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The Blessings of Rain: A Musical Photo Essay

Barb is a blogger and amateur photographer who gets writing inspiration from her many nature walks.

Rain Comes to Thirsty Land

Dry Landscape in Local Park

Dry Landscape in Local Park

How Does Rain Make You Feel?

As I sit at my keyboard in Templeton California during a storm, I cannot help but notice the sounds of the rain on the roof. When I first began to type, the sound was gentle. Now the wind has kicked in and I know that I'm happy to be warm and comfortable inside under a strong roof. Sometimes the wind howls and pelts blankets of rain on my house. Surely no sound is more soothing than the lullaby of a gently falling rain when you are trying to get to sleep after a busy day. And few sounds cause more terror in the heart of a child at night than the clap of thunder in the middle of a rainstorm. Rain causes a plethora of emotions in its various forms, and probably brings buried memories into our imaginations. Many of us in the dought-stricken states of America consider rain a great blessing. I am one of them.

As the rain continues to beat on my roof, I am conscious of how vulnerable it sometimes makes me feel, as well. Sometimes during a violent storm when the wind howls and the rain pelts my house with wave after wave of water, I wonder if it will hold up against such an onslaught of power from the heavens. I realize too, that I am vulnerable to the storms of life, which also fall on everyone. I am reminded that my trust must not be in my own strength or in material things, but in the only one who will never fail me.

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress, I shall not be shaken. On God rests my deliverance and my honor; my mighty rock, my refuge is God. Ps 62:5-7

Walking In the Rain

Couple in the Rain; CCO public Domain

Couple in the Rain; CCO public Domain

Just Walking in the Rain

One of my favorite songs

This song has always brought back memories for me. Probably all who hear it can remember a long ago walk in the rain — maybe with someone special not seen in years. Music has the power to produce those nostalgic moods that can bring on the blues or help us remember happy feelings from times long forgotten until the music brings them back. What comes to mind when you hear this song?

Just Walking in the Rain - Johnny Ray

Rain Blessings

Photo created on

Photo created on

What Mood Does Rain Put You In?

There are probably as many associations with rain as there are people who experience it. Which of these comes closest to describing its effect on you?

Joy is Like the Rain

I have loved this song since I first heard it in the 1970s.

A friend of mine had the album of that name by the Medical Mission Sisters. As soon as I heard it, I began to share it with other people in my church and the young people began to sing it. Whenever it rains I think of it.

It begins with these words:

I saw raindrops on my window. / Joy is like the rain.

Laughter falls across my pane / Slips away and comes again.

Joy is like the rain.

See all the lyrics here.

I Saw Raindrops on My Window

Rain at Sundown in San Luis Obispo

Rain at Sundown in San Luis Obispo

Joy is Like the Rain -- the music.

I did have a video of this entire song here, but it was removed from You Tube. I was happy to see that the album is available in MP3 form at Amazon now, so I'm linking to it here for your enjoyment. If you click through you can hear all the song samples on the album and buy single songs you like or the entire album. I still own the LP for every album The Medical Mission Sisters have recorded, and most are still available on Amazon.

"Joy is Like the Rain" by the Medical Mission Sisters

It's been stormy all week here this week, and I am reminded of the rest of the lyrics to "Joy is Like the Rain." Part of another verse reads "Joy is like a cloud, sometimes silver, sometimes gray, always sun not far away " I have been out taking pictures of the sky between storms and while the sun is setting. I thought I'd share this one here.

Joy is Like A Cloud - "Sometimes silver, sometimes gray, always sun not far away"

Cloudy sky with sun behind clouds.

Cloudy sky with sun behind clouds.

Deut:11: 13-14

And if you will obey my commandments which I command you this day, to love the Lord your God, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul, he will give the rain for your land in its season, the early rain and the later rain, that you may gather in your grain and your wine and your oil.

Job 5:10 ...he gives rain upon the earth and sends waters upon the fields...

Rain in the Bible - God's gift to eveyone. He "sends rain on the just and on the unjust." (Mt: 5:45)

In public domain courtesy of

In public domain courtesy of

Showers of Blessing

When rain has been scare, especially during times of long droughts when the land is thirsty, people often gather to pray for rain. The parched land cries out for water. The farmer wonders if his crops will survive. The cities ration water. In the country people pray their wells won't run dry. And then there are showers! God has answered -- sometimes first with gentle showers, and sometimes with a downpour. This happened in our north county of San Luis Obispo in California in December of 2009. It rained for three days. But we were grateful -- even though it rained on Atascadero's Winter Wonderland celebration and on the Paso Robles Vine Street Showcase -- its very special outdoor Christmas celebration. Our land was dry for too long. We needed the showers of blessing. Now, in 2020, it has also been very dry. We badly need showers of blessing again.

Here are some of the words:

There shall be showers of blessing
Precious reviving again;
Over the hills and the valleys
Sound of abundance of rain.

See all the lyrics and read the story behind this song here

There's Always a Rainbow

Created with my photo on

Created with my photo on

When there is no rain, the rivers dry up and water is scarce.

Salinas riverbed during the dry summer

Salinas riverbed during the dry summer

This is the Salinas River in Paso Robles in a drought year -- 2009. There was not enough rain to fill any part of the river, and all parts of the riverbed here looked this way all year -- even after a rain. What water there was soaked into the ground.

See what a difference a good season of winter rain can make.

Salinas River well into  the rainy season.

Salinas River well into the rainy season.

Above you see the Salinas River after a rainy season. This was taken after a series of rainstorms over several weeks. They brought enough rain to cause the river to reach its banks.

Children playing in the Salinas River

Sometimes the river is wide enough to allow children to play in it.

Sometimes the river is wide enough to allow children to play in it.

Surviving the Storms of Life - Rains often come as part of a storm.

Public Domain. CCO

Public Domain. CCO

Storms Test Us

Storms test us. When our homes are flooded or rain causes mud to push our house down a slope, we often don't see the blessing in it. Maybe that's when we see what we have really built our lives on. When material goods are gone, what do we have left?

Have we learned through life to trust God to provide so that we can continue to trust him in the darkness and through destruction of the storms? Sometimes all we have left is his promise to be with us and provide for our needs. The more time we have spent getting to know him and learning to trust him in the small things in life, the more we will be able to keep afloat during the storms as we trust him for the bigger things.

As we build our lives, he needs to be our foundation and cornerstone. He is the rock on which we must build. Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount that those who hear his words and do them are like the wise man who built his house upon the rock. When the rain fell and the floods came and the wind blew hard against that house, it did not fall because it was built upon the rock. But those who hear his words and don't do them will be like the foolish man who built his house upon the shifting sand. When the rains and wind hit his house, it fell, for it had no firm foundation.

To be ready for the storms of life we need, as the old song says, to build our house upon the rock.

The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock - For kids of all ages.

Many of us learned this song as children. It's based on the story Jesus told about the wise man and the foolish man and the foundation of their houses. The truth of the song is just as applicable for us grown-ups as we continue at all ages to build our lives. It's never too late to start building on the rock.

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