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Pathetic Couple. Act Ten.

I am a writer and a poet. Certified in; English in career development. A digital marketer and a Business Developer I love books!


Day one in court, during recess.

Frank- What just happened in there Hope? How come they got the owner of the bar I had that business drink to testify against me?

Hope- Damn it Frank, this is too bad, this people gat connection! I told you from beginning.

Frank- Hope wait! You know me, I don’t get drunk and for heavens sake I was transacting business, why should I get drunk?

Hope- Yeah, but only you know that! So its not a fact. The fact here is that you are light headed and you drank that night and drove immediately.

Frank- Oh my sweet Jesus! I’m dead!! But only you know am light headed man.

Hope- Cool down man! All hope is not lost. I have to do my own private investigation on the decease before he died. The hospital is delaying and that’s unusual. Something is fishing, they are not saying anything about the deceased. Was he schooling? Was he working? Did he have friends? Where was he even going to that night? No one can answer. All they are saying is that he is a big boy, he can go out when he likes but how come a big boy doesn’t have a phone? A school? A job? Nothing to connect to him, as if he wasn’t living before you killed him.

Frank- Haa I’m in soup!

Hope- Frank go home, I need to do my home work well. It’s just I and prosecutor Jane meeting with the judge after recess.


Two weeks later.

Frank- (drives into a fuel station to buy petrol) Hey attendant!

Rose- (comes from no where) Frank do you think you can avoid me?

Frank- (turns around) What are you doing here Rose? (in shock)

Rose- You dare call my name? Why don’t you call me Jack, that’s the name of the person you killed!

Frank- Rose please, it was an accident, it was never my intention, you know it.

Rose- No I don’t, you were drunk.

Frank- No I wasn’t please believe me.

Peace (Drives into the fuel station and sees Frank with the woman) oh my God isn’t this frank? Talking so passionately with a sobbing lady? Look at him flying with the wind all around her, and he hasn’t been calling Kate or even picking her calls. I need to video this.

Rose- Do you also know I’m alone? Its just I now!

Frank- No you have me Rose, I’m alone too, so you have me, we can comfort each other.

Rose- Oh God Frank! (crying)

Frank- (takes her into his arms) I’m here always for you, anytime, day, any second, please cry no more, you are breaking my heart, please Rose, please.

Peace- Oh my God!!! Kate really needs to watch this video. (drives off)


Kate's Residence.

Kate- I don’t know what’s happening with Frank, he doesn’t pick my calls anymore, even when he does, he discharges me so fast. No messages also! I went to his place he wasn’t there, then he called to say he is doing some stuff at Hope’s place. And I don’t like that because Hope is a flirt.

Stella- I knew this was going to happen! He thought you were going to sleep with him immediately he proposed but since you didn’t he lost interest. He doesn’t know you have got a wonderful bible trained conscience.

Kate- Stop saying that! Frank is a decent man and has never showed any sign of that.

Stella- Yeah you guys are so pure! Not like I and my husband (feeling sad) you remember how I had to do an abortion so I could have a white wedding? I don’t know if that’s the reason why I haven’t gotten pregnant till now. I feel so guilty.

Kate- Hey sis. (Feeling sorry for her) the doctor said there is nothing wrong with both of you, so be patient and prayerful.

Peace- (walks in on them) Hello people!

Kate- Hey you are back, hope you remembered to buy my Dettol?

Peace- Yeah yeah, I bought your Dettol and I saw things when I stopped to fuel my car. (hands her the Dettol)

Kate- Oh my Dettol! (muah!) it reminds me of Frank.

Stella- How?

Kate- You know how I can’t do without Dettol, just like I can’t do without my Frank. My Frank my Dettol.

Peace- Yeah (looking irritated) about the things I saw today at the fuel station. I saw your Frank and a girl he called Rose sobbing in his arms and she was like: ’’I’m alone Frank’’ and he said ’’No Rose you have me, I am alone too, we can comfort another. I am here for you any day, anytime and second’’. Then she ran her Rosy self into his arms more: crying.

Kate- Wow! Peace apart from real estate haven’t you considered writing a story and shooting it!

Peace- No Kate let me tell you what I should have done apart from real estate. I should have been an investigator. I’m so good at it. And hey! I shot the video of that story, watch! (hands Kate her phone)

Kate- (watches the video with Stella) No, no, no Frank no! (crying)

Stella- Sorry honey, what are you going to do?

Kate- (suddenly stops crying, picks up her Dettol) I am going to Frank’s place.

Peace- To do what?

Kate- To put Dettol in his food. If I don’t take care of him, who will? Bye girls!

Stella- Oh my God shouldn’t we stop her?

Peace- No way! After hearing that! I’m even more afraid of that girl. (Stays put)

Kate- (walks back in) Peace!

Stella- Thank God Kate you changed your mind. (Breathes sign of relief)

Kate- Peace dear, I baked that pie you requested for, it’s in the oven and thanks for the info.(walks out again)

Peace- Oh yeah, If you don’t kill me who will?

Stella- Peace!

Peace- What! I was the one who told her. No matter how much a woman loves to know about her guys dirty secrets, she always resent the woman who tells her.

Stella- Yeah! But she made that pie before you told her.

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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