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In Honor Of My Beloved Mother On Mother's Day

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I am a mother of three wonderful adult children, and I'm also a born-again Christian. I love to share my personal experiences.


A Saint That Walked This Earth Is MISSED

What can I say, my mom was the most amazing woman that walked this earth, she was my rock, my teacher, and my friend who supported me no matter what. I pay tribute to this woman of God on Mother's Day. A true example of what a woman should be, that was my mother. I would say that if she was still alive because I only speak the truth about whom she was. No one can ever take her place, not anyone.

My mother grew up in poor conditions, raised in the ghetto. Her father died at a young age, she was 12 years old when he past away. Her mother was alone, until she met a man that eventually moved in with my grandmother, but my mother didn't agree with her lifestyle. She felt that it was wrong to be living with a man without being married first. Her brothers were in and out of jail, my grandmother always had faith in her sons, only for them to end up back in jail. It was a rough place to bring up your children but my grandmother was unfortunately not able to live up to her responsibilities on her own. As far as my grandfather, he always did everything he could when it came to disciplining the kids.

My grandmother sent my mom away to live with the nuns. She didn't want to change her lifestyle for her children. My mom on the other hand was smart and filled with wisdom beyond her years. She was a Godly woman from the very beginning. Growing up with the nuns only made her that much more Godly. And the nuns loved my mother, they truly did. But then my mom found out that her younger sister was being neglected so she took on the responsibility of her younger sibling. Then she met my father later on in life, and at the age of 17 they were married.


My Mom And Dad

You Are Both Deeply Missed

My mom and dad had nine children. The first two boys shortly after birth had passed away, though my mother had the chance to hold them in her arms. One had black hair and the other one had red hair like myself.

My mom and dad worked very hard, and for the most part they were good parents to their seven remaining children. My father was a good provider for our family. My mother was too, they both worked very hard at raising all of us. When my dad fell off of a tall hospital building (where he was working) he had busted both of his legs, literally. The doctors said that he would never walk again. So my mother went out and got a job, she had to work six days out of the week to help my father support our family. My father did what he could to earn money while he was in a wheelchair. They both worked very hard to feed us, and to give us a nice comfortable home.

My mother also suffered the loss of two more of her sons. One being her baby, he was five years old and passed from Leukemia. Two years later losing her other son of 13 years old from a brain tumor. My mother had to see both of her sons suffer a lot, was so devastating to all of us, especially my mother. Back then (1960's) there wasn't the technology that they have today, so both of my brothers really suffered. So in total my mom lost four of her sons. Yet I never once heard her blame God.

She was a faithful woman of God and even in all her hardships she never turned her back on the Lord, she always did what was right in His sight. My mother eventually surpassed the loss of her sons. Prior to her losses she herself had open heart surgery at a young age, they froze her body to operate on her. It was a first in the state of Colorado. Then having to raise all of us while being sick was very hard on her, yet she never complained. I remember her passing out some days, it was very sad to witness.

She also came down with cancer and a number of other illnesses and always remained strong, although the doctors said she wouldn't make it for very long. My mother continued to set out and help others, and she did make it past her illnesses. I never saw such an outgoing woman that suffered so much in her own life, yet have the strong willingness to reach out to others. Whenever we were out at church service or prayer meetings, we always had to wait for my mom because she was always chatting with someone, or in a praying session for an individual.

My parents always took people into our home, and they were consistently helping others. My mother had the gift of healing, even in her own suffering the Lord used her to pray for others. Many came to her for advice and prayer. My mother was one of God's Saints here on earth, and she is forever missed.

Another Loss for my - mother


In August of 2003 my mother lost my father to his battle with prostate cancer, it was a long haul for the two of them. My dad suffered so much physically, and seeing him like that was quite devastating. I am glad that my father was able to die within their home, this was his wish. I felt that my mom was finally tired. This was the first time I saw her keep more to herself. About seven years later after my dad's passing, she began having heart attacks. With the last one the doctor said that she didn't have too long to live, but then again they had been wrong before.

During this time I was going through another divorce, and I mentally put aside what the doctors said. My mother (during her last year on earth) still took the time to listen to me and my issues. But I also distanced myself more from my mother, when I should have been spending more time with her. We were extremely close in life, but somewhere along the way we lost that closeness. I am not sure as to why I distanced myself from her, except that I was going through a lot and I was also tired, and I wasn't as strong as my mother was. I almost lost two of my own children as well, and eventually did lose one of my two sons. But she had lost four, and still her faith stayed strong.

For the first time in years I saw my dad's face in a vision. It was crystal clear, he was smiling from ear to ear, and he looked so happy. I wondered what that vision mean't? I thought that something good was going to happen that new decade of 2010, it was the last year of my mother being here on our planet. I shared this vision with my mother as she was working on one of her puzzles, she just pondered while I described it to her. Now I know what that vision mean't. I honestly think that my father was so happy because my mother was soon joining him. I know some people may not believe in this (afterlife, visions, etc.) but I certainly do.

Then sometime later I had two of the same similar dreams. I was crying for my mother in both dreams, I knew then what that meant, the Lord was showing me to spend more time with her because she had a short time left here on earth. I tried to spend more time but it wasn't enough, at least not like before. But in my heart I knew that my mother never blamed me. She knew I was going through a lot.

Now that my mother is gone, life just isn't the same without her, and it never will be the same. She is now with her husband, as well as her other children in Heaven. I wish I could have done more for my mother, so please don't take your own mothers for granted. You can never replace her. My mother was a Godly woman and she still is. I look forward to seeing her again but this time in a better place.


A Tribute To Our Sweet Mother poem written by Dolores Davis


My dear mother, it's been three years since you passed away. And even as I sit and write this poem, it's hard to believe you've really gone home. Mom, you took with you a piece of my heart. And your memory from me will never part.

Although some days I miss you so, I know in my heart it was your time to leave us. I know you were ready to meet our Lord even years before He brought you on board. I miss you so much mom, I feel my heart start to break all over again, it's just so hard to take.

I'll never forget your brave face through the pain-enduring each sick episode again and again you continued to smile with a will oh so strong-knowing, I'm sure that it wouldn't be long till you would be with the Master, our dad, and your sons. Still, I think of the times you didn't feel well. You acted so normal, it was so hard to tell. Your strong faith in our Lord is what carried you on. Knowing deep down that soon you'd be gone.

I remember finding hope and strength just by looking in your eyes, your laugh was a source of joy and your words so warm and wise. I saw the light of heaven shining from your face, and now that you're gone; no one can ever take your place.

A pillar of strength you were, even to the end-fighting life's battle, knowing that God, His strength will be sent.

Even in your darkest hour, you tried to comfort me, and because of my whining and complaining, I couldn't see that in just a few hours, you'd be gone from this earth, in the arms of Jesus, starting a new life, a rebirth.

You have always been there for us through the thick and the thin, letting us know all is well and with Jesus we'd win!

Mom, throughout your life, you did many good deeds. Constantly thinking of everybody else's needs.

The Flowers - Will Still Bloom

The sun will still shine, but the rain is like teardrops for us left behind.

I find relief in knowing I will see you again some day soon. It could be today, tonight. or tomorrow at noon. Yesterday, today and forever, my whole life through, I will always love and cherish you.

I can only imagine the joy and the peace that overtook you that day, when you looked at our Lord, not knowing what to say. I'm sure He laughed and said, " My daughter, come in come in" as he led you away to your lovely mansion. And in it were waiting our dad and our brothers, the reunion so sweet for you our dear mother. It makes me happy to know your rest is complete, and that now and forever you'll sit at His feet. (Jesus) .....poem by Dolores Davis

Please Never Take Your Mother For Granted

You spend years wishing that your Mother would get off of your back. Only to realize later she was the only one that really had your back!

(unknown author)

How To Overcome the Pain of Losing a Loved One

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