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An Unusual Friendship

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An Unusual Friendship - Drama

Chatting On Facebook

After India And Pakistan War

Arham: Hey Mr. Vikrant, you and your father can never compete with my father.

He is the honour of our nation and is going to be awarded "Nishan-e-Haider".

Vikrant: Mr. Arham, as after this war, my father has been martyred so he is going to have a pension, home, and Sena Award.

I'm really happy about what my great father has done for the sack of our nation.

Arham: Oh really, I'm happier than you because my father is a sign of pride for me, my family, and my homeland. And you Indians would never understand the feelings of others because you only know how to cause quarrels among the people and make people cry and sad for the rest of their lives.

Vikrant: No, not people but the enemies because you Pakistanis are our worst enemies, and being kind to enemies is quite a foolish idea (Getting smarter).

Arham: So you people really think like that... Shame on you... Shame on you for your deeds. Isn't there any chapter in your religious books about humanity?

Vikrant: Actually, I'm not here to waste my time chatting with you Mr...

Arham: Oh so now when you don't have any reply to my question you are trying to get out of this conversation… Wow! Great Job!

Vikrant: Youuuu Pakistannnniii! (expressing his extreme anger and immediately turning off the laptop without following the steps).

Chatting The Next Night

At 22:30

Vikrant: Umm... Arham! How are you? (Trying to contact him to apologize to him)

Arham: (While working on the laptop getting his private message on Facebook but ignoring him).

Vikrant: I know you don't want to talk to me anymore, but I just wanted to say "sorry" for my rude behaviour.

Arham: (Still ignoring him).

Vikrant: You know Arham, my life has completely changed after my father's death. My family is never happy on any occasion, my two little sisters are still waiting for my father and my mother has stopped talking to everyone and just sits in her room looking at my father's picture.

Arham: (Realizing his pain, being online on Facebook, and starting to chat with him) Same circumstances here, Vikrant. My grandparents are emotionless now, my mother doesn't say a word to anyone and just spends her time doing house chores. My little siblings are always unhappy and spend their time in their room without any noise.

Vikrant: And how about you?

Arham: Since I'm the only abled man in my family, I have more tension about everything but you know after my father's death I'm like nowhere, I feel like I just don't even exist in this black world.

Vikrant: I can feel your injury very well.

I have the same thing in here because I had thought that my father would never leave us forever, never. But after he is no longer with us I'm just useless. He had so many dreams for me and my little sister but he left us before showing us the right way.

Arham: I'm not that strong… (getting really emotional)

Vikrant: I'm not too but when life stumbles upon the only child of the parents, all is understood.

Arham: But why did he leave me alone?

Vikrant: I'm the only hope of my family after my father's death and I thought like that too but I, no we have to be strong for the sack of our family.

Arham: Yeah… Okay bye... Talk to you tomorrow (Reaching the end of the conversation).


Two Weeks Later

Arham: (Calling Vikrant with a delightful impression).

Oh, Vikrant, Um Hi, you know I have realized something today and that is… (Talking very fast with fast breaths)

Vikrant: Arham! Arham! Just calm down and then tell me.

Arham: Huff (taking a deep breath, but still very excited) Vikrant, you know I'm selected in the Pakistani Army.

Vikrant: You are what, wait, whatever you are saying is not understandable to me (Getting really puzzled as he had never wanted to leave his family just like his father)

Arham: Vikrant, remember that day when you had talked big words and those big words became my motivation and made me realize that life is a trial and trials are never easy. Thank you so much, Vikrant... Thank you very very much (Saying everything with great excitement and bravery).

Vikrant: Arham, I'm really happy for you, really from the bottom of my heart (trying to express his happiness).

Calling The Next Night

Vikrant: (Calling Arham with great happiness) Arham!! (A huge shout of happiness) I'm also selected for an Engineering University and I'm so glad.

Arham: Oh my God! I'm so so happy for you, my best friend! (Expressing his happiness).

Vikrant: Thank you so much, Arham, my best friend. It's only possible because of you. Thank you very much.

Arham: No Vikrant. It's only possible because of your good intentions. And that's you!

Arham and Vikrant became best friends for the rest of their lives until Arham was martyred for the sack of his homeland and Vikrant was proud of his best friend. Even though Arham was in the Pakistani army, it had never affected their friendship and Vikrant always thought that Arham was always with him, supporting and encouraging him. He thought that he would never get such a noble friend even in 1000 lives.


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