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Live Freely and Humbly

I am a University student at National university of Science and Technology (NUST). I am a Freelance Writer, content writer and proof reader.



These are some tips and tricks which have helped me in attaining a really great mindset and positive attitude. You do not have to do all of these to help yourself grow even choosing one of these and sticking to it might provide you satisfaction or this article can provide you a way to discover your own activity or task that you always wanted to do but were always afraid to try it out.

Remember do not ever be afraid to do something that will bring your mind to peace, be a doer and not a don'ter. Find yourself and then love who you have become because in this world nothing is more important than your belief and your mental health. This is coming from a person who would ditch interview calls only to regret it afterwards but now after confronting my fears, I am the most confident. Now I look forward to any discussion or interviews knowing I want the world to see the way I see myself and make my voice be heard.

Central Idea

As Rousseau said, 'A man is born free but is in chains everywhere', this quote has a deep meaning and a strong message. If we start counting the chains that surround us, we will soon figure that it is impossible because we are bound by everything, be it friends, family, work, money, education and even death. But, if we let those things take us deep into an abyss than we surely will never see the light, the hope, and the happiness.

This is life, and we have to make the most out of this. Always keeping this thought in life that 'Every soul shall taste death' -Quran, a mere human being will live humbly. How? Well, it is simple when you see around yourself and people like you not considering races, colors, money status, relationships then everyone is EQUAL. You will treat them the way you want yourself to be treated because you know they are humans and not a businessman or a president or even a homeless person. We need to remove this filter from our eyes that some people are bad and some are good but see through this lens that we all are equal and everyone is going through a tough life because that is what life is. This helps us see that yes, we need to help ourselves and others around us.

Being Humble means: caring, having a good heart, not keeping grudges, and finding opportunities to help others out. for example; when you see a kid lost on side of the road, and whimpering, and asking unfamiliar faces for directions, you take the initiative to go ask the kid what is wrong and help that lonely child and take him/her to the parent or guardian, feel that pleasant feeling in the heart. It is like thousand firework explosions which are overwhelming and a pretty sight. You feel humbled and grateful and this is happiness. You helped them and helped yourself. It is that simple and easy and this develops an amazing habit of helping others out.

What is freedom? It is the time when the soul will leave the body but here I will bring out the religion because in Islam Life after death is an article of faith. This motivates a person to live life righteously and faithfully. What is faith? It is believing in something be it, God, in yourself, or anything that your religion permits. Freedom in this life is not possible and it is not the end of the world. Freedom is knowing that you have responsibilities and need to fulfill certain duties. We have always seen freedom as standing on a cliff and looking at the horizon beyond with sun setting and the wind blowing on our faces with that deep sigh showing we have achieved one goal, but since we can experience this feeling every time we accomplish something then that is living freely. Obviously, we do not succeed every time but knowing you tried your best and you will try your best will till the end, that is freedom and motivation to move forward.


This life is not eternal and death is the only freedom a soul can taste but that does not mean ending one life will grant you that, No, but being Humble will and having Faith. Freedom has many meanings that is whatever you want to perceive and believe. But being humble is being nice to your own self and other beings as well. Start by looking around as you will see hundred souls trying to swim and you can give your hand to bring them to stand up high.

© 2021 Esha Shahid