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Murder in the family, My Mother Was Taken From Me

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My mommy and me 1975

My mommy and me 1975

A True Story Part 1

May 6, 1990 was the day that my life was changed forever.

On May 6, 1990, I was fourteen years old. In our house lived my mother Mary, her husband (our stepfather) Rodney Jesse San Nicolas or Nick as we called him, my sister Sarah who is two years younger than me, two of my cousins, and myself. My cousins, April who was nine and Arlo who was twelve were staying with us temporarily because their parents, my Aunt Glenda and Uncle Tony, had lost their house and were staying with some friends. My mother loved having Arlo and April with us and she loved them like her own children. My sister and I were always really close with Arlo and April, we grew up together and we were all best friends. Most of the time, Sarah and Arlo would play together and April and I would play together.

It was a Sunday and my mom had the day off from school and work. She was going to college to be a health inspector and was also working two jobs to support us. My stepfather Nick was unemployed and wasn't even trying to get a job. This caused a lot of tension and resentment in their relationship. My mom had come to the point where she had asked him to leave. My sister and I begged her to let him stay until he had a place to go because we felt sorry for him. She agreed to let him stay but she wasn't happy about it. I would hear her say to him, " you are taking food from my children's mouths by being here and not working or even trying to work".

My mom had decided on that Sunday to have a barbecue and relax for the day. She was drinking, as she often did on her day off. My sister was at her friends house and at church for the day, my cousin Arlo was with another uncle of ours, Rusty, helping him out for the day and I was hanging out with my friends most of the day. My cousin April had gone to church that morning, when she got back from church, she asked me to stay home and play Barbies with her. I told her that I wanted to hang out with my friends and that I would play another day. We were 6 years apart and although she was still my best friend I had come to the age where I had grown out of playing Barbies as often as I used to. She begged me to stay and I still said no. (A decision that I would regret forever)

I got home that evening and brought a friend with me to have dinner. Arlo and Sarah were already home and had already eaten. When I came in the house I asked Nick where my mom was and he told me that she had drank too much and had passed out in bed. I asked him where April was and he said that she wanted to go to the house where her parents were staying with friends so my uncle had picked her up earlier in the evening. He told me that he would make me and my friend a plate and we could eat in my room so that we wouldn't wake my mom. I said o.k. He brought us a plate of food into my room. He was acting very strange but at the time I didn't understand why. We ate our dinner and my friend left. Arlo and Sarah were watching t.v. in Sarah's room.

I tried to go in and tell my mom goodnight. She was lying in her bed with the blankets pulled up to her chin and her eyes were slightly open. I shook her bed gently and told her, "Goodnight mom, I love you", she didn't respond. Nick quickly told me to leave her alone. I told him that my mom had always told me to never go to bed without saying I love you first. He told me that she was really tired and that she had drank way too much so I should just go to bed too. I reluctantly went to my room and got ready for bed.

I called up a friend and was on the phone for a little while. Arlo was waiting for me to get off the phone so that he could call his parents and say goodnight. I hung up the phone and Arlo immediately picked it up and the phone line was dead. I heard the back door open and Nick walked in. We told him that there was something wrong with the phone. He told us that it had been dropped in water that morning and that it had been acting up all day. I didn't question it because that phone sometimes had problems. I had been feeling drowsy for a while, which was strange for me, I was a teenager used to staying up late. I got into bed and could hardly keep my eyes open. I could see Nick in the living room rocking in the rocking chair, and then I fell to sleep. A little later I heard a noise and opened my eyes. Nick was standing at my bedroom door looking in, but I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I shut them and quickly fell back to sleep. Some time after I had fallen asleep I heard a knock at the front door, I couldn't hear who it was, but Nick was talking to them. The next thing I remember was waking up to the sound of a car driving away.

Sometime In the middle of the night I woke up to use the restroom. Arlo woke up at the same time because he also had to use the restroom. I'm not sure why but I was scared to go alone, so Arlo said he would walk with me. He stood out in the hall and waited for me, and I stood out in the hall and waited for him. When he came out he asked, "Wasn't there carpet in the bathroom?" I said, "Yes there was, it must have gotten wet and someone put it out to dry."

The next morning I woke up and looked at the clock, it was after 7 am. My mom always woke me up before 6 am so I could get ready for school. I got up quietly and went into my sister's room. Sarah and Arlo were asleep, I woke them up and told them what time it was, and then I quietly peeked into my mom's room, and her bed (which was a hide a bed) was made and there was no sign of her or Nick. I looked around a bit and there was a note on the kitchen table from Nick. It said, “Mom and I went out for a while. Behave yourselves and we will see you after school. Love you both, M and N". It was written by Nick, I could tell by the penmanship. I knew something was not right, my mom would never leave us like that. She would have never missed school or work, and she would have never left without waking us up.

It was too late for us to get ready and still make it to school on time and we didn't really want to go anyway, so we decided to just stay home. I was planning on riding Arlo's bike to my old high school to eat lunch with some of my friends, so I decided to get in the shower. While I was taking a shower my sister brought a pillow into the bathroom with blood on it, she said she had found it beside the couch. I told her to see if there was any more blood anywhere else. When I got out of the shower I reached to get my pants that had been hanging in the bathroom from the previous morning. I put them on but when I looked down to button them they had blood on them, I immediately took them off and put them in the hamper. I went into my room and got a clean pair of jeans. My sister said she didn't find anything else with blood on it, so I just put it out of my mind. (Later, after speaking to a counselor I found out that this was a way that my mind protected itself, by not really acknowledging certain things)

Arlo and Sarah decided to get dressed and go play arcade games at the market across the street. I sat down on my mom's hide a bed and was watching t.v. when Arlo came back home and said that he was going to hide from Sarah in my bedroom closet. Sarah came home a few minutes later and asked me where Arlo was. I told her that I didn't know where he was. She said, " I know where he is", and she reached her hand behind the couch under some folded up blankets and pillows and said, " I found him". I started screaming, because somehow I just knew who it was. Arlo came out of my room and Sarah started screaming. She yelled, "Someone is back there."

Arlo started calling out, "Whoever is behind the couch better come out right now", He lifted the blanket a little and saw my mother's long dark hair underneath.

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