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Pathetic Couple. Act Nine.

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Some days later.

On his way from work, Frank hits a teenage boy with his car and the boy dies on the spot. Panicking he calls on Hope his friend who is a lawyer. Hope immediately rushes to the scene of the accident.

Hope- Gosh Frank what were you thinking? Were you drunk!

Frank- No man, I only had a bottle of bear at a business meeting before driving home.

Hope- You sure you had just that?

Frank- Yes man just that, you know I’m not a heavy drinker.

Hope- Yeah you have a light head, so if this goes to court please don’t even say you drank at all because you may still be assumed as drunk since you have a light head.

Frank- Well I hope it doesn’t, let’s try and appease the family, I can pay any amount they want.

Jide- (One of the police officers at the scene comes over to Hope) Barrister we were able to get in touch with a family member of the deceased, her name is Rose and she will be here any moment from now. Here is all you need to know about the deceased family (Hands over a sheet of paper)

Hope- Thanks Jide. (reads through) Oh God Frank! We gat a big problem here.

Frank- What is it?

Hope- The father of the boy is a retired soldier and his mother is a nurse in the army barracks. They had five kids but lost three older children during the biafra war. The fourth child is a lady named Rose, and then they had a miracle child in the late 90’s which consoled them for their loss and you just killed him. And guess what?

Frank- What! What!! What!!!

Hope- Mrs Rose is an assistant judge known in court as MaryRose Robert.

Frank- You’ve gat to be kidding me! (laughs faintly)

Hope- This isn’t good Frank, money can’t buy this one, I’ve heard about this woman, she’s tough.

(Rose walks into the accident scene like a lioness)

Rose- (screaming) who is that drunk that killed my brother! Show me! Let me see his face so I can mark it before I put that thing behind bars!

Hope- Okay Frank it’s like she is here now RUN! I will meet you at home, go, go, go!

Frank- ok ok ok thanks man (tears race)

Rose- (she is led by Officer Jide to Hope) Is it you? Is it! She roared.

Hope- No ma. Please try calm down a bit. I am my client’s lawyer and I’m here on behalf of my client who is in a very shaky condition now. His statement and report of the accident are here with me. Ma, we personally decided to find you first so we can settle this issue amicably because all we want is peace.

Rose- You want peace?

Hope- My name is barrister Hope Okoro, please let me take you to the ambulance first so you can truly identify the body.


Frank's home that same evening.

Hope- (knocks) Frank open up! It’s I hope.

Frank- I hope Rose isn’t there with you.

Hope- No, for God’s sakes open up mosquitoes are eating me up, I have to be well to fight your case you know.

Frank- (opens) hey man. Come in, so sorry.

Hope- (enters) Frank the case is going to court. The only reason why you’ve not been arrested is because your statement said ’’ the boy walked into the road like in a trance’’. And he being 19 years old that leaves a lot to be desired. He could be on drugs probably high at that time. You know these teenagers and drugs these days. So I asked for the medical report of the deceased.

Frank- Oh please stop calling him that, he has a name.

Hope- Well you better get use to the word, deceased, deceased, deceased!! Because you will hear it often in court.

Frank- Okay yeah! I get it.

Hope- For the fact we’ve not gotten the medical report of the deceased yet, your arrest is pending. But the battle in court has begun. Where is Kate? Thought she would be here. (Looking round for her)

Frank- No I can’t put her through this. I just met her family some days ago as an insurance man, and now am a murderer. Please Hope lets keep this between us for now.

Hope- Yeah I understand but its a risky game o!
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© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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