Mowgli: Out of the Jungle

Updated on April 16, 2019
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Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and song writer.



I remember my parents being killed.

I was a cub but I remember it still.

I remember when a panther came to me.

He put me in his mouth and took me.

He took me to a wolf pack.

Immediately, they adopted.

They adopted me and treated me.

Like I was their very own family.

A grizzly bear trained me.

That bear also watched over me.

Me and the animals were best friends.

But as I grew older, it had to end.

So I got a job in the city.

I met this beautiful young lady.

We did date for a while.

Before having our first child.

We later got married.

& I vowed to never tell my identity

Fade Out


EXT: Mowgli Anderson and his wife Michelle and their kids live in South L.A. He is marketer and she is a unit secretary.

INT: After dropping his kids off to school, he picks up one of his co-workers and they listen to the radio while driving to work.

HOST 1: Good morning L.A. It is a beautiful day out here.

HOST 2: Yes it is.

HOST 1: While we are playing the hits and oldies we want to discuss these dangerous animals running around our city.

HOST 2: Yeah, I saw a bobcat behind my house.

HOST 1: A bobcat?

HOST 2: Yeah. Luckily, it was nothing in its path it will want so It left.

HOST 1: On the news last night they showed a tiger walking the streets.

HOST 2: Maybe they have escaped from the zoo.

HOST 1: No, the zoo has all of their animals counted for.

HOST 2: Well, where did they come from?

HOST 1: I am not sure but they must get a hold of this before someone is hurt.

INT: Before the segment ends, Mowgli arrives at work. Mowgli sees his boss walking in before he turns the car off. While preparing to go into work himself, he sees a very unusual sight.

MOWGLI: Is that a panther?

CO-WORKER: Yep. That's a pretty cat.

MOWGLI: They were just talking about this on the radio.

CO-WORKER: I wonder why is it in this area tho.

MOWGLI: I wonder too. Is that the boss getting out of that car?

CO-WORKER:Yeah, that's him. That cat is running after him too.

MOWGLI: Bagheera nooooooooo.

INT: The cat looks at Mowgli and walks away.

CO-WORKER: Mowgli.....That cat listened to you. How did you do it?

MOWGLI: Lucky guess. When you are scared things like that happen.

BOSS: Thank you mowgli, you saved my life.

MOWGLI: Back home in New York I saw things like this all the time.

CO-WORKER: Big cats used to attack humans?

MOWGLI: No but we did used to see them a lot.

BOSS: Have you started working on new project yet?

MOWGLI: Yes sir. I am just narrowing it down today.

BOSS: What ideas do you have?

MOWGLI: Well, since we are living in more modern times I was thinking about making social media our top platform.

EXT: The Black Panther and the Bear talks in the woods.

PANTHER: He recognized me. He called me by my name.

BEAR: So he remembers.

PANTHER: I assume he does but I don't think his family knows who he is.

BEAR: Me either. When I tracked down his wife, she ran from me like I was trying to hurt her.

PANTHER: Well, you are a huge bear

BEAR: I don't think his family knows who he used to be.

PANTHER: One day he will tell them but we came for a mission and that is not it.

BEAR: Yes, sticking to the plain is a must. Without his help the humans will tear down our jungle.

PANTHER: Exactly, if only we can talk to him that will be great.

BEAR: Actually, we can and I know how.

PANTHER:. We needed the young mowgli's help now we need the older one.

BEAR: Come with me to the wife's job. She is afraid of me and he will be there to pick her up. We can talk to him there.

PANTHER: But the family will know his little secret.

Bear: Well, that's a risk I am willing to take. Come on.

EXT: On the other side of town, Mowgli's wife drives to work and hears the same thing he did on the radio but on a different station.

HOST 1: Good morning, good morning. Before we start playing the hits and oldies we have some important news that we must tell you. There are wild animals running the streets of L.A.

HOST 2: Yes, take all the necessary precautions.

HOST 1: Put all your pets in.

HOST 2: Along with the pets make sure your kids are indoors too.

HOST 1: Wild animals in south L.A? That's not common.

HOST 2: It sure is not. Makes me not even want to go outside. Is it ok if I stay here tonight?

HOST 1: Hahaha, you are crazy yo. Luckily, the authorities have it under control. You're ok.

INT: Michelle arrives to work. After turning the car off she notices a huge bear standing right there in the parking lot. Luckily, she parks in front of the building.

CO WORKER 2: Michelle, are you ok?


CO-WORKER 2: Why..What happened?

MICHELLE: I just had one of the most unusual experiences I have ever had here.

CO-WORKER 2: Could you give me more detail?

MICHELLE: I saw a huge grizzly bear.

CO-WORKER 2: Here in L.A?

MICHELLE: I thought I was going crazy. It then started running after me. Luckily, I was running in here.

CO-WORKER 2: Wow, that is strange. I assume it was more people out there.

MICHELLE: That is the most unusual part. It was more but it only came after me.

CO-WORKER: That is some strange strange stuff. You think that bear will be there when you get off from work?

MICHELLE: Good question. The way it was running after me it just might be.


INT: She calls her husband

MOWGLI: Hey babe.

MICHELLE: Hey babe. Did you pick up the kids?

MOWGLI: You don't hear them in the back?

MICHELLE: Babe, I meant to call you earlier.

MOWGLI: Was everything OK?

MICHELLE: Yeah, I was just a bit shook up.

MOWGLI: You never said what happened.

MICHELLE: Oh, this big bear was chasing me.

MOWGLI: A Bear??????I will be there when you get off work. I am dropping the kids off to your mothers.

INT: Mowgli knows who they are and who they are after. He drops the kids off and goes to her job just to and the panther and bear are waiting for his arrival.

BEAR: I knew you were going to be here.

MOWGLI: You scared my wife.

BEAR: I am sorry. I did not mean to scare her.

PANTHER: Neither did I earlier. I knew you knew we were here when you called my name.

MOWGLI: Why are you here?

PANTHER: When you left us we thought the evil was gone for good but it was not. It just switched forms. It went from an animal to a human.

BEAR: The human is planning to destroy where we live.

INT: Michelle walks out

MICHELLE: Oh my goodness. Talking animals. Are you crazy honey? These are predators.

MOWGLI: First off, no they are not. They are family. Secondly, I am not crazy. I grew up with them.

MICHELLE: Honey, I do not get it. What are you telling me?

MOWGLI: Remember the movie the Jungle book? That is a true story and I am the boy portrayed in it. I was raised by these animals that's before us.

MICHELLE: Oh my goodness!!!!!!Why them?

MOWGLI: When I was a child, my mom and dad were killed by a evil tiger. I was left alone in the jungle and this panther saved me. Wolves raised me and this bear trained me. I got older and defeated that tiger. I saved the jungle and left soon after.

MICHELLE: Well, how did they track you down?

PANTHER: Long story ma'm. We are not here to cause trouble. We need your husband to do what he did for us many years ago. We are not humans but he is. He can say to them what we can't.

MOWGLI: You never told me the evil human's name.

PANTHER: We do not know his name but I know who it is. It is the guy you saw me attack.

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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      • manatita44 profile image


        13 months ago from london

        I do not know how old you are, but you do tell cute stories for children. A lovely piece of writing and quite charming.

        P.S Quite accidentally, I saw bits of Mowgli's adventures, on Christmas day.


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