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Pathetic Couple. Act Eight.

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Kate's Residence.

Kate- (phone rings) Hello my treasure, how you doing?

Frank- Great my sunshine. So how is my intended doing?

Kate- Wow I love the sound of that.

Frank- I can make far better sounds you know. (Flirting)

Kate- Then what are you waiting for? (Leading him on)

Frank- My Katy, my shawty, my wify (both laughing). So since we’ve both told our parents about us I guess it’s time both families meet. So my mum suggested your place since na we wan marry wife.

Kate- Okay today is Monday. Dad will be back from his business trip on Thursday so dinner on Saturday is great.

Frank- Fantastic. Can’t wait baby.

Kate- Can’t wait too love. So what you doing today?

Frank- Meeting up with some big clients. They want to renew their insurance policies and buy new ones.

Kate- Great! More money to the account.

Frank- Amen! It better be flowing o! Gat to give you the best baby. Gat to go now okay. Call ya later.

Kate- Okay love. Love you and muah muah.


Saturday. At Kate’s residence.

Kate- (opens door) Honey! ( going into Frank’s arms) Good evening mum and dad. She greeted Frank’s parents who were right behind him.

Mr and Mrs Adebanjo- Hey pretty darling. (Giving her a hug) How are you?

Kate- I am okay. Please come in.

Mrs Adebanjo- Thanks dear. Hello everyone! ( she announces their presence)

Mr and Mrs okoye- Hello you are welcome. (Both getting up from their seats)

Mr Adebanjo- Thanks so much. I am Lekan and this is my wife Udoka. You have a charming daughter. ( exchanging handshakes)

Mrs Okoye- Yes and your son is charming. No wonder he engaged her so fast! It’s like he used charms.

Kate- Mum! (Giving her the eye contact that pleaded please stop)

Mr okoye- I have been in and out of the country that I didn’t even notice when she became a lady.

(Both families chat for some twenty minutes, then Stella enters the living room)

Stella- Good evening Sir and Ma, you are highly welcome. I am Stella, Kate’s big sis and I have just served dinner.

At the dinning table.

Mrs Okoye- So Frank what do you do for a living?

Frank- I am an insurance man, I love insuring lives and properties because they are our valuables.

Mrs Okoye- Oh yeah I can imagine, no wonder you insured that valuable finger so fast. (Referring to Kate)

Mr Okoye- (coughs) At least Frank is a responsible insurance man and I’m sure he will keep my daughter insured in his heart forever. (everyone laughs)

Mrs Adebanjo- So our beautiful Kate what do you do?

Kate- Well jobs these days are so stressful and with little pay, so I decided to be my very own boss. I make bridal beads and Ankara shoes and bags. See I made this bead I’m putting on.

Mrs Adebanjo- Oh so adorable!

Mrs okoye- Well I think it’s her neck that’s adorable not the bead. I don’t know why you just can’t join Godwin’s mother in her foundation. She has been inviting you from time memorial, and you are so good with kids, you will love it there.

Mrs Adebanjo- You are good with kids? Oh how adorable! I wanted five kids but I couldn’t have any again after Frank.

Mrs okoye- (getting irritated) Well I think it’s her figure that is adorable not the idea of getting expanded five times after having five kids. I wanted just one but my husband made me have three. The first is dead now, and its just Stella and Kate left.

Mrs Adebanjo- So sorry about your loss, Frank mentioned it to us.

Mr okoye- And by having three kids we gave birth to Frank’s wife to be: Kate. (Trying to sound positive)

Mrs Adebanjo- Oh how adorable.

Mrs okoye- I think it’s the food and wine that’s actually adorable...

Mr Adebanjo- (cuts in) I know you are a little tensed because of the speed Frank took but he is like me. The day I met his mother was the day I proposed, and after 30years we are still together growing stronger in love.

Kate- Oh how adorable. (Claps her hands in pleasure).

Mrs okoye- Well it’s just that my son died early this year at 30years of age and I don’t want to lose another child. (Now overreaching)

Kate- But mum you are not losing me.

Mrs okoye- Really? Look at your sister Stella who rushed into marriage when she was your age, and after 3years of marriage no issue, and the thought of it alone is killing her.

Stella- Mum please 24years is an appropriate age for a woman to marry, I didn’t rush into it. And the thoughts of my childlessness is killing you not me.

Mr Okoye- (Changing the mood) I am happy to have this beautiful family as my in-laws to be. As you can see I am a simple man, so we shall be good together and with me is the most lovely woman I have ever met. (Pointing to his wife)

Mrs Okoye- Oh how adorable. (Sounding sarcastic)

An hour later after the guest leave.

Kate- Mum you don’t like Frank and that hurts.

Mum- No honey it’s the speed I don’t like not Frank.

Kate- But you heard what Frank’s dad said.....

Mum- (cuts in) oh please that madam ’’how adorable’’? I don’t even know what that igbo woman found attractive in that yoruba man that she had to marry him the day he proposed.

Kate- For God’s sake mum. He didn’t say he married her the day he proposed. He said he proposed the day he met her. And what is this thing about yoruba and igbo? Mum please don’t tell me you are tribalistic in this modern age? For crying out loud this is the 21st century! And besides we all Nigerians! Blacks! Why should we come from the same country and still be tribalistic? How do you then expect the whites to treat us if we treat ourselves this way? Mum please you are too educated for this kind of talk.

Dad- (laughs) baby give your mum some time she will come around. And if it helps: I love frank.

Kate- Oh daddy! (runs to hug him)

Mum- Oh how adorable!

(everyone laughs) .

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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