Pros and Cons of Being a Minimalist

Updated on October 8, 2016

What is Minimalism?

You may already be familiar with minimalism, but it is important to define it before going any further. Minimalism means living more with less. Minimalism is about deciding what are the things you need the most and eliminating everything else. Minimalism cannot be clearly defined and it means different things for different people.

The truth is that it is harder than ever before to be a minimalist and that is why it is more important than ever before to consider whether minimalism is worth it or not. I am writing this hub so that you can know about the pros and cons of minimalism and decide if it is right for you.

Pros of Minimalism

Less economic Burden

There are many things that we buy, but don't need. After getting rid of the impulse to buy useless things, you will find that you have saved some money. Even if your income remains the same, you will now have more money than ever before. Less economic burden also means more freedom. You will have the opportunity to spend more on some special days such as the birthdays of loved ones or holidays. You will find it easier to repay your debts when you start living a minimalist lifestyle.

Less stress

When you have only a few things to take care of, you will be naturally less stressed. You will have no problem in finding and taking care of the few things that you own. You will not have to worry about space in your house.

You will have fewer choices when it comes to clothes and shoes so you will not have to worry about what to wear. You will have less distractions and you will find it easier to do what you want which will lead to a happy environment.

Quality over quantity

After you have established yourself as a minimalist, you can have more quality stuff. You can sell your cheap t-shirts and buy a few, but nice t-shirts. The same applies to everything else. Your quality of life will go up even if you do not own as much as your neighbour.


Minimalism offers you more freedom because you are not tied to things anymore. You can move and change houses easily, or you can just disappear without worrying about what will happen to your things. You can pack the things that you need the most and sell everything else before disappearing (I am not recommending you to disappear, but I am just trying to make a point). In the end, they are just things and they do not matter much. You can explore your interests and your objectives more clearly when you are less focused on things. You will have less economic burden and you will not have to work too much for someone else.

Environment friendly

Being a minimalist is environment friendly because you buy the things that you need and do not waste things. Think about all the waste that is generated by an average human every year and what it will do to our future generation. You are helping the future generation have a brighter future by being a minimalist.

Leading by example

The best way to teach someone something is not by forcing them, but it is by showing them how it is done. Your kids look up to you and it is your responsibility to teach them the right values. You cannot convince your kids that things do not matter much when you are busy in acquiring more and more things. Sooner or later your kids will realize that you are not practising what you are preaching. So when your kids see that you are giving less importance to things, they will follow you and do the same (hopefully). Others around you may also like your lifestyle and they may also think about living the same way.

Cons of Minimalism

Difficulty in accepting minimalist lifestyle

It sounds easy to live a minimalist lifestyle, but many things seem easy if you do not try them yourself. I thought playing football was easy, but once I started playing I knew that I will never make it to the national team or the state team. The degree of difficulty will vary from person to person. Those who are more attached to things will not find it easy to let go. Sometimes you may get a headache because you are not sure whether you have chosen the right path or not. My advice is to take it slow and start with donating or selling those things that do not have much value in your life.


The people around you may not understand what is happening to you. After becoming a minimalist you may not want to go shopping or go to restaurant because you no longer think that is necessary. So you will end up being lonely most of the time and this can be a problem for most people. Most of us are not used to being lonely and we spend most of our lives surrounded by others. All you can do is find others who like to sit at home staring at walls or you can stare at walls alone.

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Final thoughts

In the end, you have to decide because it is your life and you choice. I think minimalism is not for everyone and some people will lose more than they gain by being a minimalist. Some people are not happy being a minimalist and it is fair because everyone is not the same. I think it is worth a shot and if you think it is too much, then you can revert back to your original life easily.


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    • Abhimanyu gaur profile image

      Kshitiz Gaur 4 months ago from India

      Glad to know that. Thank you for commenting.

    • tinaann73 profile image

      Tina 5 months ago from Grantsburg, Wisconsin

      I'm in love with the Minimalists! I have heard them talk about the packing party but until I watched this video, I didn't really know how it worked. Now I'm going to do it. I'm in love with these guys and their life. I have started but I'm ready to go all in.

    • Abhimanyu gaur profile image

      Kshitiz Gaur 17 months ago from India

      You can definately have 300 books and still live a minimal life. Thank you, Sam.

    • Abhimanyu gaur profile image

      Kshitiz Gaur 17 months ago from India

      Thank you, Manatita.

    • Sam Shepards profile image

      Sam Shepards 17 months ago from Europe

      Great article. I think minimalism can definitely help within certain area's of my life. Some things I just don't need. Some ideas I like less, things like just have 50 books and throw one out when you buy a new one. The books I have aren't the type you read once. I could end up with 300-400 high quality books and still believe I in general live a fairly minimal life. :)

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 17 months ago from london

      Sort of... as long as there are no extremes. But yes, simplicity is excellent!

      A well written and thoughtful Hub with much hidden wisdom. God speed!