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Pathetic Couple. Act Two

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Later That Evening At Kate's Residence.

Kate- I don’t know what’s wrong with this Godwin, he just spoilt show for me at the party. I wanted to mingle, make more friends and for the first time in two months forget about my tragic loss.

Peace- My dear you keep on ranting about the guy you barely met, what’s that his name again?

Kate- Patrick, he’s so handsome! Tall, light skin with dark eyes. He happened to be the cousin of Gody’s friend; I’ve even forgotten that one’s name.

Peace- oh girl, I guess you have a crush on this guy and I’m sure he has even forgotten about you, so better move on.

That Same Evening At Frank's Residence.

Frank- Guy I really like that girl Kate but her friend Godwin just spoilt show for us.

Pat- Who’s us? The girl practically didnt even notice you, I guess she has even forgotten your name.

Frank- But not my face and definitely not me. I knew I felt something between us just like electricity.

Pat- I don die! Why did you guys not spark? but what’s special about this girl? I never know you to love at first sight.


Charles- And who is loving at first sight?

Pat- Ask your sick friend Frank.

Charles - That girl has to be special. I know Frank has never been in love before and I have been waiting for that lady to strike him and she has! What’s her name?

Frank- Beautiful Kate Okoye.

Who is more Pathetic than Frank and Kate? No one!


Kate's Residence The Next Day.

Kate- Peace dear, thanks so much for spending the night and listening to me talking about Pat all night even though I know you loved the gossip. (Grinning)

Peace- You welcome dear anytime.

Kate- You know what? I will try get his number from Godwin.

Peace- For heavens sake get over this crush! I’m getting bored you know. I love spiced up gist like: He bought me Brazilian hair! And I caught him with another girl! Give me that kind of gist girl, not this one. Dreaming about someone you hardly know.

Kate- But I want to know him Peace! Is it wrong to meet someone and get to know him later?

Peace- You know what? On a second thought I will help you out here because I want you to be disgraced. First, don’t ask Godwin for his number.

Kate- Godwin doesn’t even have his number, remember he is the cousin to Godwin’s friend and I’m sure Godwin won’t go out of his way to ask for his number.

Peace- You said this guy is really handsome?

Kate- Yeah.

Peace- Then forget him, handsome guys are really dangerous because they usually have many lovers.

Kate- Thanks for your advise, remember I’m beautiful too but I don’t have someone and I’m not dangerous.

Peace- For Christ sake, you are a girl! You cannot compare yourself to a guy because you can’t force a guy to love you.

Frank's Home That Same Morning.

Charles- Frank you said this girl is really beautiful?

Frank- Yes! I have been telling you that all night! Where were your ears? I didnt give you a sleep over sofa for nothing.

Charles- See this craze man? I did you a favor by sleeping over to baby sit you and listen to your boring gist and now you beaf me? Look forget that girl, she is already hooked I’m sure. You know how guys disturb lovely ladies, she is either a flirt, heartbreaker or booked. So there’s no need dreaming about what is not.

Frank- Please Pat help me get her number from her friend Godwin, pleaseeeeessss. (He stressed)

Pat- Abeg get out of here! You dey craze? (Laughs)

Kate's Residence 4:36pm the same day.

Godwin- Hi ladies. (Walks into Kate's living room)

Kate and Peace- Hey young man.

Godwin- So Peace you meant it when you said you won’t be coming to the anniversary right?

Peace- I am sorry Gody, my guy insisted I accompany him on his guys night out.

Kate- You are enjoying your guy o! He is so honest.

Godwin- Oh please not all that glitters is gold.

Peace- Hey Gody, what’s that suppose to mean?

Kate- Please before you guys start your quarrel, Gody how is Pat?

Godwin- Pat?

Kate- Yes Pat, why do you look soo surprised?

Godwin- Talking slowly to himself (I thought she was going to ask of Frank the handsome guy) yes Pat is fine.

Kate- Okay, please send my greetings to him.

Godwin- Yeah I will.(still confused)

Kate- Godwin I am serious!

Godwin- Of course I will, I just stopped to know how you are doing okay, talk to you later.

Peace- Yeah I guess your handsome friend’s cousin Pat did wonders to her.

Kate- Shut up.

Godwin- Alright ladies bye, continue dreaming!

Kate- You no well!

Peace - I don't even know what he came here to do? Abeg go!

Godwin- (Far from them) I think she’s mistaking Frank for Patrick, thank God! I will just act as if I don’t know. Good riddance to bad rubbish handsome Frank. He wants to spoil my show. Even if she does not want to date me, at least not him, that guy is bad news! Handsome guys are dangerous.

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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