Cupid and Psyche: A Theatrical Play

Updated on April 8, 2019

“Souls Shall Love With Joy”

C U P I D A N D P S Y C H E ‘ S L O V E S T O R Y

“Love cannot live… where trust does not exist.”

Please take your seats, and may you enjoy the show. This spectacle is gladly presented to you by Grade 10 - Roentgen.

Narrator: Once upon a time, three daughters were owned by a king, all blessed with loveliness. But the youngest, named Psyche, excelled not only her two sisters, but all the maidens existing in mortality, more so that all the humans breathing on Earth thought that she was a goddess, likely exceeding the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite.

(Curtains open slowly)

Scene 1: Aphrodite’s Appraisal

(A scene of Aphrodite’s temple; abandoned, with withering flowers, dried leaves, ashes, and dust; a half lower body statue enters as the curtain opens; narration continues)

Narrator (in accordance to Aphrodite’s temple scene): The goddess’ temple was empty. No flowers offered. No worshippers to pray. Her favorite towns and cities all have fallen into ruins. And this resulted to Aphrodite’s rage.

(Curtains close; arrange next set)

(Curtain opens, music cues; Aphrodite sitting on a high chair, two servants fanning her, one servant offering her fruits)

Aphrodite: My presence is in great disbelief. Where are my congregations? And did I hear it right? I am being compared to a mortal? What’s her name?

(merely talking to the servant offering her fruits; dead silence)

Aphrodite: Response!

Servant: Psyche, your Highness.

Aphrodite: The name stenches, doesn’t it? How dare they link it to my goddessly identity? Well… what to do? *evil grins*

(Music cues: musical; Aphrodite stands up)

Aphrodite: I know! Son! *evil grins*

(Curtains close, change set)

Next scene: 2 – Eros’ Entrance

(Curtain opens, lights for day on, music cues; Cupid’s exposé, on the field, refining his arrows, harp plays on the background; Aphrodite’s calling echoes; Cupid looks up; Aphrodite enters)

Aphrodite: Eros!

Cupid: I feel from afar you are in great despair, mother. May I be of any help?

Aphrodite: Oh yes, my dear son. Dejection can’t be rejected by me. I aim for your assistance.

Cupid: As long as my service benefits you mother, I would gladly accept your plea. (During the conversation, they both walk onto the table of tea; Cupid offering her a cup of one)

Aphrodite: There’s this girl named Psyche. Impudence is what I acknowledged from her. I want you, Eros, to match her with the most abominable creature living in the world of mortality.

(Cupid, curious, doubtful, but obeys)

Cupid: Very well. As you wish, Mother. My arrow shall be thrusted in her heart as soon as the nighttime falls.

(Cupid, kneels on one knee, Aphrodite lifts him up, holds his hands)

(Curtains close, change sets)

Next Scene: 3 – Betrayal of the Barb

(Curtains open, lights off, improvised lights for night on, music cue)

(Cupid stands on the high cliff, aims his arrow at the window, eyes widens, bow and arrow flips, arrow struck at his chest)

(Music cues; moon down; playing Buwan)

Cupid: My eyes had been laid down onto you, and now my heart has. Even if our realms differ, and oppose, I shall fight for our love.

(Cupid’s eyes falls down, then walks out of the stage)

(Curtains close, change sets)

Next Scene: 4 – Psyche’s Pace

(Curtains open, music cues, day lights on)

(Admirer of Psyche knocks, sister opens the door)

Sister 1: May I ask of your inquiry, sir?

Admirer 1: My humble occurrence at your doorstep wishes to see the beauty of the youngest in this household.

Sister 1: Oh my, come in sir. My sister will come shortly. Psyche!

Voice over: Coming!

(Lights on, music cue; petals fall from the stairs; grand entrance of Psyche)

Admirer 1: What splendor does she possess? Truly like a goddesses’ magnificence. *awestruck*

Sister 2: Well then, sir. Would you like to ask for our sister’s hand for marriage?

Admirer 1: *awakens* I beg your pardon?

Sister 2: Would you like to marry our sister?

Admirer 1: Holy, no, no! I have come here to fulfill my quest, and that is to bless my eyes with the beauty of this maiden. Apparently my existence here has been misunderstood.

(Psyche’s father enters at the background)

Sister 1: I lay down my apologies, sir.

Admirer 1: Need not worry. I myself worship the lovely maiden, Psyche. It has been an honor to see her with my own appreciations.

(Psyche bows)

Admirer 1: Well then ladies, I better be off the boulevards. I bid farewell to you all. *bows* *reciprocal*

Psyche: Sister, why doesn’t anyone want to be with me?

Sister 2: Psyche, you are fated to be with someone you deserve.

Sister 1: Fear not, my sister.

(Three sisters exit, caressing Psyche; father comes into view)

Father: Elder daughters of mine are already in matrimony. I shall concern myself for my youngest. I shall go to Delphi at once.

(Curtains close; change sets)

Next Scene: 5 – Outcome of the Oracle

(Curtains open, night lights on, music cue)

(Father enters an isolated room, kneels, and pray)

Father: Oh almighty Apollo, your vision is greatly needed. I ask for a prophecy for my daughter Psyche’s upcoming.

Apollo (voice over): To convey this is not my will, but by doing so is a refusal of your request. Your beloved daughter, Psyche, is destined to forever be with a horrendous serpent.

(Father’s eyes falls down, looks depressed, leaves the room without a word)

Apollo: Now that I have done your entreaty, Daphne shall be entitled to me. Oh Cupid, you are now in trance of your own forte.

(Curtains close, change set)

Next Scene: 6 – Mourning Misery

(Curtains open, dim lights on, music cues)

(Psyche is now dressed for her death, sisters are disheartened, as well as the father)

(The father tries to look strong, holds Psyche’s hand for a second, then lets go and walks off)

(Sisters have their hands on Psyche’s shoulder, leading her to the way out)


(Setting: Hill, rocky)

(Sisters are crying, mourning)

Psyche: When you said that I am to be with someone I deserve, never did a ghastly serpent crossed my mind. The loveliness that I have, never did I imagine that it would be the cause of the distrust of the heavens, and would therefore lead to this miserable fortune. But do not weep, for I have accepted this fate of mine. I bid my farewell to you, father, and my beloved sisters. Know that I love you, even if we’re apart. Go, live and love, my beloved ones.

(Sisters are still crying while walking away, father looks straight but keeps holding back the tears)

(Psyche silently waits for her husband) (Night lights on)

(Zephyr carries Psyche to grassy meadow, with flowers)

(A little while, Psyche falls asleep)

(Curtains close, change set)

Next Scene: 7 – Meeting of the Meant

(Curtains open, day lights on, music cues)

(Psyche looks around, sees the mansion; fascinated expression; slowly walks towards its door; enters)

Psyche: Hello? Is anybody here?

(Silence for 30 seconds)

Voice over 1: Greetings, our lady. Do not be afraid, for we intend no harm. We are merely your servants, and this mansion, is permitted to your possession.

Voice over 2: Would it be in your liking if we tour you around the manor?

Psyche: This splendor, pardon, is all… mine?

Voice over 3: Yes, your majesty. Now, will you accept our guidance?

Psyche: Why, thank you, dears.

(In this scene, Psyche is happy and amazed; all smiles)

(Musical enters; song cues)

(Psyche walks around the set; door shall be placed at the left corner of the stage)

(Psyche touches things, awestruck, reaches the right end, then goes back to the center of the stage)

Psyche: Never did I… well. I guess my imaginations are not to be trusted.

(Curtains close, change sets)

Next Scene: 8 – Eyes don’t expose

(Curtains open, night lights on, music cues)

(Psyche is standing on a balcony; divided by a pillar)

Psyche: The fear lingers in my heart, but is overwhelmed with curiosity and eagerness. My dear husband, I seek your presence.

(Cupid enters on the other side of the balcony, the pillar blocking him from Psyche’s view)

Cupid: Your desire has been heard, and done. I am here, m’lady.

Psyche: My ears sensed that you are indeed, but why do my eyes betray your words?

Cupid: M’lady, I can only show myself with my voice. But fear not. Your eyes need not to see me. I do wish that my emotions, my love for you, can be conveyed completely through my words. I aspire that you see my sincerity.

(Cupid looks up; ceiling lights on; Psyche follows suit; amazed; musical cues: “Right Here, Right Now”)

Cupid: Can You imagine?

What would happen?

If we could have any dream

Id wish this moment

Was ours to own it

And that it would never leave

Psyche: Then i would thank that star

That made our wish come true

Cupid: oh yeah

Psyche: Cause he knows that

Where you are is where

Both: I should be too

Right here, Right now

Cupid: I'm looking at you and

My Heart love the view

Cause you mean everything

Both: Right Here, I'll promise you Somehow

Psyche: that tomorrow

Can wait for some other

Day to be (to be)

Both: Cause right now there’s you and… me

Psyche: M’love, I wouldn’t wish for more. Your voice is enchantingly more than enough. My longing has vanished, for the husband I have awaited, is now with me. I don’t know how, but I already love you.

(Psyche and Cupid looks at the pillar, eyes meet)

(Curtains close, change sets)

Next Scene: 9 – Dither and Destruction

(Curtains open, dim lights on, music cues)

(Psyche looks at the window, weeps)

Psyche: My family, oh, my sisters. I have told you not to weep, for I don’t deserve your tears. Every drop clenches my heart. Please, halt your blues for me.

(Cupid enters the stage, sees Psyche, walks towards her; out of her vision)

Cupid: M’lady, may I ask you what is wrong?

Psyche: My wellbeing is all that you aim, I understand, m’love. But they are my own blood. Why do you think they’ll be the cause of my devastation?

Cupid: My prophecy tells me that---

(Cupid stops halfway, noticing the sadness in Psyche’s eyes)

Cupid: Very well, m’love. You may go to their embraces. Yet I need your assurance, that you shall not be influenced by anyone to try and see me, for that means our farewell… forever.

Psyche: My love and devotion for you would be my sword against those persuasions. You have my word, m’love.

(Once Cupid is gone, and Psyche feels it, she goes straight to the door and runs toward her sisters; reunion)

(Curtains close to arrange sets)

(Curtains open; dim lights on; music cues)

Sister 1: Hail to all gods and goddesses, Psyche, you are alive!

Psyche: Come, for the rain is about to descent. I shall welcome you to our home.

(All goes inside the manor; enters the door)

(Curtains close, arrange sets)

(Curtains open, indoor lights on, music cues)

Sister 2: Forgive me for asking, but where is your spouse?

Sister 1: Is the oracle true? Is he indeed a serpent?

Psyche: He is not. M’love is what I ever imagined I’d have.

Sister 2: Surely… but his whereabouts… may I ask?

Psyche: Um… he has gone to hunt the wild… did I close the door? Would you mind if I check?

Sister 1: No, absolutely.

(Psyche leaves, sisters looks around the house, looks at each other)

Sister 2: It seems that our sister is living a magnificent life.

Sister 1: Furious to say, even better than us.

Sister 2: My senses tell me that she’s lying.

Sister 1: Undeniably, you felt it too. She hasn’t really seen her husband.

Sister 2: Follow my lead.

(Psyche enters)

Psyche: Apologies for the wait.

Sister 2: Psyche, we need you to listen.

(Curtains close; change sets)

Next Scene: 10 – Farewell over Faith

(Curtains open; night lights on; music cues)

Psyche: Their words fit the puzzle perfectly. What if… my husband… is truly a serpent?

Is that why he can’t let me see his form? Is that the reason? Is he only kind to me now, and will devour me later?

I shall do… what… I must.

(Psyche picks up the lit lamp/candle and knife; walks away)

(Curtains close; arrange sets)

(Curtains open; no lights on; music cues)

(Psyche walks so slowly, then nears the bed of Cupid; lights up his face with the lamp)

(Psyche was shocked; mixed emotions; smiles, then cries)

Psyche: The God of Love! I… am… indeed… unfaithful. *stammering)

(Psyche attempts to stab herself, but fails, trembles)

(Melted candle pours over to Cupid’s shoulder; Psyche notices; fear washing over her; Cupid awakes, looks at Psyche, attempts to leave but Psyche holds his arm)

Psyche: Don’t go, please! I beg you, I’m sorry!

Cupid: M’lady, it seems that I am the only one with faith. If your trust is in absence, what will strengthen this commitment of ours?

Psyche: No, I truly love---

Cupid: Love cannot live, where trust does not exist.

(Musical cues; (I Gotta Go My Own Way”)

Cupid: I gotta say what's on my mind

Something about us

Doesn't seem right these days

Life keeps getting in the way

Whenever we try

Somehow the plan

Is always rearranged

It's so hard to say

But I've got to do what's best for me

You'll be okay

Psyche: What about us?

What about everything we've been through?

Cupid: What about trust?

Psyche: You know I never wanted to hurt you

Psyche: What about me?

Cupid: What am I supposed to do?

Cupid: I gotta leave Both: but I'll miss you

Cupid: So, I've got to move on and be who I am

Psyche: Why do you have to go?

Cupid: I just don't belong here

I hope you understand

Psyche: I'm trying to understand

Cupid: We might find a place in this world someday

But at least for now

I want you to stay

I gotta go my own way

(Cupid leaves flying, Psyche sits on the floor and weeps)

Psyche: My tears won’t do anything to bring him back. I must take actions. M’love, I’ll travel the whole world just to find you. I’ll go and send you more of my love, until the day you turn towards it. Love, lead me on.

(Curtains close, change sets)

Next Scene: 11 – Giggles and Games

(Curtains open, dim lights on,music cues)

Aphrodite: Dishonor! My son has betrayed me. Infidelity! Imprisonment shall be bestowed upon him! Now!

Voice over; Psyche: Goddess of Love and Beauty, hear my prayer. I strive for your help.

Aphrodite: Ha! Is this that little scrounger? Very well, I shall meet her in my own accord.

(Curtains close, arrange sets)

(Curtains open, dim lights on, music cues)

(Aphrodite in disguise enters the world of mortality, meets Psyche on the temple)

Disguise: Why, why, why little girl, why so despondent?

Psyche: I have lost my love, and I want him back, for I am sorry.

Disguise: Dear, that comes with struggle. Would you do everything?

Psyche: Yes, yes! Exertion shall be matched with efforts, and I am ready.

Disguise. My, my. Your eagerness may be no counterpart for the task. Though, very well. My humble heart offers you these trials.

Psyche: Oh, thank you, thank you, kind one!

(Psyche hugs Aphrodite, closes eyes; Aphrodite looks at her, evil grins)

(Curtains close, change sets)

Next Scene: 12 – Pleas with Pain

(Left curtains open, dim lights on, music cues)

(Cupid is shown imprisoned, alone)

(Musical starts; “Little do you know”)

Cupid: Little do you know

How I’m breaking while you fall asleep

Little do you know

I’m still haunted by the memory

Little do you know

I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece

Little do you know

I need a little more time

Underneath it all I’m held captive by the hole inside

I’ve been holding back

For the fear that you might change your mind

I’m ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight

Little do you know

I need a little more time

(Left curtains close; arrange sets)

(Right curtains open; Psyche’s Part)

Psyche: Little do you know

I know you’re hurt while I'm sound asleep

Little do you know

All my mistakes are slowly drowning me

Little do you know

I’m trying to make it better piece by piece

Little do you know

I, I love you till the sun dies

(Left curtains opens; The Duet)

Cupid: I'll wait, just wait

I love you like I've never felt the pain, just wait

I love you like I’ve never been afraid, just wait

Our love we see right here stays so lay your head on me

Psyche: I'll wait, I'll wait

I love you like you've never felt the pain, I'll wait

I promise you don’t have to be afraid, I'll wait

The love you see right here stays so lay your head on me

Lay your head on me

Both: So lay your head on me

'Cause little do you know

I love you till the sun dies

(A center wall divides the stage; During Cupid’s part, he touches the wall on the left side; During Psyche’s part, she touches the wall on the right side; During Both, they lay their heads on the wall)

(Curtains close, change sets)

Next Scene: Proserpine’s Package

(Curtains open, dim with gold lights on, music cues)

(Cerberus enters, barks, growls)

(Psyche shouts at first; startled, then gives a piece of cake)

(Cerberus then calms, then exits)

Psyche: Queen of the Underworld, I call your presence.

(Proserpine suddenly pops into view)

Proserpine: How bold of you, young lady, to enter the home of Death. The Underworld, welcome.

Psyche: I have come here to fulfill a task, and your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Proserpine: Elucidate.

Psyche: Venus asks for your beauty, and has commanded me to give the request directly.

Proserpine: Oh my, an appeal from Venus herself? The Goddess of Beauty? Ha!

Very well, I shall give you my service.

Psyche: My gratitude is laid down, Grandeur.

(Proserpine takes the box from Psyche, then gives back a new one; the one with her beauty inside)

Proserpine: You may go, young lady. Whatever it is for, I hope for your success.

Psyche: … how did you? *Proserpine smiles and winks* *Psyche smiles as well*

(Curtains close; change sets)

Next Scene: 13 – United

(Curtains open, dim lights on, music cues)

(Psyche walks with a smile)

Psyche: Wait a bit more, m’love. I shall flourish all tasks for you. *touches the box, then touches her face*

My, it seems that my beauty has faintly faded. How am I to face Cupid like this?

A little bit of Proserpine’s splendor wouldn’t hurt… so shall I? *opens the box; first confused to see nothing inside; afterwards, shocked and falls on the floor; deep sleep*

Psyche: Cu… pid.

(Curtains close for a moment; meanwhile a bird is seen flying)

(Curtains open; Cupid on the stage; caresses Psyche’s cheek, does a gesture, puts the beauty back in the box; Psyche awakens)

Psyche: An angel… perhaps?

Cupid: No, m’lady. I am me, Eros, your husband, and forever.

(Both hugs; music cues)

Psyche: I have accepted such challenges for you to come back, and now, you are here, m’love.

Cupid: May I ask, who gave you?

Psyche: Venus, m’love. For I have asked for her mercy.

Cupid: *silent for a moment* I understand. Give this to my mother, and I shall go and do.

Psyche: Onto where? Please, don’t leave me again.

Cupid: M’lady, I have never left you, for I was always inside you, in your heart. We were fated to be together, and here, now, we are.

(Hugs once again, holds hand, then vanishes)

(Psyche continues her journey to the tower)

(Curtains close; change sets)

Next Scene: Appeal for the Almighty

(Curtains open, blue lights on, music cues)

Cupid: Jupiter! I request your presence!

(After a while)

Zeus: Eros. You are here for a favor, I presume?

Cupid: You assumed correct. Halt my mother’s wrongdoings, and allow me to marry my love.

Zeus: Ha! Did you shoot your own arrow into your heart? *jokingly*

Cupid: I suppose I did. *bows slightly*

Zeus: I thought you were joking. *clears throat*

Do you remember the time you changed me into a carabao, and a duck?

Cupid: Uh, that’s actually a bull and a swan. Brilliant of me, wasn’t it? *smiles* *Zeus glares* *Cupid bows again* *Zeus clears throat again*

Zeus: Regardless, I shall accept your demand. You have my word. Now go, and love, Eros

Cupid: Words will never be enough to express my gratitude. Thank you. *bows and kneels**Zeus smiles*

(Curtains close, change sets)

Next Scene: 14 – Wedding Won’t Wait

(Curtains open, daylights on, music cues)

Aphrodite: Evidently, you were given help. Now accept my order---

(Hermes knocks on the door)

Aphrodite: *eyes widen* What brings you here, young man?

Hermes: I have come to escort the lady named Psyche.

(Psyche, stands upright from bowing, looks shocked)

Psyche: Why is my attendance needed?

Hermes: Mt. Olympus awaits for you.

(Aphrodite shocked, Psyche shocked and confused, Hermes smiles)

(Curtains close, change sets)

(Curtains open; daylights on; music cues)

(Psyche is in her dress, running, Hermes at the back, panting)

Hermes: Psyche, wait! Behave!

Psyche: *Stops at the front of the door* Apologies sir. I am very much enthusiastic at this moment.

Hermes: *Catches up* I understand. Now, shall we? *opens door*

(Wedding setting, music cues; Cupid waits at the end; Zeus at the front; gods and goddesses on the sides; Psyche walks slowly)

Zeus: I have called this assembly to announce the formality of the marriage of Psyche and Eros, and to bestow, this young lady, the gift of the ambrosia, the gift of immortality.

(Psyche accepts the cup, drinks it, looks at Cupid after)

Cupid: I love you, m’lady.

Psyche: I love you, m’love.

Zeus: *Clears throat, whispers* Eros, how do the mortals phrase it? You may now…?

Cupid: I may now, kiss the bride.


(Cupid and Psyche are sitting on the balcony, hands linked)

Psyche: My wishes had all been granted, and you are the biggest gift I have.

Cupid: Nothing would keep us apart, m’lady. We are destined together, forever.

(Musical cues: “At the Beginning”)

Psyche: We were strangers, starting out on a journey

Never dreaming, what we'd have to go through

Now here we are, I'm suddenly standing

At the beginning with you

Cupid: No one told me, I was going to find you

Unexpected, what you did to my heart

When I lost hope

You were there to remind me

This is the start

Both: And life is a road and I wanna keep goin'

Love is a river I wanna keep flowing

Life is a road now and forever wonderful journey

I'll be there when the world stops turning

I'll be there when the storm is through

In the end I want to be standing

At the beginning with you

Psyche: Life is a road and I wanna keep goin

Cupid: Love is a river I wanna keep flowin

Both: Starting out on a journey

In the end I want to be standing

Psyche: at the beginning with

Both: you...

(Curtains close; change sets)

Next Scene: Sequel Song

(Curtains open, daylights on, music cues)

Cupid: Years have passed, but your beauty hasn’t faded even the slightest.

Psyche: Years have passed, and your words still tickle my heart.

(Hedone enters)

Cupid: My child, m’lady, you two are the greatest gifts of my life.

Psyche: I love you.

Cupid: … more.

(Hedone interrupts their scene, clears throat; musical cues)

Hedone: How does she know, you love her? *looks at Cupid*

How does he know, it’s true? *looks at Psyche**Cupid and Psyche looks at each other, smiling but confused*

Extra 1: How does she know that you love her?

Hedone and Extra 1: How does he know that you really, really, truly love her?

Psyche: *Laughs* My child, love doesn’t need solid confirmation. You just feel it. And just so you know, love is an open door. *in a tune*

(Musical cues: “Love is an Open Door”)

Psyche: All my life has been a series of doors in my face

And then suddenly

Both: I bump into you

Jinx! Jinx again!

Psyche: You Cupid: And I Hedone: Are just meant to be

Psyche: Say goodbye

Cupid: Say goodbye

Both: To the pain of the past

All: We don't have to feel it anymore!

Backstage: Love is an open door!

Backstage and All: Love is an open door!

Both: Life can be so much more!

Extras 1: With you!

Extras 2: With you!

Extras 3: With you!

Extras 4: With you!

All: Love is an open door

(Musical ends)

Cupid: Souls are now filled with Joy, and is meant, to Love.

The End

(Music cues: “Ever Ever After”)

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