How to Not Fear

Updated on December 20, 2017

Looking at yourself if it's in a mirror or your outside.That redness of a glow are you showing your fears all around the Universe million light years

Like the saying goes not to fear no-one wants you to shed one useless tear. Well what's really going through your mind?

How I fear the days they speed up

Drinking my tears floating in my cup

They go by way too fast

How I tear weeks but

why should they last

a love not to seek that was

in my past, a matter to

clear up

How it went by in a matter

within weeks but I still am blushing

The powerful spiritual glow

Just me and my cheeks

What are bodies?

Please explain there is weakness

and they show our strength

A time of endurance for what it's worth

This is supposed to be our

good earth of tears

But too emotional

We start to fear

When something isn't right

They do not stick

The mind and body works quick

How it calls like a beacon

A fearful mind but has wisdom

an endocrine seeing death

how it fears you like a shrine

Our body is a system

What does he hear

Working a plan of rhythm

Giving your heart

And he's not listening

Another year goes by

in our bodies the mystical world

of butterflies flies like a defense

To our brain natural mind pretense

How to not fear from itself

Cleansing Godly rinse

Just to be yourself

The stress wears you down

You became someone else

The Organism how it works

Like the poison

How many reasons start to lurk

Got a hold of you

More thinking

Then you started walking

evaluating everything

Then climbing I phone rings

You started crawling

House of wisdom Solomon

Daughter of Pharaoh

Like you were back to your birth

Only wanted to hear the truth

Then a voice came to you

You need more exercise

of lifting

How to not fear another breath

To be happy your living with priorities

How to not fear authority

Your muscles of movement

Speeding like a Locomotive

Just sitting at a desk

Another week took over tasks

Your clicking the mouse

The cat of curiosity inside

your fears of secrets

Tapping your keyboard

The fear is still there

And your still sitting

My Godly floor how

it moves me


Just ignore the people

That don't give you energy

They ridicule so insultingly

Your the person to not fear

Start exercising and take up

running New moon is always coming

Here is some informative information it explains how our mind and body works. How we shouldn't fear

Baby it's cold outside but when love is in the air we have nothing too fear. We are brave earthed we stay together to be strong. Our voices start to fly in the

William Shakespeare to not fear collection of poems

© 2017 Robin Carretti


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    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 4 weeks ago from Hightstown

      Well thanks, I am definitely unique in my writing, but I love when someone feels through it

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 4 weeks ago from Shelton

      again I must admit you do have a way of expression.. awesome my friend...