can see the clear picture. Jack could not explain what happened and I was told to go back to bed and not ask questions.

Hope- So how did you get to find out the true story?

Mrs Olu- The next day I longed to get answers from Jack. He promised me he would explain if I get him a bottle of beer. So at 7pm exactly when I was done with every chore and dinner had been prepared, I went to buy the beer and gave it to him to drink. He said he would drink in his room and gist me the whole last night incident during dinner. But only for Jack to come out of the room 15mins later to Rape Me!! (crying)

Court- My God!!!. My goodness! My holy father save me!

Hope- So what happened after that?

Mrs Olu- No it’s what happened during that. Rose came back from work and met Jack raping me but she couldn’t stop him. Jack had an extreme case of sexsomnia, sleep walking and masturbation. He could rape a woman without knowing it. And since his case was already serious, drinking alcohol wasn’t an option but that I didn’t know. He is above 18, I felt nothing wrong in giving him a can of beer for a little information that I felt I had a right to know.

Hope- So what happened next?

Mrs Olu- When Jack was done raping me, he sleep walked out of the house and that was it.

Hope- And that was when he sleep walked like in a trance right in front of my client’s car and he accidentally hit him which led to his death. All these Miss Rose knew, that was why she left the house back to her office to give a false pretense that she knew nothing about Jack’s state that night. What can the court do for you Mrs Olu, we are really sorry for what happened to you.

Mrs Olu- I want to press charges on Miss Rose for hiding the medical state of Jack from me. I had a right to know since I was employed to be his nanny.

Hope- You are not the only one who wants that Mrs Olu, even this court wants that too. She also hid the true medical report from the court.

Judge- (Turning over to the deceased lawyer) Barrister Jane, is there anything you wish to say?

Barrister Jane- No your honor.

Judge- I therefore discharge and acquit Mr Frank Adebanjo for the alleged crime committed. Mr Frank you are free to go. Dismiss!!!!!

Kate walsk into the court room some minutes later.

Kate- Frank! Oh Frank! I’m here for you now, we have to be strong we will get through this.

Hope- Kate, Frank is already free!

Kate- Really?

Frank- Yes. When you turned your back on me and called me a murderer, this court embraced me and made me free. I never believed I would be sentenced by your lips instead of the judge’s. I never knew you Kate. I never did! Now please get out of my sight! And never show your face again. ( walks out with Hope following behind)


Kate in her car some minutes later

Kate- (Dials Peace number) Peace it’s over!

Peace- Wow Frank is free?

Kate- Yes and he dumped me.

Peace- Oh boy! See yawa.

Kate- I want to die peace, I want to die! I am heading for third mainland bridge, if you don’t come quickly I will jump into the water.

Peace- For the love of God has it gotten to that? You know what, I’m driving and I’m even close to that bridge just calm down okay, I’m almost there.

Kate- Come quickly or I will jump. (ends call)

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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