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Pathetic Couple. Act Four.

I am a writer and a poet. Certified in; English in career development. A digital marketer and a Business Developer I love books!


Two weeks gone by. Kate and Peace at a bar.

Kate- Peace please go order two bottles of big stout for me. I came here to drink away Pat and forget him for good.

Peace- Girl take it easy (laughing gets up to order) I knew this would work. Speaking to herself.

Kate- I mean it! (screams after her) make it two bottles.

Peace goes over to the bar man, then suddenly turns her head 360 degrees as a charmer walks in with some friends. Wow! This guy is so fine. She admits aloud.

Peace- ( Takes Kate’s order to her) Here is a bottle of malt for you. No be my head you go use learn how to drink to stupor.

Kate- Is this what I asked you to order?

Peace- Please I am not going to let you turn into a good girl gone bad under my watch okay.

Kate- Peace! Look at him! (She screams) That guy over there. (Pointing towards a group of gentlemen)

Peace- (she turns and recognizes them) Yeah I saw him when he entered. She said as she fixed her eyes on the most handsome.

Kate- Aww he is so handsome that you immediately noticed him.

Peace- Yeah of course he is, so what? I am unmarried and allowed to stare.

Kate- Well that’s my Patrick! She announced excitedly.

Peace- Your Patrick! You serious girl! No wonder you are head over heels for him, and please remove the ’’my’’ he isn’t yours yet. She said pulling her legs


Frank's table.

Frank- See my Kate!

Charles- Look at this fool! We came here to forget Kate and you are here imagining her.

Patrick- And besides she is my Kate not yours. She has been sending me greetings remember. He tickled him.

Frank- Am serious Pat can’t you see her over there?

Pat- Common guy, cut it off, she’s not the one.

Hope- Which one Frank? Is it the lady in green dress?

Frank- Yeah man.

Charles and Hope- Wow she’s beautiful. Staring at Kate.

Pat- Oh yeah it’s true, she’s the one o. Suddenly recognizing her.

Hope- At last picture message received. You know I was right Pat, when I said you are not only short but short sighted.

Charles and Hope- (Laughs loud) Oh boy you bad.

Frank- (walks up to Kate’s table) leaving his friends to tease and chat away.

Kate- Oh my God Peace he is coming! (Shifting her chair and giggling like a kid)

Peace- Shut up and behave!

Frank- Hi Kate, long time. He smiled as he stood in front of her.

Kate- Hi Patrick. Giving him a warm smile.

Frank- Oh no am Frank, Patrick is my cousin, Godwin’s friend. That’s him over there. (pointing to Patrick and beckoning him to come over)

Kate- You are Frank? I thought your name is Patrick. All this while I have been sending messages through Godwin to you, it’s just that I mistook your name for Pat. You know it was a brief pleasantry at the orphanage home so I just got the names mixed up. She explained.

Pat- Hi ladies. (He greeted cheerfully as he approached)

Kate- Hey, so you are the Pat? I didn’t know. Anyways this is my friend Peace. (Suddenly feeling shy and leaning on Peace for support)

Pat- Hey peace. Pat, Peace, Pp. Hahaha. He joked dryly.

Peace- Ha ha ha jokers never laugh alone. She said sarcastically.

Pat- So pretty Kate (he ignored Peace) I have been getting your greetings, thanks.

Kate- Oh that! Well they were for Frank. Frank I never forgot your face or height hahaha, just mixed the names. (Sounding nervous).

Pat- Oh I thought as much. No wonder I’ve been receiving your surprised messages.

Kate- No common pat, you are a great guy, it’s just that....

Pat- (cuts in) It’s okay, just joking (laughs) .

Frank- Okay Kate can I have your number? He asked in a hurry.

Kate- Yeah sure. I thought you would never ask.

- - -Both exchange numbers- - -

Still At Kate's Table.

Frank- So you care to join us over there?

Peace- No thanks, we leaving.

Pat- Really? You haven’t finished your drinks yet.

Peace- Yeah but I just got a call that a rat died in my house, so we want to go clean it up and Kate knows this thing about cleaning up rats. So we gat to go! See ya and nice meeting you. (pulls Kate out of the chair)

Kate- OKay bye Frank (bumps into a table) opps sorry, bye Frank!

Frank- Yeah it’s Frank not Pat don’t forget! He screamed after her.

Pat- I guess the whole Pat thing is over now right?

Frank- Of course, my girl knows her guy now. Smiling as they both walk back to their table.

Charles- Frank is smiling what’s up?

Frank- It was truly a mix-up, she thought my name is Pat. Damn and I was killing myself over the whole thing. He explained.

Charles- Oh poor Pat, common pour him a glass of Jack Daniels. (laughing)

Hope- Now hope has risen again!

Frank- Yeah a drink to my woman and love of my life Kate Okoye.

Charles- See this mumu, you never toast am you they talk woman of my life (laughs)


Kate and Peace driving home.

Kate- For the love of my beautiful soul, Peace why did you do that? I had this chance to get asked out by my guy and you spoilt the whole thing with a rat that died in your house? And I knowing something about cleaning up rats! What the crap was that?

Peace- I am sorry okay, but that was the only thing I could come up with and I’m sure they didnt even notice because Frank is totally into you.

Kate- You sure? She asked smiling.

Peace- Yeah and I did that because we went to that bar to drink out your Pat love curse, or should I say Frank love curse, only to realize it’s not a curse after all. So instead of drinking lets stay home and GOSSIP!!

Kate- Girl you dey craze! But damn right! So home we go.

Peace- I’m sleeping at your place tonight. I want to be there when he makes the first call, I need to see the look on your face so I can memorize it and use it to taunt you in the future. (both laughing)

Kate's Residence.

As Kate drives in they are welcomed by Stella, Kate’s older married sister who came to visit.

Kate- Hey Stella .

Peace- The married and single Stella is here?

Stella- Hey totally single women. One of you left this house brokenhearted but is back with a built up heart. Hey mum spilled, don’t look at me like that. (Smiling hard)

Peace- Sorry you are one step behind sister! That’s stale gist. And I’m sleeping over. Let's go straight to your bedroom Kate.

Stella- Oh my God! this has to be hot because I know this gossiper does not go on fruitless journeys and remain there. So what’s up Katy, Katy, Katy.

Kate- Naa I am not telling, because you called us totally single women, so this gist isn’t for married women.

Stella- If you don’t tell me I will call your name with an igbo intonation...ka-tie ka-tie.

Kate- For the love of my pretty soul, stop! I will talk just stop hahahahahahah.

Stella- So what’s the drama? She asked getting serious.

Kate- I bumped into Frank at the bar, that’s his name Frank not Pat. Pat is his cousin, so I have been sending messages to the wrong person. Anyways we exchanged numbers and I’m expecting his call.

Stella- What a drama! (Looking amazed)

Kate- (phone rings immediately) oh God its Frank!

Stella and Peace- Pick, pick, pick!

Kate- (picks call) Hello Frank

Frank- Hey Kate. I left the bar immediately after you left. Funny how I went there to drink and forget about you but ended up meeting you again and will never forget you again.

Kate- Wow that story sounds familiar. So you won’t forget me again, never?

Frank- Yeah never. I thought you never felt anything for me but from your explanation today and the messages I’ve been getting in Pat’s name (laughs) I know there’s something here for us. What do you think?

Kate- Well em anything you think. She stammered.

Peace- (in the background) Anything you think? Gosh so lame.

Frank- Alright lets start our first date tomorrow 6pm at Jade's garden hotel.

Kate- Oh my God, can’t wait!

Frank- Call you tomorrow my angel, bye for now and sweet dreams.

Kate- Bye my hero (hangs) Oh my God! We are going on a date tomorrow by 6pm and he called me his angel! And he has a very romantic voice on phone.

Peace- I think that guy is a player, how can he just meet a girl and then call her his angel? Only God knows how many girls he has called that.

Kate- Please mind your business. (Getting angry).

Stella- Kate please be careful, I think she is right.

Kate- Alright I hear ya. (Now looking confused).

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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