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A letter to you, My Love

Hey baby

I hope you get this message,

I know I left without saying a word, Didn't say where I was going and why.

Was it necessary? You keep on asking

Yeah it was to me. sometimes I get carried away by my emotions, I overreact, after all it's chemistry between us

I am not perfect, I'm human too I make mistakes , not knowing, or sometimes knowingly. And I'm sorry Baby.

I have never had that feeling that you care about whatever that's going on with me, though I've always wanted to share, because am sure you can't read my mind and you are blind to my emotions.

I wanted to tell you my plan, to tell you everything, but the last time I tried you left me on read I wanted to see if I could see you one more time, even if it's from a distance before I leave...

I was always online to see if you replied. Saying goodnight at 2pm would at least give me a clue that I was bothering you

Know what, I don't want to talk about it

This time I can't repeat my mistake. A learned fool..... I am a learned fool. Not talking about it was burning, but not as much as talking alone.

It's not about you, It's not that you are the making all these mistakes. It's me baby, I get lost in my emotions, My feelings are easily hurt by anything. Am insecure. Am not good at forcing things, It all makes me feel stupid, you know....

Do you all feel this way? World, is there a love school because I totally feel illiterate....

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