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My Strange Destiny ✈️

Hope you're happy! Don't change yourself because of others, be yourself! Luv you!


My strange destiny!

Hello everyone.

I would like to share my story with you, and teach you a lesson I learned not so long ago. A year ago, it was time to enroll in school and the field that interests me. I have always been a hardworking and good student at school, and I had no interest in what I could enroll in. I was looking at what will pay off the most when I grow up, what job I will earn well with...And I decided a few months earlier that it would be IT. I was self-confident, I was good at math, electrical engineering and all the necessary subjects...But I somehow felt in my heart that this was not the right job for me. Of course, the decision was made by my mind, not my heart. Although I consoled myself that I would have a high salary tomorrow, I thought:"What if I can't do that? Will I be unhappy all my life?" I was kind of...Sad. But as well as I know myself, I knew that my choice would probably not change. A lot of time passed and it was 20 days before the final exam, and after the exam we had to write the wishes for which schools we would enroll, and then, in relation to the points, we would enroll the school from the list.

I have a younger sister and she is the complete opposite of me, but a love her either way haha. She's bad at school, she doesn't study, she doesn't care. She doesn't do very well in English and my mother used to bring a private English teacher once a week to teach her. One day, that professor asked me what I was going to enroll in, and when I mentioned it to her, she made a weird face. I asked her in astonishment:"Is everything all right? Why did you make such an expression on your face?" Then, that teacher told me:"I think you need to work in aviation." I just stopped and was silent for a few seconds, until I came to my senses. She laughed and told me that I should do that, because she sees me in it, plus in our country we have bilingual classes, where we are taught in English, which meant a plus for me. I'm not bad at English. When she said that, she just looked at me one more time and smiled at me. I felt like she was a godmother fairy who came to tell me my destiny and future. After that class, my sister no longer had private lessons, and I never saw teacher again. What she told me bothered me for days, I didn’t sleep for a few nights because that moment was very strange, somehow special. I researched a lot about aviation, and the more I researched the more I liked it. I couldn't believe what was happening! Suddenly I wanted this, and my heart led me to it. I told my parents, and they supported me whatever I chose. The final test came, which passed super. Aviation was my number one wish list. My future job.

Now, a year has passed, and every day I love what I learn more and more. I am satisfied, happy and filled with the choice I made. I have decided that from next year I will apply for a private pilot's license, if I have the conditions for that. The very thought that I might fly is enough for me ... The lesson of this story is that, no matter how much your mind tells you something, if your heart is stronger, listen to it, because you never know if that path is good if you don't follow it. Listen to yourself, your heart and do what you love. Of course, we should always listen to the opinion of others, but ours is decisive. That is the end of this story. I hope you enjoyed it! I can't describe my happiness to you right now! The last thing I want to tell you is: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, LOVE YOURSELF, DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

© 2022 Sara Andrejić

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