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Celebrating Life #4 : Marking the Day With Joy and Happiness

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What Does Celebration Mean To You?

How many of us understand the meaning of the celebration? Why is that for most of the people around you, it just means throwing parties, dancing in the pub, cutting cakes on birthdays and enjoying on festivals? Are you sure that is all you’ve got to celebrate? All these questions might feel unimportant to you now, but they hold a great significance in your journey of life.

Beggar At The Railway Station

Vendors shouting, passengers rushing by, trains arriving at different platforms and the continuous digital announcements, that’s how the scene is on railway stations. I was waiting at the railway station along with my family for our train to arrive. We were there to go on a vacation to Rudrapur (a small city Uttarakhand, India). Unfortunately, our train was around 2 hours late and all we could do to pass our time was to indulge each other in some sort of conversation or enjoy getting bored just looking around.

By the time the rest of my family was passing time through gossiping, I was busy observing people passing by and those who were possibly waiting for their trains to arrive. Usually, there are beggars in most of the public places and I surely had seen a lot of them. But I was very much interested in that particular person so much, who was sitting next to the wall opposite from the railway track. He might be in his late forties and had two kids one young and the other was elder. I saw one of his kids leaving and going outside and then it was just two of them insight. I had been watching him for a half-hour or so and one thing that I observed was, that he was cleaning his surroundings, settling his things down properly and also trying to decorate that little is with some half-burned candles and empty cans. I couldn’t understand what did they create with the waste but one thing that I was sure about was that they were doing it all for the other kid. I could say that because of the way that kid was checking within every 10 minutes if his brother was in sight anywhere?

Soon after they were done cleaning and setting the candles and cans, the man asked his younger one to stay on the same spot until he returns. It had been 20 minutes since I last saw the man. Later, the elder kid came running, with a huge smile on his face. He seemed overjoyed and as soon as he arrived, he hugged his brother tightly. After a few minutes when he took in his surroundings, he was shocked to see all the arrangements. He asked his brother about all of it but he just gestured him to wait. After about ten minutes, the man returned with a small cup-cake in his hands. He stopped right in front of his elder son but said nothing. They just looked into each other’s eyes for a minute and then kid placed a twenty rupee note in the hands of the man. The next thing I see, he started crying. He hugged both his children and then gave the cake to his kids. All three of them blew those candles and then kicked those cans. The noise it made grabbed a lot of attention. They sat down and shared the cup-cake later. All three of them had bright smiles on their faces.

Let's Find Joy In Celebrating Little Things In A Simple Manner.

It took me a lot of time to understand what exactly happened back then. I couldn’t understand why were they so happy about a 20 rupee note? Or were they happy because it was a birthday or they were just having fun? I let the scene brush after not being able to draw any specific reason or meaning to what I had witnessed. But now that I think of it – they were possibly celebrating the first earning of the elder kid.

This shows that there is so much out there to be felt happy about and to be celebrated. Not all people can afford grand parties and get-togethers in prominent cafes. Different people have their ways of celebrating the major events of their life. It's not important for it to a grand party or gathering, it just means marking the day with joy and happiness.

© 2019 Nishika Chhabra

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