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Pathetic Couple. Act Eleven

I am a writer and a poet. Certified in; English in career development. A digital marketer and a Business Developer I love books!


Frank's Residence.

Kate- Frank! Open the door I know you are there.

Frank- (opens) Oh my Katy, come in love.

Kate- Oh please save it! So why didn’t you call to tell me you are back home from Hope’s place?

Frank- I wanted to tidy up first.

Kate- Oh like getting rid of the Rose you planted in your room?

Frank- Rose?

Kate- Oh my God have you now planted her also in your heart?

Frank- What Rose?

Kate- The lady Rose!

Frank- Oh baby, my God!!! How did you find out?

Kate- You are not even going to deny it Frank!

Frank- Why should I? I did it and hiding it from you is eating me up. Rose is hurting babe because of me.

Kate- (slaps him) How dare you! Do you know I’m hurting? Standing here and listening to this bullshit God!! Frank!

Frank- Baby please I’m sorry but I was not drunk, I mean it. Hope can explain it to you, he knows the whole thing from the very start.

Kate- Oh my God! I feel like dying. I knew Hope was involved, I knew that’s why you were going to Hope’s place. Are you in love with Rose, Frank?

Frank- How can you say that baby? No! I just need to be there for her because of what I did. For as long as she needs a shoulder to cry on.

Kate- And what happens when I need a shoulder to cry on.

Frank- For Jack’s sake, Kate stop being unreasonable!

Kate- You call me unreasonable!

Frank- Baby I killed that woman’s brother!

Kate- What!! Why?

Frank- What do you mean what and why? Isn’t that why you came?



Kate- You hid this from me? What else are you hiding? (Sitting next to him and holding his hand)

Frank- Nothing! I was scared and guilty, didn’t want to drag you into this, my head want’s to explode.

Kate- Want’s to? Mine has! Oh my God this is too much for me. I think I got engaged too soon. Mum is right, Stella and Peace are right, Godwin is right, You are bad news.( getting up to leave)

Frank- Baby if you turn your back on me when I need you the most, you will kill me.

Kate- But you killed someone!

Frank- You don’t know the facts.

Kate- Did you kill him or not! (screams)

frank- Yes I did! I did.

Kate- Then you are a murderer, here is your ring. (Hands him her engagement ring) goodbye Frank. (Walks out)

Frank- No baby, no, no!! If the judge had pronounced me a murderer, I would have endured it. But you calling me that is like hanging me on a torture stake to die. (falls down crying) my Kate don’t leave me please!
(phone rings right then and he answers immediately he sees Hope’s ID)

Hope- Man listen to this. (Narrates)

Frank- What! You gat to be kidding me. (In shock)

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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