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The Changing Colours of Autumn

We live in Canada's cottage country where we enjoy nature and our many wild friends.

Fall Colours

Fall Colours

The Changing Colours

Here we are once again. The season has changed, and summer has flowed through cool evenings and spectacular colours as the trees turn their leaves to luminescent colours.

I drove to the cottage the other day, and the Fall colours were at their peak. I almost stopped at the curbside, but knowing it was not safe to do so, I decided to keep driving. Scene after scene of reds, yellows, oranges unfolded on the way.

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

The Falling Leaves

We know that days from now, the leaves would fall, and what would be left would be the stark branches of the trees, and the only signs of life would be the evergreens. But this is not the time to think about the impending gloom.
Autumn is the time to allow Nature to show off its full display of colours. It is the moment to let Nature fill us with joy, abundance, and fullness.

Autumn is the time to relish life and all the beauty it brings with its differences in hues. We appreciate all of life and the fulness it offers. What would it be like if life only had one colour? It would be less enchanting, less challenging, and less engaging. The various colours in Nature, people, events, and experiences make our lives worth living.

Fall evokes appreciation. As such, we celebrate thanksgiving. It is the time when Nature showers us with brightness and enables us to see the bright side of life at its peak. Just what we need to prepare for winter when our souls fall and allow them to rest so we can experience life anew in the Spring.

Fall Colours

Fall Colours

The Experience of Changing Seasons

Growing up in a tropical country, I have never experienced this change in seasons. In the same year for us, I never appreciated what poets and writers described as the seasons.

Nowadays, it is different. Years of changing seasons have shaped me and enchanted my being to appreciate its beauty and meaning. It is cyclical but different and unique each time. Each moment is beautiful as it evokes the changes that take place in our own lives.

Having lived 70 years, I have gone through seasons in life. I have my favourites, but I accept that they all contributed to who I am now. As each season comes, growth happens. Some naturally, some we decided. But no matter what we do, Nature keeps growing and changing. Our judgments colour it, but it keeps on.

Fall Experience

Fall Experience

Like the Changing Colours of Fall

Sometimes, I try to assign colours to my experiences. I give red to the significant dramas, oranges to the spectacular events, and yellows to the joys. However, I fall short. Life has many more colours than what I am capable of categorizing. Life is much bigger, more profound, and more affluent than our minds can classify. So, I gave up and let life be.

Colours give life to our thoughts, feelings, moods, and expressions, each colour bringing a different sense. In the Fall, Nature displays its intense excitement and warmth. It tells the world that it can hardly contain its excitement. It has to burst.

Life is often like the Fall. Like the changing colours of Fall, I let it be. Let it enter me with its extravagance, fullness, and utter beauty as it goes through its changes. Let it be what it could fully be.

Enjoying Fall

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