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Pathetic Couple. Act Seven.

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Kate's Residence at 9:45pm

Kate- Oh I didn’t know Godwin is in love with me.

Peace- Please who cares if he is in love with you or not? If you ever date that bingo i will disown you.

Kate- Peace! How can you say that about our friend? That’s cruel.

Peace- Cruel? Grammar! As if you would ever even love him. You just happy that you have another poor soul dying for you, you don’t give a crap about his feelings and right now you are feeling like one of those movie stars.

Kate- That’s not true!

Stella- Okay so, if Frank hadn’t asked you out would you have dated Godwin or not?

Peace- Oh please there’s no need asking her that question! Is she blind? She knew the guy had feelings for her and she led him on. Didn’t you know that Godwin knew you where falling for Frank from the first day you set your eyes on him? And that’s why he never corrected you when you mistook Frank’s name for Patrick. Why would a man do that? If not for love. So tell me now Kate, can you still say you never knew? Common Kate you know you are as bad as I am that’s why we bond. (smiling)

Kate- I am going to bed. (goes upstairs)

Peace (screams) yeah go to bed and I am not sleeping in your room tonight! I rather sleep with Stella and listen to her "I am childless’’ boring story than your Frank curse story. And we will talk about that rock on your finger by tomorrow young lady!

Stella- But peace why are you soo mad?

Peace- Why wouldn’t I be? She said I have been dating my guy for four years with nothing to show for it. How can she say that! Look at me Stella, isn’t there anything to show for it? I have a Brazilian wig on that is worth the price for a plot of land, I also have a Prada purse, designer jeans, 3 iPhone, and I’m putting on Victoria’s panties! I don’t work but I always have cash, I have a furnished flat and a car! And I will soon be having my own estate. You know what, I can go on and on, so seriously do I have nothing to show for four years of dating my guy? Because he did all this for me.

Stella- Well Peace you girls are really fortunate, you still have age on your side. What about I who has been married for three years now no child and.........

Peace- (cuts in) oh please I’m going to bed. (walks out)

Stella- Why does nobody want to listen to my story? (Appearing shocked)
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Kate is inlove!


The next morning. Kate's Residence.

Kate- (strolls into the kitchen and sees Peace and Stella) you ladies are up early and both dressed up.

Peace- So Kate how was your first kiss yesterday when Frank proposed?

Kate- Naa we didn’t kiss. (Yawning)

Peace- If you say that again I will hit this spoon on my head.(referring to her tea spoon)

Kate- Well I think you better look for a cooking spoon to hit your head with because I and Frank won’t be kissing until our wedding night.

Peace- Okay this is it (hits her head with a nearby cooking spoon)

Stella- What on earth was that for Peace? We cook with that spoon! What reasons will a man want to marry you when you hit your head with a cooking spoon?

Peace- The same reasons why Kate will want to marry a man who won’t kiss her until her wedding night! Abi you no hear her?

Stella- But Kate abeg una two really funny. You people be human being so?

Kate- You want to know my biggest reason?

Peace- Of course, please enlighten me. Oh I get it! Frank is gay! (Widening her eyes)

Kate- Goat (hisses) This is the biggest reason (shows her engagement ring) four years of kissing your boyfriend there’s still no ring on your finger. And opps you are still a girlfriend and I fiancée

Peace- Oh please fiancée my butt you don’t even know him.

Kate- Well I know him enough to make him propose.

Peace- I’m leaving. (Drops her tea cup in the sink)

Kate- To where?

Peace- A business meeting with my ’’boyfriend’’ that I have been dating for four years and not two weeks. He wants to help me open my very own estate. Well let me not bore you, what do you know about estate business?

Kate- Oh yeah property business right?

Peace- What else do you know about property business? (Looking concerned)

Kate- Yeah I know the most desired female property in the world.

Peace- And what is that?

Kate- (shows off her ring) This!!

Peace- I am out of here, Godwin is right, you are mentally ill. (walks out)

Stella- Opps I have to go pick up my husband. His flight will be arriving soon. I would have sent the driver but he is soo sad that his book lunch didn’t go well so I need to be there to comfort him. I don’t know why he can’t just use my money?

Kate- You know what Stella? I can make Tom happy by telling him of my engagement.

Stella- Yeah right! He will be so amused at your stupidity for saying yes to a man you barely know. I’m out of here Kate, why don’t you just go make those your horrible beads for sale instead of sitting here and starring like a fool at your ring.(walks out)

Kate- (talking aloud to herself)

Hi lady I’m Greg.

Hi Greg, I’m Kate.

Okay Kate nice name, so I’m single can I get to know you?

No Greg I’m engage.

I’m engaged!!!!!!! (kisses her ring)

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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