My First Post

Updated on June 7, 2019

Welcome to my first post

Since this is my first post I thought it was best to write about my experience as a writer, and how I knew this was a passion of mine that I wanted to pursue.

Obviously I'm not getting paid to write, (hopefully in the near future I will be) but I still find writing to be very fulfilling and that is a sure sign that I love it.

And it is very obvious that my grammar and punctuation isn't the best, but whatever, I'm sure I'll learn along the way.

How I figured out that writing was my passion

I clearly remember it was mid 2014 because I was so cold, (Aussie winter) and I was out having dinner with my friends. Conversation led into T.V. series and my friend told me to watch this one show that he thought I would love. Back then I hated watching new series I have no idea why. So, I was reluctant at first, skip over the complaints and there I was binge watching this amazing new show. I hadn't ever been into anything like this, usually I could be found watching FRIENDS or Daria on repeat, but this, this was different. It made me feel brand new and shiny. Thinking back to that time it still gives me that new, shiny feeling that I had.

Back then there was only four seasons out, so I finished the series within a few weeks of starting, and I was left wanting more. unfortunately for me, and the rest of the world, the next season wouldn't be out for another year. That is when I discovered that the show was based on a book series. I was curious and excited but unsure if I could commit. In the past I had only one or two books that I would read over and over, (wow, I can see a pattern) and I would rarely venture onto anything new unless it was short. But when I skimmed over the pages in these thick, beautiful books I was ready and eager to read them all. I'm sure by now you guessed what series I'm talking about. Yes, that's right, my new favorite show was the one, the only; Game of Thrones.

My experience as a writer

I began reading the book series and I was hooked. Granted it took me six months to read them all, but I was so obsessed and inspired that I decided I wanted to write my own book. And that is how it started.

Mind you, a few years prior to this I had actually tried writing another book, it was badly written so I scrapped it, which I regret. Deep down I'd always wanted to write, being creative was the only thing I had going for me. I've never been smart enough, or confident enough, but creativity was something I was good at, something I was comfortable with.

So, I started jotting down ideas, talking my mum's ear off about all these characters I had come up with, I even started writing the outline of a book. I eventually got to a point where I loved the characters and their back stories, and I loved the story idea that I began writing.

During the process I put my all into this, with no writing talent or experience I went ahead anyway. I was confident in myself for the first time. But then of course there was a week or two where I became distracted and lost all interest in the book, so much for commitment. I had written 15 thousand words, and I wanted to hurry up and end it so I could try to sell it as an eBook.

I pushed myself to write another 15 thousand words, finally ended the book, and not every well I might add, and I posted it up. Only two people bought it. I gave up and took it down, and went on to study writing instead. Of course in the mean time I was writing short stories and just having fun with that, but nothing ever went anywhere.

I thought studying would help my writing, and it did but it also halted my creativity and I didn't want to write anymore.

So I quit.

But here I am, writing once again, and loving it. I hope one day I can finally make a job out of writing, but for now it is fun.

Anyway, there is a lot more to that story but I will save that for another post. Goodbye for now.

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      • Gurpinder Vir Singh Rai profile image


        11 months ago

        Welcome to HubPages. I wish you success writing on this great platform. I also enjoy writing.

      • stricktlydating profile image


        11 months ago from Australia

        Welcome to Hubpages, from one Aussie to another!

      • profile image

        Lady Dixon 

        11 months ago

        Hi Elise. Just wanted to say you're not alone, that many of us are struggling to find a living off writing. However, as Stephen King once said, he didn't start his career for the money—if financial success was what he was longing for, might as well have stopped altogether and switched into economics or business. He was poor, but he continued nonetheless because he loved his craft. His worldwide fame came later, and now he has amassed a considerable book collection of his own.

        I would recommend to contine writing as a hobby, but also with a mindset of seeking every opportunity to make your work public and known. Don't be afraid of rejection; failing is the foundation of self-improvement.

        Looking forward to reading your work :)

      • Foolise profile imageAUTHOR


        11 months ago from Melbourne

        Thank you both for taking the time to read my post. Means a lot and I appreciate it.

      • Lorna Lamon profile image

        Lorna Lamon 

        12 months ago

        Hi Elise, I think people who write have a love and passion for it. It's all about learning from past mistakes and never giving up. I look forward to reading more of your articles and welcome to HubPages.

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        12 months ago from Queensland Australia

        Hi Elise, welcome to HubPages and thank you for sharing that story about your writing passion. I look forward to reading your work. Never give up on your dream to be a writer and to eventually be paid for it.


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