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What Began as Christmas Angels

Christmas is a time that calls up so many lovely memories. Finding Angels at every turn makes Christmas and days afterward so very special.

My First Angel...Momma when she was a Young Woman


Each day I encounter so many Angels that sometimes I feel as if I am being carried by them. I had not always felt Angels in my life until the winter when my daughter, Stephanie, and grandson, Jay, and I were homeless. (The reason is a whole other story.)

There is no doubt they were there. I was not paying attention, I suppose, and did not recognize them.

As I was sitting here preparing to read and comment this morning, my mind, once again, carried me to the beginning of Angels that I thought may be only present because it was Christmas time. Not so. More Angels than I can count have appeared in my life over the years. Some of them Celestial and many many who are right here on the planet with me.

Back to the Beginning

We found ourselves one pay check from the street. A job with lots of zeros after the 8 never came to fruition. We were far from home and forced to get on the road again. The link provided tells the story of being homeless.

Out of nowhere at almost every turn, Angels appeared.

  • When our van broke down, Angels appeared.
  • While the van was being repaired, we needed a place to stay. Angels appeared.
  • The van broke down for the last time. When we needed a car, an Angel in South Florida helped us to get one.
  • When our tummies were rumbling, Angels appeared.
  • When the long walk to the store became almost too much, once again, Angels appeared.

The appearance of Angels was repeated time after time.

Love is the message.

When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.

— Mary Baker Eddy

Two of My Precious Angels

My grandson, Jay---always  there for me His Momma, my Stephanie---so many ways an Angel but she took my Milo kitty when I was unable to keep him

My grandson, Jay---always there for me His Momma, my Stephanie---so many ways an Angel but she took my Milo kitty when I was unable to keep him

We Found Shelter

My Momma had always encouraged me to get a college education so that I would have something to fall back on if I ever found myself in a situation that seemed impossible to overcome. SHE was my first Angel. The blessing was that I had three degrees by the time we found ourselves without proper shelter.

This meant that once I had a working car that I could begin to substitute teach and eventually return to teaching. It took almost a year (and, yes, I know that some people who are homeless are without homes for a time that seems to have no end) and I had a teaching position. It was the beginning of the return of some normalcy to our lives.

We were not financially very stable even at this point but gradually things began to fall into place. Many Angels continued to be there for us. Without us mentioning our situation, we were given so much support. A Christmas tree and ornaments were left in our drive way one afternoon. NO name, no explanation. Another Angel had appeared.

Cancer, Relay for Life, More Angels

Eventually we returned to Florida because Jay was very ill. No one could determine what was causing him to exhibit the symptoms he had. He was bone thin and often could not eat at all because of sores in his mouth and throat.

We left Georgia and headed South with no job. It was not a choice really. Jay was declining more each day. Back in Florida he was diagnosed with Behcet's Syndrome which I have written about in articles here on HubPages.

While teaching in Florida, I got double pneumonia and was out of work for two months. I used up all of my leave and even though I had insurance to help out it was for bills not 'extras'.

Again without discussing our situation with anyone, Angels showed up. About a week for Christmas about 2008, one of my fellow teachers delivered an envelope to me with a large sum of cash in it for us. It allowed us to pay some bills and have a bit left over.

Stef, my daughter, had been diagnosed with cancer and as a result became quite active in the American Cancer Society. She often spearheaded Relay for Life Events. Angels knew her situation and knew that Jay was so sick. They gathered toys and treats for Jay that year. Many toys and treats. It was a bit overwhelming to see how much love came to us.

So Very Blessed

Just when you need them the most, Angels seem to know.

This summer was a difficult one filled with bittersweet times. Many Angels came to rescue my niece, my sister, her dogs, and me. We would have managed somehow without them. But the gift of love that each one of them gave us fills me with so much emotion. It was so humbling. These comforting Angels let us know that they would come at a moment's notice. How very thankful and blessed we felt then and do so now.

I have tucked each one of them into my heart.

It is not because angels are holier than men or devils that makes them angels, but because they do not expect holiness from one another, but from God only.

— William Blake

Giving Because You Feel Moved to do so

A most amazing pair of Angels entered my life this summer.

A couple that I had not met in 'real time' invited me to stay with them for a few days.

O my. Those Angels did not know that they breathed a breath of fresh air into this body and helped my spirit to begin to heal. I have mentioned them in another article I wrote.

Individuals who give of themselves freely with no expectation of anything in return are truly angelic. How blessed I was to have been taken in and treated so kindly. Even though I did not realize it at the time, it was just when I needed it most.

Again, another humbling experience for me.

It has caused me to be certain to never miss an opportunity to endeavor to be an Angel for someone else just when they need it most.

Was I always going to be here? No I was not. I was going to be homeless at one time, a taxi driver, truck driver, or any kind of job that would get me a crust of bread. You never know what's going to happen.

— Morgan Freeman

And now....You

Whether you realize it or not, you are someone's Angel.

  • It is not about the thing you give to someone.
  • It is the gift of your time. What a gift that is.
  • It is that you care.
  • It is that you show you care and are there for the person.
  • It is that you listen when you may have heard the same lamentations many times.
  • It is that you go out of your way to fill some need in another person's life.

When people think of angels, they think flowing robes and halos. But in the Bible, they also look like ordinary people. Why not today?

— Joan Wester Anderson

The Wind Beneath My Wings has helped Sustain Me as I Make This Walk

As an Addendum to this article

Having just reread a book by John Grisham which I have read several years ago, entitled The Street Lawyer, it reminds me of our time without shelter.

As is the case in most well-written novels, it has layers of interest. The one that has kept me rereading is the attention the narrator gives to the homeless. One paragraph held my attention more than some others. He wrote:

"The hard-core homeless venture into shelters from time to time for a meal, or a pair of shoes, or a blanket, but they leave no trail. They do not want help. They want no human contact."

The key expression there is hard-core. As you know that is not true of all. Some of us want to rise out of the quagmire like an albatross rising from the ashes.

Having met some of those who do not want help, I admit I met it with confusion. It is a choice for them. I get it.There is a whole other ten thousand words I could write about homelessness. But not now.

Through the experience of my daughter, grandson and me being without proper shelter, I know what it feels like.

We were looked down on, shunned even. We were made to feel we were less than worthy. But it did not stick with us.

Each one of us was so aware of how tentative our life was at the time and it was frightening. Thankfully, we found our way back.

Learning not to view others who are less fortunate with disdain is crucial. It is easy to say negative or positive things, whichever side you are on, about those who are homeless or are barely scraping by and need assistance from food banks and the like.

It is quite another to live it.

What Do You Think?

Angels still

Being homeless was a lesson in humility that has shown me the way.

No doubt the many Angels I encounter have been part of helping me to find the way.

Having really been aware of Angels one Christmas when we lived in a van in a rv trailer park, my belief was that they came because it was a time when folks seem to be a bit more loving.

Little did my precious family and I know that we would be followed by Angels from that time on and even today.

Angels have appeared for my youngest grandson, Heston Wayne

In 2010 the youngest member of our family came onto the planet. From the very beginning he was not well Ariat and over time it has been determined that he needs a bone marrow transplant. In addition he has a GJ tube and he has a lot of difficulty with metabolizing food at all. New issues have come to play with his health in recent weeks which I am not at liberty to go into it this time. But just like all the other times that we've needed Angels they have shown up. We have a GoFundMe site for Heston Wayne to help with medical bills and to help with items that he needs that are not covered buy normal insurance. And there are Angels that have given so many times to help this young baby stay on the planet. We are truly blessed.

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