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Pathetic Couple. Act Five

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The day of the date is finally here!

(Door bell rings at Kate’s resistance)

Kate- My God he is here! He is the one right? It’s six o clock, he is so on time and I haven’t even put on my mascara.

Stella- Better don’t over do it. Let me help you out.

Kate- Yeah right, look at your eyes: they look like that of a witch.

Stella- Fine! make fun of my eyelashes but don’t forget the little game I taught you.

Kate- Stella go open the door before he turns back, and yes I will try your little game.

(Stella goes downstairs to open the door with a broad smile)

Stella- Hello Frank I’m Kate’s big sis Stella. She introduced.

Frank- Nice to meet you. Giving her a hug.

Stella- Please come in and make yourself comfortable while I go get Kate. ( Acting like a school girl).

Frank- Okay. Thank you Stella. You such a nice person.

Stella- You can say that again! ( with that she walks up the stairs to call Kate)

Kate- (upon seeing her) Sis how do you see his looks? Charming right? (smiling)

Stella- Oh Kate I am soo short of words and more scared. What if he is playing with your feelings, he is so good looking.

Kate- Please don’t scare me.

Stella- Okay fine. Just remember what I told you. First to know if he is into you, he will just hold your hand and rub it gently from across the table. But if he is playing with your feelings he will kiss you on your lips, and that’s bad because it shows he only wants your body and can’t wait.

Kate- Okay fine I have heard! So how do I look? She asked turning round.

Stella- Seriously single. (laughs) lets go downstairs before he leaves and you become miserably single.

Kate- Awww aren’t you such a dear Stella?
(Both laughing and holding hands they both walk to where Frank is seated)

Frank- (Jumps up from the seat at the sight of Kate). Wow breathtaking!

Kate- Hey.

Frank- You are beautiful, always beautiful. Beautiful always.

Stella- Yes we are.

Kate- (looking at Stella surprised) that was just for me, lets go Frank. Don’t sleep too much Stella, so you don’t get fatter than you are!

Stella- Yeah, I will try and vomit my food after I eat, just like you have been doing throughout last night so you could fit into that dress.

Kate- (Freezes) don’t listen to her Frank, she’s a bit drunk and her husband abandoned her. She teased back.

Two hours later. Kate returns from her date.

Kate- Stella! Stella! I’m back! She announces her presence as she opens wide the unlocked entrance door.

Peace- Here I am!

Kate- Gossiper what are you doing here? No wonder the door wasn’t locked. Lazy forgetful girl.

Peace- Hey come on girl, I’m jobless remember? You of all people should understand that, you are jobless too.

Kate- No I am not! I am self employed, I make beads. Look at my neck, I made this one on my neck.

Peace- Yeah obviously, who else will make that? (Judging her beads as ridiculous)

Stella- (comes out of her room laughing) You and Peace, are dog and cat. I wonder how you ladies cope as friends. So how did your date go? Sitting on the sofa legs crossed to download some data.

Kate- He did not hold my hand, neither did he kiss me. He didn’t do the good thing and he didn’t do the bad one either. He just sat there like a friend. (Sinking into the chair next to Peace she recounted her date with Frank)

Peace- Oh my! He’s not into you and he is not playing with you either. I guess he just wants you as a friend.

Kate- But he called me his angel! Is he crazy?

Stella- Guys can be idiots sometimes, it was good you tried my method.

Frank's home that same evening.

Frank- Oh Pat, it’s like she is not into me, I tried your method.

Pat- You mean she didn’t initiate a kiss? And she even avoided holding your hand?

Hope- How can you be her hero then? when you can’t even hold her hand?

Frank- Maybe I would have just been myself, you know do my thing instead of listening to you guys.

Charles- Guy you no smart, that girl is just leading you on for nothing. She wants to be your friend nothing more.

Frank- But I saw the way she looked at me longingly, I felt the connection, it was real.

Charles- Guy have you forgotten? There is something called ’’Error in network connection’’, Error, error. (He stressed)

Hope- Forget about that Kate girl and move on with your life.

Pat- Yeah it’s time for me to try my own style, I might win her you know. (Teasing)

Frank- If you try it! I will kill you!

Hope- Why are you even wasting your strength Frank? She won’t even consider him if she can do this to you.

Frank- I’m going to bed. Feeling frustrated. And you guys can stop baby sitting me now. The drama is over.

Hope - Don’t be so sure man. Laughing.

Who could be more Pathetic? Frank and Kate!


© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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