"Happily" Ever After: A Stage Scene Inspired by The Little Mermaid

Updated on February 6, 2018
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Jennifer Wilber is a freelance writer from Ohio. She holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University.


"Happily" Ever After

MARA - the mermaid princess
ALBERT - the prince

Back story:
This scene takes place after the events of the popular fairy tale The Little Mermaid. Mara was a mermaid princess who gave up her old life to marry a human prince, but now, a year after they were married, she is starting to have regrets. Albert happier than ever and is oblivious to Mara's feelings, and thinks everything is just fine.

(The curtain opens on MARA and ALBERT's living room. MARA is slumped on a sofa, looking extremely bored and disinterested in her life. MARA is dressed in a t-shirt and yoga pants.)

(ALBERT enters, dressed in dress pants, button up shirt, and a tie.)


What a beautiful day it is, my fair princess!

(looking up at ALBERT, somewhat disinterested)
What's so beautiful about it? It's just a day like any other.

(still overly enthusiastic)
Oh you, don't pretend like you don't know!

(ALBERT looks over at MARA, who is still slumped on the couch looking bored.)

Why, it’s our anniversary silly! Oh you, always joking around, pretending as if you’ve forgotten.

(sitting up, looking at ALBERT)
Why, of course I remembered! I couldn’t forget!

I knew you wouldn’t!

Why, it’s been an entire year since we were married. I’ve been living in this god-forsaken dry world for an entire year now! Of course I remember.

(ALBERT looks at MARA with a confused look on his face. He pauses for a moment before responding, just as cheerfully as ever.)

You had better get dressed in your finest dress! We're going out for dinner to celebrate tonight! The fanciest place in town! What do you say?

I haven't any clean clothes to wear.

(shocked, but not angry)
But I told you to do the laundry yesterday. How could you have nothing clean to wear?

I didn't do the laundry.

What? Why in heavens not? Don't you want clean clothes to wear?

Why should I have to do the laundry? We're royalty! Where are the maids and butlers?!

You know we don't have any maids or butlers.

(Still shouting)
Well, why not? You are a prince, after all!
(pauses, ALBERT starts to say something, but MARA interrupts)
And I'm a princess! I shouldn't have to do commoner tasks like washing clothes and folding laundry!

(still calm, looking down at the ground as though he's ashamed)
You know my family rules a poor country. We can't afford such luxuries. Even my parents, the King and Queen can't afford more than a handful of maids.

(looking off into the distance)
Well, my dad has servants. Hundreds of them. And he rules over the entire sea...

(raising his voice only a little)
Yeah, well, my family rules only this tiny little island country. And we don't have hundreds of servants.
(raising voice even more)
And we have to do our own laundry!

(standing up)
Well, back home, there was no laundry! At home, I had no legs to need any pants to have to wash! And I had no shirts, either, only two seashells that cleaned themselves as I swam around in the currents of the sea!

Like it or not, you live here now, so you better get used to pants and legs and shirts and arms...
And laundry!

I've always had arms...

(angrily and sarcastically)
Then at least we have one thing in common!
(raising his voice even more)
If you hate laundry so much, maybe you should go back to the sea!

Maybe I will!

Just one question...

Yeah, what's that?

Just how do you expect to breath down there?

(ALBERT and MARA look at each other angrily. MARA turns to looking off into the distance again. She looks hurt.)

Do you really think we have nothing in common?

(MARA and ALBERT look at each other, both looking hurt and regretting the things they said.)

(calm again)
Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I'll try to help out with the laundry from now on. Maybe I'll even raise the taxes, so we can afford a maid or two.

(looking at the ground)
Or maybe three?


Whatever you want, my love. Do you still want to go out to dinner? I already made a reservation.

I suppose... Where are we going?

I thought we could go out for sushi.

Sushi! Sushi! Some of my best friends have been turned into sushi! I don't want sushi!

Uhh... Well... How about a nice steak dinner instead?

That would be perfect!
I hate those bovine bastards!

Great! Steak it is!

Just let me get dressed! I might have something clean!

(MARA hurries away and exists the stage. ALBERT sits down on the couch and picks up a newspaper from the end table. He begins to read the newspaper as the curtain lowers and the lights go black.)


© 2018 Jennifer Wilber


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    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 5 weeks ago from Hightstown

      Very inspiring it really intrigued me thanks so much I love the part not doing laundry to go back to the sea LOL