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Not in a God's House - Short Film Script

Since I wrote my first school essay about my best holiday adventure which was read to the complete class by the teacher I knew I'm a writer.

In a God's House



Recently I began using my profile for creative writing after I discovered how many fellow writers post their short stories and screenplays online. To me all this positive energy is amazing and inspiring. I love the exchange and creativity.

I was inspired to write this story by a photo that I saw in Berlin. A photographer loved to shoot his favorite church with his wife sitting praying in one of the empty pew rows. In addition this church then inspired me with it's architecture and interior, and the rest is pure fantasy. But, actually the idea was meant to become a reel as a camera man asked me to write some scenes that he could use for shooting reels with actors. When he read this story he said it was too long for a reel and already a short film. So, I took it to my portfolio - and now imagine you witness the following story in a church. Have fun!

Then, I have to add again that the formatting of this script here on this site is not the correct and no professional formatting of a screenplay. There are no capsules for screenplays offered here that's why. Hence, it looks a little strange. Usually I use FD9 for screenwriting and of course I know how it should be formatted. Thanks for your understanding.

This script is of course registered at the Labour of Congress and in the European Union and all copyrights are reserved by me, the writer.

The Screenplay - In a God's House


There are 2 rows of old dark wooden pews with ways in the middle between them and along the walls. It is cold and the sun slowly appears in the beautiful cathedral windows.

A WOMAN, end of 30, slim, light brown curly shoulder long hair, sits in the mid second pew row on the left and prays.

A MAN, mid 20, looking poor, dirty old clothes, broken shoes, dark greasy straight hair, enters the same pew row and comes nearer until he takes place right beside her. The woman doesn’t recognize him and continues looking up to the altar.

MAN (leaning to her ear and whispering)

Who is the mother of God?

She jerks, turns her head astonished, her wide open eyes check him from feet to head, then she turns back to the altar and looks down on her folded hands.

WOMAN (whispering back)

Excuse me?

MAN (takes a deep breath and speaks after a short moment)

Who is the mother of God?

WOMAN (turns to him, speaks with firm a little louder voice)


MAN (seems to be on edge)

Who is the mother of God?

WOMAN (looks back to the altar)

I think that someone who enters this Christian church on a Tuesday morning knows that the mother of God is named Maria.

The man is irritated, one of his legs begins to waggle nervously and he looks a little shocked now. While the woman keeps looking up to the Altar and moves her lips to a silent short prayer he looks at the palm of his left hand where he wrote something which is now unreadable because his hands sweat. So, he pulls his cell phone out of his pant pocket and checks something in his e-mails. Then, he speaks again silently.

Excuse me, but that is the wrong answer.

The woman turns her head questioning with perked up eyebrows to him again.

You gave the wrong answer!

What are you talking about?

The right answer is: no one.

Now she is really shocked and turns back to a next silent prayer. She quickly crosses herself and obviously is excited by his words. Then she begins to speak while still looking on her folded hands.

Off all the nerve! When a Catholic Christian knows one thing for sure then that God’s mother is Maria. What do you want from me?

MAN (mumbles, more to himself)

Your answer must be ‘no one’. God’s mother is no one. Meaning he has no mother.

She snorts angry and continues with her prayers. He looks irritated again. Then he dares to talk to her again.

MAN (whispering)

This is the St. Maria Cathedral?

WOMAN (angry stage whisper)

Yes, indeed. Just imagine! And what you think the name came from?

MAN (a little frightened)

Don’t know. But, this is the second row and you are a woman mid age. You should hand me out the information now after I asked the code question.

The woman swallows completely shocked and crosses herself again. She looks around as if she expects a couple of agents in black suits behind the columns.

What information? What code question? Are you kidding?

The man shakes his head, now already a little desperate, not knowing what to do.

She looks down on her folded hands again. After a moment she lightly smiles (not to see by the man). She seems to giggle inside.

WOMAN (looking up to the Altar)

Really, St. Maria Cathedral, second pew row, woman mid age?

MAN (leans back now, breathes deep, is on the edge and looks desperate to her)

Yes, exactly. Now please, give me the information I shall deliver. Look, this is the first time I’m doing this job and it is the only one I have.

She looks down. Her face looks serious now when she hears his words.

WOMAN (looking up to the Altar and with a light smile on her face)

Which side?




Second pew row?



WOMAN (grins)

On which side?

She shows with her arm to the other side of the Cathedral.

He turns his head, following her hand.

The camera follows her hand and sees another woman, mid age, sitting in the second pew row on the other side of the Cathedral, praying and looking back to the main entrance and side entrance again and again.

Oh ffffuck! Goddamn!

WOMAN (now grinning from ear to ear and shaking her head)

Oh no, Sir! Not in a God's house!



© 2016 Elisabeth Meier

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