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Illusion; The healer

I had a dream

Life is not the same for everyone. It is Neither a bed full of roses nor a bed full of thorns. Life is all about conquest over hardships with continuous struggles. The state of it lies within one’s nerves it can either be a fairytale or witchcraft depends on which angle you are observing. I lost my father when I was 6-year-old, an age when the mind proceeds magical fairytale illusions as reality.

Life wasn’t exceptionally luxurious before, but gratification existed. The death of my father somehow turned my life upside down. It’s been 14 years now, but the wound is still bleeding.

Yesterday I saw him again, In a dream. A dream that left a mark on my soul forever. I was with my siblings, in my aunt’s house. It seemed like a family gathering. Everyone was quite happy, smiling and chatting in the room. I was at the right corner, enjoying the gathering. Suddenly, I saw someone sitting on the bed. When I noticed, his face wasn’t so clear but there was a cap on his head. A cap, my father used to wear. I was stunned because no one in my family ever wears that cap after him. Steadily, his face appeared and to my surprise, he was my father. Emotions hit me hard from all sides; Grieve, joy, and amazement had me at that moment.

With the heavy foot, I stood up. His scent was all over in the atmosphere. It was getting dense and real with each step toward the bed, where he was sitting. He smiled at something my aunt told him. A smile filled with life; a vital one.

A strong feeling of possessiveness surrounds me when I saw him holding my younger brother in his hands. In that instance, I wished to hug him, to feel his warm blood running through my veins. I wished to have his scent around me forever. Tears in my eyes clouded the vision. “Papa” I called him with a wailed sound and succeeded in attaining his attention.

Love was all I can see in his eyes; Pure and holy. He offered his hand to hold but the inner me feared the illusion to fade away. Holding his hand was a bold step I did. A warm stimulus boost in my body, it didn’t disappear. It was all I desired; to feel his presence.

I lost the control I had over me, tears broke through the eyes on his touch. Crying to let my pain out. He hugged me, place my head on his shoulder. His heartbeat was the most soothing rhythm I felt. There was a conversation; a profound talk, even no one from us uttered a single word. I closed my eyes and slowly the comfort prevails. All my pains worry disappeared.

But a sound invaded the bubble, a sharp sound hit my brain. I opened my eyes, but the scenario was different. My head was on the damp pillow and the sound was ringing alarm. It was not just a dream, I know, I felt him last night.

© 2021 Sibgha zahid

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