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Tap Mystery

The house we live in, is twenty-one years old. My father have spent twenty-one years and my mother have spent twelve years in it. I was born in this old yet strong house and live in it till now. But day by day, due to different storms and natural disasters our house is becoming weak. The colours are fading and the plasters of some places are coming out. But yesterday something terrible and funny happened. The tap of one of the bathrooms broke from the pipe line!

It was almost midnight when we stopped watching a movie. My mother quickly told me to sleep after doing my night chores, while she made the beds and my father tidied up the place. I soon went to sleep with my mother and my father went to the washroom. Suddenly we heard a loud shout from the washroom which made us all jump out from our bed and rush towards it forgetting our sleep. On reaching the washroom, we saw that a tap had broken from the pipe line and my father was trying his best to stop the water, which was coming out with a lot of force!

My mother panicked a lot but I laughed and giggled because it was a very funny sight. But soon I started panicking and shouting too when I saw that the water was still coming out with more force this time and my father looked like he just bathed. So, I quickly told my mother to give him a towel and help him instead of panicking. But try as he might, he could not stop the flowing water with his hands and fingers and the washroom looked like a swimming pool! Soon, water started flowing out from the washroom and into our room and I requested my father to do something about it. That's when my father hit upon an idea! He told my mother to go to the terrace and turn off the main source of water through a small key. But my mother refused to go to the terrace alone in the dark as she was already suffering from a headache. "Can you at least hold the pipe tightly till I come back or will you sit idle?" My father said angrily since he was dripping with water. To this, my mother agreed and so, when my father let go off the pipe, water sprout out and made us all wet. Sometime later, my father came from the terrace looking a little disturbed and on asking him the reason for that, he said that the key was jammed and so, it could not be turned. Our only hope seemed to fail and so we all felt very unhappy. Suddenly my mother hit upon a brilliant idea! She took a large and round piece of ginger and forcefully pushed it into the mouth of the pipe. But the water's force was so strong that it pushed out the ginger and started flowing again. So, my father again pushed the ginger back into the pipe's mouth and then holding it with his thumb, he, very cleverly wrapped a cloth around the pipe's mouth and tied it with a rope. Then he again wrapped a piece of cloth around the pipe and tied it with a stronger rope to stop the flowing water. He did this process several times till the water finally stopped flowing and everything was normal again. After that, my father changed his dress which was also dripping with water by then and came to sleep with us.

While on bed, I asked my father anxiously, " Father, the tap was very strong though it was leaking with drops of water every now and again. So, how did it broke?" On hearing this, my father very shyly replied " Umm! Actually, I was washing my hands and then I tried to stop the leaking water by closing the tap very tightly. But suddenly it broke from the pipe and water sprout out all over, much to my surprise." On hearing this, I started laughing very loudly and cried "Father this is your natural disaster!" which woke up my poor sleeping mother once again and I got a very nice scolding for that too, much to my disappointment.

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Appa on April 03, 2021:

Continue your good work, all the best

Soumyashri Chaudhuri (author) from India on April 03, 2021:

Thank you for your appreciation.

Munmun on April 03, 2021:

Very very nice story....

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