Angel Reborn-A Supernatural Script

Updated on October 27, 2017
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I am no poet, just a thrower of words. Still wandering what's life and why and how did I end up here?

First chapter in my upcoming book Angel Reborn

Fade in


An old man in his mid sixties is sitting on a bench at the platform. The station is classical, simple and a few people roam here and there. The old man, Rolando, looks at his watch and then the huge watch hanged from the ceiling. He is looking worried and tense. A trespasser is staring at him.


What are ya doing?




This is worthless.


God will send him back to me. This is where he belongs. He will be back.

Trespasser looks with agony and sorrow and moves forward. A noise of an approaching train can be heard and Rolando looks agile. The train approaches, people hit the plat form, Rolando looks more depressed and his expressions are of sheer failure. We see the train moving on.


The room is weary and things are spread here and there. A beautiful innocent face blonde girl, Jenna, in night gown, about 25 is shouting on her husband, Richok, 28, with three tip beard and skinny physique.


I am tired of this godamn life. You are making me nuts ric. When will you learn to behave?


Me? Me? I know how to behave. It’s the germs, lethal UN polished germs in you which make our life a living hell.


[Furious tone]

What the hell?

She picks a pillow and throws it hard on ric who is trying to defend now. He picks up the pillow with a teasing smile “It didn’t hit me"


Ah, speaking of hell, we need to pay bills and you haven’t paid them yet.

Jenna is looking straight cold in to her husband.


I never thought that I was marrying a loser, a big ass loser. All you do is eat pizza and watch rugby, you lazy idiot.


[UN impressed by the words]

At least I get unemployment allowance, and i save my energies to satisfy ya ta night in bed. Hey , did i fuck good yesterday?


Screw you!

She gets mad and goes for the heavy long torch and rick flees out of the door. Jenna is deeply sad and sits on the couch with her head in her hands. Some one help me, she mumbles.


Shallow Day light comes fast and hard on leaves. We see squirrels, rats, and a rattle snake moving towards the rat. Suddenly, the camera moves up and down, showing the movement in the woods. Voice over of "uhh ahhh hmph humph" can be loudly heard. The camera closes in on a tree and then on to its leaves, the leaves are disturbed and put aside and a stream can be seen. A figure appears from the stream, a nude girl with black hair and mixed color emerges. She is alexina, 20, taking bath. A close view on her breasts and suddenly the leaves cover the view and the camera moves backward and voices of fast breaths are heard again.


Rolando walks in a dejected manner. The house has a huge farm and horses can be seen running. Some dogs belonging to his farm are barking. a misty weather and strange fog can be seen. A beat


Open up

Woman O.S Cumin pa!


The door is opened, revealing Stella, grand daughter of Rolando, 17 stern feature and too white.


Pa! Will you eat?


Nay! My dear am full of pain and my hunger is gone. I miss him.

Stella looks at him sympathetically. Austin, 22, grandson of Rolando jumps out from another room. He is handsome, tall and has naughty expressions. His hairs are longer than Stella and he looks very attractive in his dress.


My pa! Meet my pa guys, he who dwells more near a train than us.

He chuckles and laughs, Stella joins him. Rolando says nothing and goes to his rest room in the same dejected walk.


Aussie! Your girl was looking for ya.


Oh sissy, I am in so much lust with her.

[Looks dumb]


Yep, she is a great fuck
Eh! I mean love, um, my slippery tongue. Now I got to go. See ya sissy

He scampers away leaving Stella staring at him.


A few cars in parking lot can be seen.


A long corridor and few doctors can be seen walking. Dr Jenna is walking towards her room. Dr Bob, 41, white hair white beard stops her. He looks suspiciously at her.


Jenna, for god sake, put your humanity outside this hospital. Why did you discharge three patients without charging them their discharge fee? Yesterday, you operated free of cost. If you persist, I am afraid we are going to hit bottom, hit bottom hit...

Dr Bob speaks very fast and we try hard to understand him. Dr Jenna is unmoved and shakes her head.


Well, I never forget about the oath and that is to help and serve the humanity.

She hurriedly keeps walking and Dr Bob follows her trying to keep the pace.


Rules, my dear! Follow a thing named as rules.


I will try DR Bob.


Thanks, and where is this peace mission on to now?


Umm, to a new patient, he has asthma.

Dr BOB says nothing and turns back.

To be continued...

© 2017 Kashif Ali Abbas


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