Country Comes to Buckhorn: Act 2 - Scene 1: Sheriff Potts Has a Plan

Updated on September 18, 2019
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Gerry Glenn Jones is a writer of fiction and nonfiction, as well as scripts for theatre and film. This is a factual account.

Animal Pyramid
Animal Pyramid | Source

Act 2 - Scene 1: Sacrifice The Deputy

(Earl Watson has just left the sheriff's office and sheriff Potts brews up a plan for Deputy Watkins)

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

Jim, we got us a problem!

Deputy Jim Jenkins:

What's that, Sheriff?

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

I think ole Earl suspects that we been tryin to catch him a shinning out on his place, and done gone and booby-trapped it for us.

Deputy Jim Jenkins:

That ain't good; it's bad enough dealing with that ole bear, much less, booby traps.

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

You need to ease out there tonight and try and find them traps, afore we get in um.

Deputy Jim Jenkins:

You ain't a comin?

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

Naw, it's better one of us stays in town to take care of any crime that might go on.

Deputy Jim Jenkins: But, sheriff, we ain't had no crime calls since Billy Ray's daddy got blowed out of his outhouse by some kinda bomb. It turned out to be Billy Ray and Ely a playing with a chemistry set.

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

I ain't gonna take no chances; now you go on out there tonight and look around.

Deputy Jim Jenkins:

What about that ole bear; what am I suppose ta do if I run into him tonight?

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

I know it's hard a thinking about not having me out there to purtect you, but you'll just have ta deal with it.

Deputy Jim Jenkins:

Okay, sheriff, but I ain't a liking it one bit.

Act 2 - Scene 2: Bobbi Jo Arrives

(Sheriff Potts and Deputy Jenkins leave the stage)

(Vern is waiting for Bobbi Jo at the bus station, Billy Ray and Ely walk up)

Billy Ray Mathis:

What ya doin, Vern?


I'm waitin on the bus...cousin Bobbi Jo is comin to visit.

Billy Ray Mathis:

I ain't pulled her pigtails in a long time.


I reckon you boys better not start pickin on her like ya did before; grandpa told me to take good care of her.

Ely Stone:

Now, Vern, ya know me and Billy Ray ain't gonna pick on no pore defenseless girl.


I know ya better not! Here comes the bus now.

(Bobbi Jo gets off the bus, and she's several inches taller than the boys. She's wearing her hair tucked under a ball cap, and she has a pair of overalls on.. The boys are stunned)

Billy Ray Mathis:

Well, if it ain't the Jolly Green Giant!

(Vern gives him a mean look, and Ely laughs)


Hello cousin, Bobbi Jo.

Bobbi Jo:

Hey Vern, I see you still hang around with your two genius friends.

Billy Ray Mathis:

Why, thank you Bobbi Jo, we is purty smart.


Come on Bobbi Jo, let's go out ta the farm; grandma and grandpa are itchin ta see you.

Ely Stone:

By Bobbi Jo, well see you at the dance Saturday night, and I might let ya dance with me.

(Vern and Bobbi Jo shake their heads and walk toward the pickup truck as the two geniuses smile at each other.

Deputy Jim Jenkins
Deputy Jim Jenkins | Source
Bobbi Jo
Bobbi Jo | Source

Stay Tuned For More "Country Comes to Buckhorn"

This concludes Act 2 - Scene 2, and we'll continue in the next installment with more exciting adventures in Act 2 - Scene 3, where Arnold the Bear returns to reap havoc on the countryside.

Arnold, the Bear
Arnold, the Bear | Source

© 2019 Gerry Glenn Jones


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    • Gerry Glenn Jones profile imageAUTHOR

      Gerry Glenn Jones 

      9 months ago from Somerville, Tennessee

      You've got that right! Did he spray?

    • profile image

      Gerry Smith 

      9 months ago

      Interesting stuff, I know most of these people from working with them over the years. I especially liked the skunk incident. My wife accidentally let one in our house in Springfield thinking it was a cat. what else could you expect from a lawyer?


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